List of VESA Compatible and Compliant products

Below please select the brand on the drop down menus to determine if the specific LCD monitor, Plasma TV or Panel PC is compatible with Ergomart VESA compliant LCD Monitor Arms with height adjustability and LCD wall mounts.
Manufacturers (S)
Model No.
VESA Compatibility
SAICPlasmaScope 21UNKNOWN 
SAICRugged Emerald 17" Color Flat Panel DisplayUNKNOWN 
SAICRugged Scorpoin ll 18" Color Flat Panel DisplayUNKNOWN 
SampoLME 17S175 x 75mm 
SampoLME 17S375 x 75mm 
SampoP501M75 x 75mm 
SampoP701M100 x 100mm 
SampoP901100 x 100mm 
SampoPD 210100 x 100mm 
SampoPD 40FA75 x 75mm 
SampoPD 40FA175 x 75mm 
SampoPD 40FA1275 x 75mm 
SampoPD 40FA1M75 x 75mm 
SampoPD 40FAS75 x 75mm 
SampoPD 40FAS175 x 75mm 
SampoPD 40FAS1M75 x 75mm 
SampoPD 50F75 x 75mm 
SampoPD 50FA75 x 75mm 
SampoPD 50N100 x 100mm 
SampoPD 70FA75 x 75mm 
SampoPD 70FA175 x 75mm 
SampoPD 70FA1175 x 75mm 
SampoPD 70FA1375 x 75mm 
SampoPD 70FA13D75 x 75mm 
SampoPD 70FA1675 x 75mm 
SampoPD 70FA16T75 x 75mm 
SampoPD 70FA2175 x 75mm 
SampoPD 70FA22V75 x 75mm 
SampoPD 70FA2375 x 75mm 
SampoPD 70FA23M75 x 75mm 
SampoPD 70FA5375 x 75mm 
SampoPD 70FA53M75 x 75mm 
SampoPD 71AM75 x 75mm 
SampoPD 80A100 x 100mm 
SampoPD 80A11100 x 100mm 
SampoPD 80A12100 x 100mm 
SampoPD 80AD100 x 100mm 
SampoPD 80N100 x 100mm 
SampoPD 90A1100 x 100mm 
SampoPD 90A1M75 x 75mm 
SampoPD 90FA100 x 100mm 
SampoPD 91A100 x 100mm 
SampoPD50FA175 x 75mm 
SampoPD70 FA1575 x 75mm 
SampoPD70FA21M75 x 75mm 
SampoPD70FA3175 x 75mm 
SampoPD90A1D100 x 100mm 
SampoTR 7330UNKNOWN 
Samsung15075 x 75mm 
Samsung1501MP75 x 75mm 
Samsung1501MP SILVER75 x 75mm 
Samsung150MB75 x 75mm 
Samsung150MP75 x 75mm 
Samsung150N BLACK75 x 75mm 
Samsung150N IVORY75 x 75mm 
Samsung150S75 x 75mm 
Samsung150S SILVER75 x 75mm 
Samsung150T75 x 75mm 
Samsung151MP SILVER75 x 75mm 
Samsung151N BLACK75 x 75mm 
Samsung151N SILVER75 x 75mm 
Samsung151P SILVER75 x 75mm 
Samsung151S BLACK75 x 75mm 
Samsung151S IVORY75 x 75mm 
Samsung151S SILVER75 x 75mm 
Samsung151V BLACK75 x 75mm 
Samsung152B75 x 75mm 
Samsung152B SILVER75 x 75mm 
Samsung152MP SILVER75 x 75mm 
Samsung152N BLACK75 x 75mm 
Samsung152T BLACK75 x 75mm 
Samsung152T SILVER75 x 75mm 
Samsung152V75 x 75mm 
Samsung152X SILVER75 x 75mm 
Samsung153B75 x 75mm 
Samsung153S75 x 75mm 
Samsung153T BLACK75 x 75mm 
Samsung153V SILVER75 x 75mm 
Samsung1701 MP100 x 100mm 
Samsung1701MP SILVER100 x 100mm 
Samsung170MB100 x 100mm 
Samsung170MP SILVER100 x 100mm 
Samsung170N IVORY100 x 100mm 
Samsung170N SILVER100 x 100mm 
Samsung170S SILVER100 x 100mm 
Samsung170T SILVER100 x 100mm 
Samsung171B SILVER100 x 100mm 
Samsung171MP SILVER100 x 100mm 
Samsung171N BLACK100 x 100mm 
Samsung171N SILVER100 x 100mm 
Samsung171P SILVER100 x 100mm 
Samsung171S BLACK100 x 100mm 
Samsung171S IVORY100 x 100mm 
Samsung171S SILVER100 x 100mm 
Samsung171V SILVER100 x 100mm 
Samsung172B75 x 75mm 
Samsung172MP SILVER100 x 100mm 
Samsung172N BLACK100 x 100mm 
Samsung172T75 x 75mm 
Samsung172T SILVER75 x 75mm 
Samsung172V100 x 100mm 
Samsung172W75 x 75mm 
Samsung172X SILVER75 x 75mm 
Samsung173B75 x 75mm 
Samsung173V100 x 100mm 
Samsung175V BLACK100 x 100mm 
Samsung180T100 x 100mm 
Samsung181T BLACK100 x 100mm 
Samsung181T SILVER100 x 100mm 
Samsung190S SILVER100 x 100mm 
Samsung191N SILVER100 x 100mm 
Samsung191T BLACK100 x 100mm 
Samsung191T SILVER100 x 100mm 
Samsung192B100 x 100mm 
Samsung192MP SILVER100 x 100mm 
Samsung192N BLACK100 x 100mm 
Samsung192V100 x 100mm 
Samsung193V100 x 100mm 
Samsung210T SILVER100 x 100mm 
Samsung211MP100 x 100mm 
Samsung213T BLACK100 x 100mm 
Samsung213T SILVER100 x 100mm 
Samsung2233RZ100 x 100mm 
Samsung224T100 x 100mm 
Samsung240T SILVER100 x 100mm 
Samsung241MP100 x 100mm 
Samsung241MP SILVER100 x 100mm 
Samsung244T100 x 100mm 
Samsung2494HM100 x 200mm 
Samsung2494SW100 x 200mm 
Samsung3672521555975 x 75mm 
Samsung3672521565875 x 75mm 
Samsung36725217355100 x 100mm 
Samsung3672521755375 x 75mm 
Samsung3672521765275 x 75mm 
Samsung3672521775175 x 75mm 
Samsung3672521785075 x 75mm 
Samsung36725222526100 x 100mm 
SamsungB1740R75 x 75mm 
SamsungB1930N75 x 75mm 
SamsungB1940ER75 x 75mm 
SamsungB1940R75 x 75mm 
SamsungB1940M75 x 75mm 
SamsungB1940W75 x 75mm 
SamsungB203075 x 75mm 
SamsungB2230H75 x 75mm 
SamsungB224075 x 75mm 
SamsungB2240W75 x 75mm 
SamsungB2240EW75 x 75mm 
SamsungB2240EMW75 x 75mm 
SamsungB2330H75 x 75mm 
SamsungB2430HD75 x 75mm 
SamsungB2440M75 x 75mm 
SamsungBX2240X75 x 75mm 
SamsungBX2440X75 x 75mm 
SamsungB2330H75 x 75mm 
SamsungB203075 x 75mm 
SamsungB2230H75 x 75mm 
