List of VESA Compatible and Compliant products

Below please select the brand on the drop down menus to determine if the specific LCD monitor, Plasma TV or Panel PC is compatible with Ergomart VESA compliant LCD Monitor Arms with height adjustability and LCD wall mounts.
Manufacturers (O)
Model No.
VESA Compatibility
Optiquest Q15075 x 75mm 
OptiquestQ170100 x 100mm 
OptiquestQ170B100 x 100mm 
OptomaPA755AB75 x 75mm 
OptomaPanoView 630A75 x 75mm 
OptomaPanoView 630AT75 x 75mm 
OptomaPanoView 631A75 x 75mm 
OptomaPanoView 74175 x 75mm 
OptomaPanoView 74575 x 75mm 
OptomaPanoView 880100 x 100mm 
OptomaPV1514A75 x 75mm 
OptomaPV1514B75 x 75mm 
OptomaPV1711A100 x 100mm 
OptomaPV1711AB100 x 100mm 
OptomaPV1712D100 x 100mm 
OptomaPV1712DB100 x 100mm 
OptomaPV1712DER100 x 100mm 
OptomaPV1714D100 x 100mm 
OptomaPV1714DER100 x 100mm 
OptomaPV632A75 x 75mm 
OptomaPV632AB75 x 75mm 
OptomaPV632ABT75 x 75mm 
OptomaPV632AT75 x 75mm 
OptomaPV75175 x 75mm 
OptomaPV752A75 x 75mm 
OptomaPV752ABTMC75 x 75mm 
OptomaPV755A75 x 75mm 
OptomaPV755C75 x 75mm 
OptomaPV755CB75 x 75mm 
OptomaPV870A100 x 100mm 
OptomaPV870AS100 x 100mm 
OptomaPV870C100 x 100mm 
OptomaPV870CA100 x 100mm 
OptomaPV870CAT100 x 100mm 
OptomaPV870CAV100 x 100mm 
OptomaPV870CS100 x 100mm 
OptomaPV880A+D100 x 100mm 
OptomaPV880C100 x 100mmm 
OptomaPV880CMT100 x 100mm 
OptomaPV880CT100 x 100mm 
OptomaWBT ST121075 x 75mm 
OptomaWBT ST1210T75 x 75mm 
OptomaWBT ST151075 x 75mm