Ergomart Antifatigue Mat in Gray Smooth
Smooth Gray - Info

Ergomart Antifatigue Mat in Black Smooth
Smooth Black - Info
Ergomart Antifatigue Mat in Gray Standard
Standard Gray - Info

Ergomart Antifatigue Mat in Black Standard
Standard Black - Info
  • Our anti-fatigue mat is doctor-endorsed as an orthopedic mat
  • Manufactured from extremely durable Nitrile Closed Cell Rubber
  • This mat has an antimicrobial agent added that never wears off
  • This product is suitable for health care delivery environments
  • The Ergomart Orthopedic Anti-Fatigue Mat will not absorb liquids
  • Impervious to most acids, chemicals and petroleum products
  • The Ergomart Anti-Fatigue Mat has beveled edges for added safety
  • You may select your mats with any number of beveled edges
  • Amazingly light weight; easy to clean: resistant to molds and mildews
  • Ergomart Orthopedic Mats are 3/4" thick for shift-long comfort
  • Uses: industrial, factory, grocery, kitchen, salon, medical, and more!
  • Most standard anti-fatigue mats ship within 6 business days
  • This mat is easy to clean and easy to move due to its light weight
  • Non-beveled edges are typically used against vertical surfaces
  • Not recommended for use with chairs, heavy carts or pallet jacks
  • Choose standard antifatigue mat for added slip resistance
  • Choose smooth antifatigue mat for dry environments
  • Contact us for quantity quotes

Anti-fatigue Matting ESD Mats - Ergomart ESD anti-fatigue mats provide ultimate comfort with excellent safety


ESD (static discharge matting) Antifatigue Mat Black Textured

ESD Mats

  • Our ESD mat is simply the most performance-oriented mat of its kind.
  • Pressure mold manufacturing creates tight, durable cell structure.
  • Superior conductivity via grounding cable or to conductive flooring.
  • Warranted for two years and typically lasts five to eight years.
  • Nitrile sponge rubber from top to bottom—no layers to delaminate.
  • Absolutely rapid discharge to ground: .01 seconds - 5000V to 100V.
  • Used in all facets of computer repair and manufacturing.
  • Excellent for munitions manufacturing environments.
  • Use in environments where static discharges create problems.
  • Standard and custom sizes available.
  • Standard and custom placement of snap locations available.
  • Call us for quotes and special requirements.

Ortho Mats™ are safer since they provide more cushioning and are extremely light-weight.


Why risk injuries lifting, moving and cleaning heavy rubber mats? This mat reduces lifting and straining risks.

A rubber 3' x 10' runner weighs 90 pounds. The equivalent Ortho Mat™ weighs less than 22 pounds.

A rubber 3' x 5' mat weighs 45 pounds. The equivalent Ortho Mat™ weighs less than 11 pounds.


Use our Ortho Mats™ virtually anywhere and everywhere:


Comfortable flooring for grocery stores, food service, ticket counter and ticket windows, pharmacies, doctor offices, chiropractor offices, massage therapist workstations, laboratories, register areas, and printing press areas. The standard texture anti fatigue mats are really great for restaurants and kitchen areas: food prep areas, sinks, dishwashers, snack bars, delis, donut and coffee shops, bakeries, meat departments, and hostess stations. Our anti fatigue mats are also successfully used in produce packing and processing workstations, warehouses, wineries, canneries, freezers, factories, veterinary clinics, airports, assembly lines, automotive repair shops, bars, garage floors and much more!


If you require safety stripes in yellow or red edging on your anti-fatigue mats, call or email us for a quotation.


If you require samples of our product for trial use and chemical resistance testing call or email your request.


If you require custom sizing and special mat layout, simply contact us and we will work with you to create and price a mat fit for your precise needs. We can create entire anti-fatigue flooring for big or small areas, just call for information.


You can even use our anti-fatigue mat as a back comfort mat. Great for mechanics, factory assemblers, and aircraft manufacturing specialists or any place where workers must lay in cold, hard or uncomfortable places. Artists who would otherwise stand for hours on concrete floors while painting or sculpting find instant relief with our mats. We also believe our mat outperforms head to head comparisons to standard "sticky" mats that are specifically designed and used in the practice of yoga.  Although it won't transport in as small a bundle as your typical Yoga mat, our mats provide better performance for people who find their thin sticky mat does not properly address coccyx discomfort.


Many people use our mat for gardening work and household chores.  It is a great mat to throw under a car or underneath a sink when doing mechanical or handy work around the house.  Our 20" x 33" mat is a fantastic gift idea!


In compliance with OSHA, Health Department and Hospital Infection Control laws and regulations, an antimicrobial agent has been added to Ortho Mats™. All Ortho Mats™ have a biocide chemical added during the compounding stage of manufacture ensuring that it will not wear away or wash off.


Use our orthopedic mat just about anywhere you stand for prolonged periods; it will reduce injuries and improve comfort, circulation and productivity.  In addition, this product is so durable it comes with a two-year warranty.  Our results show (because we use them in our warehouse and offices!) that this mat will remain serviceable in excess of FIVE years.