SamsungB1930N75 x 75mm 
SamsungE1920X75 x 75mm 
SamsungE2020X75 x 75mm 
SamsungE2220X75 x 75mm 
SamsungE2320X75 x 75mm 
SamsungEX1920W75 x 75mm 
SamsungE2020X75 x 75mm 
SamsungF2080100 x 100mm / 200 x 100mm 
SamsungF2380100 x 100mm / 200 x 100mm 
SamsungLE19C35075 x 75mm 
SamsungLE19C45075 x 75mm 
SamsungLE22C35075 x 75mm 
SamsungLE22C45075 x 75mm 
SamsungLE26C350200 x 100mm 
SamsungLE26C450200 x 100mm 
SamsungLE32C450200 x 200mm 
SamsungLE32C530200 x 200mm 
SamsungLE32C350200 x 200mm 
SamsungLE32C580200 x 200mm 
SamsungLE32C650200 x 200mm 
SamsungLE32C652200 x 200mm 
SamsungLE32C654200 x 200mm 
SamsungLE37C530200 x 200mm 
SamsungLE37C580200 x 200mm 
SamsungLE37C650200 x 200mm 
SamsungLE40C530200 x 200mm 
SamsungLE40C650200 x 200mm 
SamsungLE40C652200 x 200mm 
SamsungLE40C654200 x 200mm 
SamsungLE46C580400 x 400mm 
SamsungLE46C650400 x 400mm 
SamsungLE46C652400 x 400mm 
SamsungLE46C654400 x 400mm 
SamsungLE46C750400 x 400mm 
SamsungLE55C650400 x 400mm 
SamsungLN32C350200 x 200mm 
SamsungLTM1775WA75 x 75mm 
SamsungLTM1775WX100 x 100mm 
SamsungLTM225W100 x 100mm 
SamsungLTM225WX-XAA100 x 100mm 
SamsungLTN153575 x 75mm 
SamsungLTN156575 x 75mm 
SamsungLTN1565X-XAA100 x 100mm 
SamsungLTN1735100 x 100mm 
SamsungLTN1735X-XAA100 x 100mm 
SamsungLTN226wx-xaa100 x 100mm 
SamsungLTN406WX-XAA75 x 75mm 
SamsungMD230100 x 100mm 
SamsungMD230X3100 x 100mm 
SamsungMD230X6100 x 100mm 
SamsungML15NSSSS75 x 75mm 
SamsungML17NSSSS75 x 75mm 
SamsungNC190100 x 100mm 
SamsungNC240100 x 100mm 
SamsungP225075 x 75mm 
SamsungP235075 x 75mm 
SamsungP2370HD75 x 75mm 
SamsungP2570HD100 x 100mm 
SamsungP2770HD100 x 100mm 
SamsungPN50C490400 x 400mm 
SamsungPS50C580400 x 400mm 
SamsungPS50C6500400 x 400mm 
SamsungPS50C7000400 x 400mm 
SamsungPS58C6500600 x 400mm 
SamsungPS63C7000600 x 400mm 
SamsungRH15PSHPS75 x 75mm 
SamsungRN15LSTAN75 x 75mm 
SamsungRN15MSSAS75 x 75mm 
SamsungRN15MSSFN75 x 75mm 
SamsungRN15MSSPN75 x 75mm 
SamsungRN15MSSPS75 x 75mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 150MP75 x 75mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 150T75 x 75mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 151B75 x 75mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 151MP75 x 75mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 151P75 x 75mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 151S75 x 75mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 170MP100 x 100mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 170T100 x 100mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 171 MP100 x 100mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 171B100 x 100mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 171MP100 x 100mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 171PUNKNOWN 
SamsungSyncMaster 171S100 x 100mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 171V100 x 100mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 172B Silver75 x 75mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 172T Black75 x 75mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 172W Silver75 x 75mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 181T100 x 100mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 191T100 x 100mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 210T100 x 100mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 225BW100 x 100mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 226BW100 x 100mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 240T100 x 100mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 320TFT75 x 75mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 330TFT75 x 75mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 331TFT75 x 75mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 400TFT75 x 75mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 500TFTUNKNOWN 
SamsungSyncMaster 520TFT75 x 75mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 530TFT75 x 75mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 531TFT75 x 75mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 570B75 x 75mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 570P+75 x 75mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 570S75 x 75mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 570V75 x 75mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 700TFT100 x 100mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 760VTFT100 x 100mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 770TFT100 x 100mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 800TFT100 x 100mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 870TFT100 x 100mm 
