List of VESA Compatible and Compliant products

Below please select the brand on the drop down menus to determine if the specific LCD monitor, Plasma TV or Panel PC is compatible with Ergomart VESA compliant LCD Monitor Arms with height adjustability and LCD wall mounts.
Manufacturers (S)
Model No.
VESA Compatibility
Sharp AQUOS LC-13B1-S100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-13B2E100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-13B2H100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-13B2M100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-13B2U100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-13B2UA100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-13B2UB100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-13C1-B100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-13C1-S100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-13C2E100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-13C2H100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-13C2M100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-15B1-S100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-15B1U100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-15B2E100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-15B2EA100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-15B2HA100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-15B2MA100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-15B2U100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-15B2UA100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-15B2UB100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-15C1-B100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-15C1-S100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-15C2E100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-15C2HA100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-15C2MA100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-15C3U-S100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-20B1-S100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-20B2E100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-20B2UA100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-20B2UB100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-20BU100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-20C1-B100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-20C1-S100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-20C2E100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-20C2H100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC 20C2HA100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-20C2MA100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-20C3U-S100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-22SV2U100 x 100mm 
SharpAQUOS LC-2C2EA100 x 100mm 
SharpCE-LT14M75 x 75mm 
SharpLC 10A3E75 x 75mm 
SharpLC-10A2U75 x 75mm 
SharpLC-10A2U-B75 x 75mm 
SharpLC-10A2U-W75 x 75mm 
SharpLC-10A3E75 x 75mm 
SharpLC-10A3U75 x 75mm 
SharpLC-10A3UB75 x 75mm 
SharpLC-10A3US75 x 75mm 
SharpLC-10MA2UBP75 x 75mm 
SharpLC-121M2475 x 75mm 
SharpLC-121M2E75 x 75mm 
SharpLC-121M2U75 x 75mm 
SharpLC-121M2UC75 x 75mm 
SharpLC-12A2E75 x 75mm 
SharpLC-12A2U75 x 75mm 
SharpLC-13B4U-S100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-13C3U-S100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-13E1E100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-13E1U100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-13E1UB100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-13E1UW100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-13E2U100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-13S2U-S100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-150M2C100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-150M2E75 x 75mm 
SharpLC-150M2U75 x 75mm 
SharpLC-150M2UC75 x 75mm 
SharpLC-15A2E75 x 75mm 
SharpLC-15A2U75 x 75mm 
SharpLC-15B4U-S100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-15E1E100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-15E1H100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-15E1M100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-15E1U100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-15E1UB100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-15E1UW100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-15E2U100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-15M4E75 x 75mm 
SharpLC-15M4U75 x 75mm 
