List of VESA Compatible and Compliant products

Below please select the brand on the drop down menus to determine if the specific LCD monitor, Plasma TV or Panel PC is compatible with Ergomart VESA compliant LCD Monitor Arms with height adjustability and LCD wall mounts.
Manufacturers (R)
Model No.
VESA Compatibility
RCA 22LA45RQ 100 x 100mm 
RCA 22LA45RQD 100 x 100mm  
RCA 26LA30RQ 200 x 100mm  
RCA 26LA30RQD 200 x 100mm  
RCA 32LA30RQ 200 x 200mm  
RCA 32LA30RQD 200 x 200mm  
RCA 37LA30RQ 400 x 400mm  
RCA 40LA45RQ 400 x 200mm  
RCA 42LA45RQ 400 x 400mm  
RCA 42LA55RS 400 x 200mm  
RCA 42PA30RQ 400 x 200mm  
RCA 46LA45RQ 400 x 400mm  
RCA 47LA55RS 400 x 400mm  
RCA 55LA55RS 400 x 400mm  
RCA LED24A45RQ 100 x 100mm  
RCA LED42A45RQ 200 x 200mm  
RCA LED42A55R120Q 200 x 200mm  
RCA LED42A55RS 200 x 200mm  
RCA LED47A55RS 200 x 200mm  
RCA PHD50500 Unknown  
RDI 4BUnknown 
Reflex International FX 9154LPUnknown 
Reflex InternationalFX 9174100 x 100mm 
Reflex InternationalFX9154Unknown 
Relisys RTL150075 x 75mm 
RelisysRTL1700100 x 100mm 
RelisysRTL1720100 x 100mm 
RelisysTL 500AUnknown 
RelisysTL 540Unknown 
RelisysTL 56575 x 75mm 
RelisysTL 700AUnknown 
RelisysTL 766100 x 100mm 
RelisysTL 812AUnknown 
RelisysTL 965Unknown 
RelisysTL 520AUnknown 
RelisysTL 761Unknown 
RelisysTL 775Unknown 
RelisysTL970D100 x 100mm 
Rockwell AutomationRAC6185-V100 x 100mm