SamsungSyncMaster 941BW75 x 75mm 
SamsungTC240100 x 100mm 
SamsungTC190100 x 100mm 
SamsungUE32C6510200 x 200mm 
SamsungUE32C6530200 x 200mm 
SamsungUE32C6540200 x 200mm 
SamsungUE32C6600200 x 200mm 
SamsungUE37C6530200 x 200mm 
SamsungUE40C6510200 x 200mm 
SamsungUE40C7000200 x 200mm 
SamsungUE40C8000400 x 400mm 
SamsungUE46C6530400 x 400mm 
SamsungUE46C7000400 x 400mm 
SamsungUE46C8000400 x 400mm 
SamsungUE55C7000400 x 400mm 
SamsungUE55C8000400 x 400mm 
SamsungUN65C6500600 x 400mm 
SamsungUN65C8000600 x 400mm 
SamsungVC240100 x 100mm 
SamsungXAA75 x 75mm 
SanyoLMU-TF150D175 x 75mm 
SanyoLMU-TK12A75 x 75mm 
SanyoLMU-TK12AT75 x 75mm 
SanyoLMU-TK15A75 x 75mm 
SanyoLMU-TK15AT75 x 75mm 
SanyoLMU-TK15C175 x 75mm 
SanyoMLC-1801A100 x 100mm 
Scanport603000000000100 x 100mm 
ScanportGEM GL 821A100 x 100mm 
ScanportGEM GL-70FA75 x 75mm 
ScanportGL822A100 x 100mm 
ScanportSCANPORT GL 170100 x 100mm 
ScanportSCANPORT GL-15075 x 75mm 
ScanportU150ATA75 x 75mm 
ScanportU170ATA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsBT 14UNKNOWN 
Sceptre GraphicsBT 15D+75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsBT 15DG+75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsBT 15G+75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsBT 15GT+75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsBT 15T+75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsBT 18UNKNOWN 
Sceptre GraphicsBT15+75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsCD-1111S75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsCD-112S75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsCT 14G75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsCT 14W75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsCT 15G75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsCT 15GT75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsCT 15W75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsCT 15WT75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsCT 17B75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsCT 17G75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsCT 17P75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsCT 17W75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsFT 15 PLUS75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsFT 15G75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsLT 12G75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsLT 12GT75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsLT 12S75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsLT 12SB75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsLT 12W75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsLT 12WT75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 11G75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 11W75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 12G75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 12GT75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 12GTT75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 12W75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 12WT75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 12WTT75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 13G75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 13W75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 14G75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 14GT75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 14W75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 14WT75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 15AG75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 15AGT75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 15AW75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 15AWT75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 15G75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 15GT75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 15GTT75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 15W75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 15WT75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 15WTT75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 16G75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 16GT100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 16W100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 16WT100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 17AG100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 17AW100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 