SharpLC-20A2100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-20A2H100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-20A2M100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-20A2U100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-20B4U-S100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-20E1E100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-20E1H100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-20E1M100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-20E1U100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-20E1UB100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-20E1UW100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-20E2U100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-20M4U100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-20S2U-S100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-20VM2100 x 100mm 
SharpLc-20vm2c100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-20VM2E100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-20VM2U100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-22SV2E100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-22SV6U100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-28HM2100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-28HM2U100 x 100mm 
SharpLC-32GA5U100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-E15G175 x 75mm 
SharpLL-M15X175 x 75mm 
SharpLL-M17W1100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T1010A100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T1501A75 x 75mm 
SharpLL-T150AP75 x 75mm 
SharpLL-T1510A100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T1511A75 x 75mm 
SharpLL-T1520B75 x 75mm 
SharpLL-T1520H75 x 75mm 
SharpLL-T152AP75 x 75mm 
SharpLL-T15A4-B75 x 75mm 
SharpLL-T15A4-H75 x 75mm 
SharpLL-T15G175 x 75mm 
SharpLL-T15G375 x 75mm 
SharpLL-T15G3B75 x 75mm 
SharpLL-T15G3H75 x 75mm 
SharpLL-T15G475 x 75mm 
SharpLL-T15S175 x 75mm 
SharpLL-T15V175 x 75mm 
SharpLL-T1610W75 x 75mm 
SharpLL-T1620B75 x 75mm 
SharpLL-T1620H75 x 75mm 
SharpLL-T17A3B100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T17A3H100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T17A4B100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T17A4H100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T17D3B100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T17D3H100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T17D4B100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T17D4H100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T1803-B100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T1803-H100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T180A100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T1811W100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T1815B100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T1815H100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T181A100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T1820100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T1820B100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T1820H100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T18A1B100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T18A1H100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T19D1-B100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T19D1-H100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T2000A100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T2010W100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T2020B100 x 100mm 
SharpLL-T2020H100 x 100mm 
SiemensSCD 1815-1100 x 100mm 
SiemensSCD 1815-E100 x 100mm 
SiemensSCD 1880- O100 x 100mm 
SiemensSCD 1897-1100 x 100mm 
SiemensSCD 1897-EUNKNOWN 
SiemensSCD 1897-F100 x 100mm 
SiemensSCD 1897-MUNKNOWN 
SiemensSCD 1897-R100 x 100mm 
SiemensSCD 1897-RT100 x 100mm 
SiemensSCD 1898-O100 x 100mm 
SiemensSMD 1897M100 x 100mm 
SiemensSMD 1898-O100 x 100mm 
Siemens-Fujitsu3814 FA75 x 75mm 
Siemens-Fujitsu3814 FA-M75 x 75mm 
Siemens-Fujitsu3851 FAUNKNOWN 
Siemens-Fujitsu4311 FA100 x 100mm 
Siemens-Fujitsu4612FA100 x 100mm 
Siemens-Fujitsu461V FA100 x 100mm 
Siemens-FujitsuC381 FA75 x 75mm 
Siemens-FujitsuC382 FA75 x 75mm 
Siemens-FujitsuC383 FAUNKNOWN 
Siemens-FujitsuMCF 3501 TUNKNOWN 
Siemens-FujitsuMCF 3511 TAUNKNOWN 
Siemens-FujitsuMCF 3801 T75 x 75mm 
Siemens-FujitsuMCF 380T75 x 75mm 
Siemens-FujitsuMCF 3811 TA75 x 75mm 
Siemens-FujitsuMCF 3812 TA75 x 75mm 
Siemens-FujitsuMCF 4611 TA100 x 100mm 
Siemens-FujitsuPD 65M543100 x 100mm 
Siemens-FujitsuPD 70M553UNKNOWN 
Siemens-FujitsuX 152FUNKNOWN 
Siemens-FujitsuX180F75 x 75mm 
Silicon Graphics061-0033-00375 x 75mm 
Silicon Graphics061-0042-00175 x 75mm 
Silicon Graphics1600SW75 x 75mm 
Silicon GraphicsF18075 x 75mm 
Silicon GraphicsF2275 x 75mm 
