List of VESA Compatible and Compliant products

Below please select the brand on the drop down menus to determine if the specific LCD monitor, Plasma TV or Panel PC is compatible with Ergomart VESA compliant LCD Monitor Arms with height adjustability and LCD wall mounts.
Manufacturers (N)
Model No.
VESA Compatibility
Nake 120100 x 100mm 
Nake140100 x 100mm 
Nake150100 x 100mm 
National Display SystemsDataStation CUNKNOWN 
National Display SystemsDataStation Wall100 x 100mm 
National Display SystemsDSC-3V10UNKNOWN 
National Display SystemsDSC-8V10UNKNOWN 
National Display SystemsDSC-SS12UNKNOWN 
National Display SystemsDSC-SX13UNKNOWN 
National Display SystemsDSC-V14UNKNOWN 
National Display SystemsDSC-X14UNKNOWN 
National Display SystemsDSE-3V10UNKNOWN 
National Display SystemsDSE-8V10UNKNOWN 
National Display SystemsDSE-SS12UNKNOWN 
National Display SystemsDSE-SX13UNKNOWN 
National Display SystemsDSE-V14UNKNOWN 
National Display SystemsDSE-X14UNKNOWN 
National Display SystemsNova 1-Mega Pixel100 x 100mm 
National Display SystemsNova 5-Mega Pixel100 x 100mm 
National Display SystemsNova3-Mega Pixel100 x 100mm 
National Display SystemsV-X14UNKNOWN 
National Display SystemsV-X15100 x 100mm 
National Display SystemsV2-X15-A2202100 x 100mm 
National Display SystemsVector (Desktop Version)UNKNOWN 
National Display SystemsVector (Wall Mount Style)100 x 100mm 
National Display SystemsVector 3 V3C-SX18-A141100 x 100mm 
National Display SystemsVector 3 V3C-SX18-A173100 x 100mm 
National Display SystemsVector 3 V3C-SX18A143100 x 100mm 
National Display SystemsVector ll 15-Inch100 x 100mm 
National Display SystemsVector ll V2-SX18-R2100100 x 100mm 
National Display SystemsVector ll VM-SX18-A2302100 x 100mm 
National Display SystemsVector ll VM-SX18-A3900100 x 100mm 
National Display SystemsVector ll VW-SX18100 x 100mm 
National Display SystemsVW-X14UNKNOWN 
National Display SystemsVW-X15100 x 100mm 
NEC Computers-Solutions11-4922-505-00100 x 100mm 
NEC Computers-Solutions84VP4UNKNOWN 
NEC Computers-SolutionsLCD 1860NX-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC Computers-SolutionsLCD4000-BKNO 
NEC Computers-SolutionsPlasmaSync 42 VP4UNKNOWN 
NEC Computers-SolutionsPlasmasync 42 VP4DUNKNOWN 
NEC Computers-SolutionsPlasmaSync 42 MP3UNKNOWN 
NEC Computers-SolutionsPlasmaSync 42 MP4UNKNOWN 
NEC Computers-SolutionsPlasmaSync 42 PD3UNKNOWN 
NEC Computers-SolutionsPlasmaSync 42 VP4UNKNOWN 
NEC Computers-SolutionsPlasmaSync 42 VP4DUNKNOWN 
NEC Computers-SolutionsPlasmaSync 50 MP2UNKNOWN 
NEC Computers-SolutionsPlasmaSync 61 MP1UNKNOWN 
NEC Computers-SolutionsPowermate 200075 x 75mm 
NEC Computers-SolutionsPowermate ECOUNKNOWN 
NEC Computers-SolutionsPX-42VM3AUNKNOWN 
NEC Computers-SolutionsPX-42VP3AUNKNOWN 
NEC Computers-SolutionsPX-42VP4DAUNKNOWN 
NEC Computers-SolutionsPX-42XM1AUNKNOWN 
NEC Computers-SolutionsPX-50XM2AUNKNOWN 
NEC Computers-SolutionsPX-61XM1AUNKNOWN 
NEC Computers-SolutionsVersa LitePadUNKNOWN 
NEC-Mitsubishi0509277230837100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736000016100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736001389100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736002614100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736002713100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi80573600321575 x 75mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi80573600322275 x 75mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi80573600323975 x 75mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi80573600324675 x 75mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi80573600342075 x 75mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi80573600343775 x 75mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736003444100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736003451100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736003703100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736003710100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736003918100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736003925100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736004120100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736004137100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736004502100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736004519100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736004601100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736004618100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736006001100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi80573600612475 x 75mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi80573600613175 x 75mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736006162100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736006179100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736006223100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736006339100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736006346100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736006353100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736006360100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736006377100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736006384100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi80573600666775 x 75mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi80573600667475 x 75mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736006704100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736006711100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi80573600680375 x 75mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi80573600681075 x 75mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736006926200 x 600mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736007138100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736007145100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi80573600717675 x 75mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi80573600719075 x 75mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736007305100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736007312100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736007329100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736007336100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736007343100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736007350100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi80573600736775 x 75mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi80573600737475 x 75mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi80573600739875 x 75mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736007404100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736007411100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi80573600743575 x 75mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736008104100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736008111100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi80573600817375 x 75mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi80573600818075 x 75mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736008197100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736008203100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736008210100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736008227100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736008234100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736008241100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736009354100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736009361100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi805736009514100 x 100mm 