17AW100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 17AWT100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 17AWTT100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 17G100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 17GT100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 17GTT100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 17W100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 17WT100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 17WTT100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 18G100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 18GT100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 18GTT100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 18W100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 18WT100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 18WTT100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 19G100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsPT 19W100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsST 1475 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsST 14B75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsST 14D75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsST 14G75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsST 1575 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsST 15B75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsST 15D75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsST 15G75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsTT 15W75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX-PAD 1000UNKNOWN 
Sceptre GraphicsX10-GECKO75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX20-NAGA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX20G-NAGA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX20S-NAGA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX22SV-NAGA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX23-NAGA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX23G-NAGA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX23S-NAGA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX575 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX5-AGAMA75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX5-GECKOUNKNOWN 
Sceptre GraphicsX5-IGUANA75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX5-KOMODO II75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX5-NAGA75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX5G-AGAMA75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX5G-NAGA75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX5S-IGUANA75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX5S-NAGA75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX5S-KOMODO II75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX5SV-GECKO75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX5SV-NAGA75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX775 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX7-AGAMA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX7-GECKOUNKNOWN 
Sceptre GraphicsX7-IGUANA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX7-KOMODO II100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX7-NAGA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX7G-AGAMA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX7G-NAGA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX7S-IGUANA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX7S-KOMODOII100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX7S-NAGA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX7SV-GECKO75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX7SV-NAGA75 x 75mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX9100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX9-AGAMA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX9-NAGA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX9G100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX9G-AGAMA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX9G-KOMODO IV100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX9G-NAGA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX9S100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX9S-AGAMA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX9S-KOMODO II100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsX9S-NAGA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsXS-IGUANA100 x 100mm 
Sceptre GraphicsXS-KOMODO II100 x 100mm 
SeeReal TechnologiesC-I100 x 100mm 
SeeReal TechnologiesC-S100 x 100mm