Silicon GraphicsF220100 x 100mm 
Silicon GraphicsMON 0000875 x 75mm 
Silicon GraphicsMON 0000975 x 75mm 
Silicon GraphicsMON 0001575 x 75mm 
Smart Technologies Inc.IC-15075 x 75mm 
Soaring TechnologySlimAge 100AT75 x 75mm 
Soaring TechnologySlimAge 100D75 x 75mm 
Soaring TechnologySlimage 180TUAUNKNOWN 
Soaring TechnologySlimAge 1920UNKNOWN 
Soaring TechnologySlimAge 200A75 x 75mm 
Soaring TechnologySlimAge 200AT75 x 75mm 
Soaring TechnologySlimAge 200T75 x 75mm 
Soaring TechnologySlimAge 300A75 x 75mm 
Soaring TechnologySlimAge 400A75 x 75mm 
Soaring TechnologySlimAge 400V75 x 75mm 
Soaring TechnologySlimAge 510A75 x 75mm 
Soaring TechnologySlimAge 610A75 x 75mm 
Soaring TechnologySlimAge 610AT75 x 75mm 
Soaring TechnologySlimAge 610AV75 x 75mm 
Soaring TechnologySlimAge 710A75 x 75mm 
Soaring TechnologySlimAge 710AT75 x 75mm 
Soaring TechnologySlimAge 710D75 x 75mm 
Soaring TechnologySlimAge 710V75 x 75mm 
Soaring TechnologySlimAge 821A75 x 75mm 
Soaring TechnologySlimAge400D75 x 75mm 
Soaring TechnologySllimAge 510AT75 x 75mm 
SolarismLD120075 x 75mm 
SolarismLD150075 x 75mm 
SolarismLD1700100 x 100mm 
SolarismLM150375 x 75mm 
SolarismLM1503S75 x 75mm 
SolarismLM1503W75 x 75mm 
SolarismLM171175 x 75mm 
SolarismLM1711B75 x 75mm 
SolarismLM1711S75 x 75mm 
SolarismLM1711W75 x 75mm 
SolarismT15075 x 75mm 
Sony0-27242-63462100 x 100mm 
SonyCPD-15175 x 75mm 
SonyCPD-L13375 x 75mm 
SonyCPD-L15075 x 75mm 
SonyCPD-L18175 x 75mm 
SonyCPD-L181A75 x 75mm 
SonyCPD-M15175 x 75mm 
SonyCPD-M151-BQ75 x 75mm 
SonyE193FP100 x 100mm 
SonyKLV-21SG2100 x 100mm 
SonyKLV-21SR2100 x 100mm 
SonyKLV-23HR2100 x 100mm 
SonyLMD-104175 x 75mm 
SonyLMD-170WS100 x 100mm 
SonyLMD-2140MD100 x 100mm 
SonyPCV-LX900 Pen TabletUNKNOWN 
SonyPCV-LX910 Pen TabletUNKNOWN 
SonyPCV-LX920 Pen TabletUNKNOWN 
SonySDM-HX73-B75 x 75mm 
SonySDM-HX73-S75 x 75mm 
SonySDM-HX93-B100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-HX93-S100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-M5175 x 75mm 
SonySDM-M51-B75 x 75mm 
SonySDM-M51D75 x 75mm 
SonySDM-M51D-B75 x 75mm 
SonySDM-M6175 x 75mm 
SonySDM-M81100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-M81-B100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-N50PS75 x 75mm 
SonySDM-N50R75 x 75mm 
SonySDM-N8075 x 75mm 
SonySDM-P232W-B100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-P82100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-P82-B100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-S204100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-S5175 x 75mm 
SonySDM-S51-B75 x 75mm 
SonySDM-S51R75 x 75mm 
SonySDM-S5375 x 75mm 
SonySDM-S53-B75 x 75mm 
SonySDM-S71100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-S71-B100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-S71R100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-S7375 x 75mm 
SonySDM-S73-B75 x 75mm 
SonySDM-S81100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-S81-B100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-S81R100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-S91-B100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-S93100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-S93-B100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-S94-B100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-V72W100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-V72W-B100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-X202-B100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-X5275 x 75mm 
SonySDM-X52-B75 x 75mm 
SonySDM-X5375 x 75mm 
SonySDM-X53B75 x 75mm 
SonySDM-X54-E75 x 75mm 
SonySDM-X72100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-X72-B100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-X7375 x 75mm 
SonySDM-X73B75 x 75mm 
SonySDM-X82100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-X82-B100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-X93100 x 100mm 
SonySDM-X93B100 x 100mm 
SonyVGC-LT35E100 x 100mm 
SonyVGC-LT38E100 x 100mm 
SonyVGC-LT39U100 x 100mm 
Sony Medical120D100 x 100mm 
Sony Medical127W100 x 100mm 
Sony Medical129X100 x 100mm 
Sony MedicalLMD1041UNKNOWN 
Sony MedicalLMD150MD100 x 100mm 
Sony MedicalLMD151MD100 x 100mm 
Sony MedicalLMD181MD100 x 100mm 
Sony MedicalLMD650UNKNOWN 
Spacelabs Medical90369UNKNOWN 
Spacelabs Medical904084-AUNKNOWN 
Spacelabs Medical90483-AUNKNOWN 
Spacelabs Medical91414-A75 x 75mm 
Spacelabs Medical9141575 x 75mm 
Spacelabs Medical91415-S75 x 75mm 
Spacelabs Medical91418100 x 100mm 
Spacelabs MedicalUltraView 1050UNKNOWN 
Spacelabs MedicalUltraView 1600UNKNOWN 
Spacelabs MedicalUltraView 1700UNKNOWN