VESA Barcode Scanner Holder Bracket

Use our Universal Scanner Bracket/Holster on any Ergomart Monitor Arm

The VESA compatible universal barcode scanner bracket is designed for ultimate utility, convenience, and security. The ergonomic scanner cradle is highly adaptable and interfaces with a wide variety of gun-handle or gun-grip type laser scanners and UPC label and barcode readers while ensuring a secure fit. The cradle's unique design allows the user to instantly and effortlessly insert or remove a scanner with complete confidence that it will not be easily jarred loose.

The underlying accessory bracket provides a great deal of vertical and horizontal adjustability which allows the installer to position the scanner precisely at the edge of a monitor, tablet or other equipment. The bracket/cradle may be positioned to the left or right side of a monitor and at the desired height. The optional hinge allows the scanner cradle to be tilted to a convenient angle for maximum ergonomic comfort.

Since the scanner bracket can be installed where it is needed, users maximize the utilization of their work envelope and minimize inefficient and un-ergonomic movements. The scanner holster/bracket is specifically designed for use in medical and manufacturing environments but finds many other useful applications in shipping and receiving areas and on mobile computer workstations (WOWs) or computers on wheels (COWs) and other work environments where scanners and computers are involved.

NOTE: The Scanner Cradle and Accessory Bracket is compatible with the industry standard VESA® monitor interface and can be retrofitted to most existing monitor arms and stands. In particular, it is designed to work seamlessly with virtually all Ergomart mounting products. A rotation stop component (TLT1) compatible with Ergomart's standard, spring and HD spring tilter heads is available for a small additional cost. It is intended for applications where the monitor orientation must remain fixed. A list of generally compatible products is listed below in the compatibility tab.

Ergomart's VESA Compatible Universal Scanner Bracket Features

  • A slide open and snap close cradle that gently clasps scanners
  • ABS plastic and powder coat steel components are durable and easy to clean
  • Easily adjusts to work with most 19” to 27” wide screen monitors
  • 15” of vertical adjustability and more than 3.5” of horizontal adjustability
  • Optional tilt angle feature can be added to further enhance usability
  • Cradle accepts scanners with grips as wide as 1.85” and head heights to 1.95”
  • Custom scanner bracket cradles are available for larger and smaller units
  • Fits both 75 and 100 mm hole patterns as well as SAA, TRS and LS products*
  • TLT1 rotation keeps monitor horizontal when used on SAA, TRS and LS products**
Shipping Weight 3 Pounds
Shipping Dimensions 12 x 12 x 4
Warranty 5 Year Limited
    Ergomart scanner bracket assemblies may be returned to Ergomart for materials recycling at the product’s end of life.
    Sturdily constructed in the USA from primarily steel components and some ABS or similar plastics.

*IMPORTANT NOTE:  May or may not be compatible with some non Ergomart interfaces – contact Ergomart for assistance

**IMPORTANT NOTE:  A TLT1 comes standard with all TRS products. TLT1 is compatible with all SAA and LS products except SAA2321

Universal Scanner Bracket starting at: $109.00
Some options might change depending on previous selection ergomart checkout  Made in the USA

Q: I just retrofitted the AVSC to a non Ergomart arm and the weight of whole thing with my scanner makes the monitor rotate and become completely un-level; what can I do?
A: While the AVSC is “VESA compliant” – it may not work with many VESA compliant monitor arms since they may be designed for a symmetrically balanced monitor with an expectation for ease of repositioning from horizontal to vertical (landscape to portrait).  Ergomart monitor arms and mounting equipment typically include this same ease-of-use functionality but we include a TLT1 to keep unbalanced payloads level.  It is highly unlikely that our rotation locking TLT1 will be useful with your product.  It is possible that the manufacturer of your non Ergomart arm may offer some feature that locks the monitor in a landscape or portrait mode…  failing that, we would recommend (of course) switching out to a completely compatible Ergomart product.  Please call for further assistance 888 420 3200.

Q: We use two scanners for different processes that I need to attach to both sides of a single monitor…  Can I attach two units so that I have one scanner on both sides?
A: YES – please contact Ergomart customer service to insure the correct length screw length is included.

Q: I need a simple downward facing scanner (not a scanner gun) attached permanently to the side of my monitor, can Ergomart provide a bracket that will attach a fixed mount scanner?
A: Please contact Ergomart customer service for assistance.

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