NEC-Mitsubishi8057736000009100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiASLCD51V75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiASLCD51V-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiASLCD51VM-BK75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiASLCD5V100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiASLCD5V-BK75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiASLCD71V100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiASLCD71V-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiASLCD71VM-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiASLCD7V100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiASLCD7V-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiASLCD9V100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiASLCD9V-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLA-1421JMW75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLA-1422JMW75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLA-1427FMW75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLA-1521JMW100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLA-1521JMW-T100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLA-1522 JMW100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLA-1524HMW75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLA-1527-HMW75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLA-1831JMW100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLA-1831JMW-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLA-2031JMW100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLA-2031JMW-1100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLA1332JSW75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1400M75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1500M75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1510100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1510T100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD151275 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD151575 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1525M75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1525M-WH75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1525S75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1525V75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1525X75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1525X-BK75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1530V75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1530V-BK75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1545V75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1545V-BK75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1550M75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1550M-BK75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1550V75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1550V-BK75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1550X75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1550X-BK75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD155V-BK75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1560M75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1560M-BK75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1560NX75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1560NX-175 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1560NX-BK75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1560NX-BK-175 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1560V75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1560V+75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1560V+BK75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1560V-BK75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD15T100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1700M75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1700M+75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1700M+BK75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1700NX100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1700NX-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1700V100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1700V-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1712100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1715100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1720M100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1720M-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1760NX100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1760NX-1100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1760NX-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1760NXBK-1100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1760V100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1760V-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1760VM100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1760VM-1100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1760VM-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1760VMBK-1100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD180075 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1810100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1810-1100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1810-BK-1100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1810X100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1810X-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1830100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1830-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1850E100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1850E-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1850X100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1855NX100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1860NX100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1860NX-1100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1860NX-BK-1100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1880SX100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1880SX-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1912100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1920NX100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1920NX-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1960NX100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1960NX-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1980SX100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD1980SX-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD2000100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD2010100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD2010-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD2010T100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD2010X100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD2010X-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD2010X-P100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD2010X-T100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD2080UX100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD2080UX+100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD2080UX+BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD2080UX-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD2110100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD2180UX100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD2180UX-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD30075 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD3000100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD3000-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD40075 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD4000200 x 600mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD4000-BK200 x 600mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD400V75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD51V75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD51V-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD51VM75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD51VM-BK75 x 75mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD5V100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD5V-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD71V100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD71V-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD71VM100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD7V100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD7V-BK100 x 100mm 
NEC-MitsubishiLCD9V100 x 100mm 
NemAcom LtdRaklite 15 MC75 x 75mm 
NemAcom LtdRaklite 18 MC100 x 100mm 
NeovoE-1575 x 75mm 
NeovoE-17A100 x 100mm 
NeovoE-19A100 x 100mm 
NeovoE-PANEL 1575 x 75mm 
NeovoF-1575 x 75mm 
NeovoF-17100 x 100mm 
NeovoF-31575 x 75mm 
NeovoF-317100 x 100mm 
NeovoF-41575 x 75mm 
NeovoF-41775 x 75mm 
NeovoF-419100 x 100mm 
NeovoK-19100 x 100mm 
NeovoM PANEL 1575 x 75mm 
NeovoM PANEL 18100 x 100mm 
NeovoM-1575 x 75mm 
NeovoM-15V75 x 75mm 
NeovoM-18100 x 100mm 
NeovoS PANEL 15100 x 100mm 
NeovoS-1575 x 75mm 
NeovoS-15T75 x 75mm 
NeovoS-15V75 x 75mm 
NeovoS-17100 x 100mm 
NeovoS-18100 x 100mm 
NeovoS-19100 x 100mm 
NeovoV PANEL 1575 x 75mm 
NeovoX-174100 x 100mm 
NeovoX-21575 x 75mm 
NESO82098517502575 x 75mm 
NESOLD53075 x 75mm 
NESOLD70075 x 75mm 
NESOLD700V75 x 75mm 
NESOLD73075 x 75mm 
NESOPIXO 500100 x 100mm 
Neuro Logic SystemsCF-1075 x 75mm 
Neuro Logic SystemsCF-1275 x 75mm 
Neuro Logic SystemsCF-1575 x 75mm 
Neuro Logic SystemsCF-17100 x 100mm 
Neuro Logic SystemsCF-23100 x 100mm 
Neuro Logic SystemsF-675 x 75mm 
NISNIS-pcd-15kx75 x 75mm 
NISNIS-SCD-610V100 x 100mm 
NISNIS-SCD-710V-11475 x 75mm 
NISNIS-SCT-020A75 x 75mm 
NISNIS-SCT-094A75 x 75mm 
NISNIS-SCT-101A75 x 75mm 
NISNIS-TND-121275 x 75mm 
NISNIS-TND-150375 x 75mm 
NISNIS-TND-1810100 x 100mm 
NISNIS-VCD-VP1475 x 75mm 
NISVTT140075 x 75mm 
Nokia400XA75 x 75mm 
Nokia500XA75 x 75mm 
Nokia800XA75 x 75mm 
Nokia800XI75 x 75mm 
Nokia820L75 x 75mm