VESA Spacer Hardware Kit

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VESA Spacer Hardware Kit


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For Use with Inset VESA Patterns

Some LCD monitors have VESA hole patterns that are inset into the back of the monitor. Monitors with inset VESA patterns will still work with Ergomart VESA adapters. In some cases spacers are necessary to fill the gap between the VESA plate and the VESA pattern that the inset creates. For example (pictured): A monitor with an inset 75x75 millimeter hole pattern can still use the "star" VESA plate. The plate itself also has 100x100 millimeter hole pattern which prevents the plate from fitting down into the inset on its own. The appropriate spacer allows the plate to attach securely to the monitor while remaining flush against the elevated back of the monitor.

General notes: VESA is the acronym for Video Electronics Standards Association. VESA refers to the standard pattern of mounting holes located on the back of a monitor for fitting the screen to a bracket or mount. All VESA plate measurements are typically described in millimeters; these measurements are industry standards.

Shipping Weight  1 Pounds
Shipping Dimensions  7 x 5 x 4
Warranty 5 Year Limited
VESA Spacer Hardware Kit
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