Light Filters: fluorescent light reduction

GRX380 Transparent face pointing down: reduces light by about 40%

GRX380 Partial blockage of light: reduces overall light output by about 45%

GRX380 Substantial blocking of direct light: reduces light by about 55%

GRX380 Black side facing down: reduces light by about 70%

Light Filters: Fluorescent light intensity filter
Detail image of sleeve

Ergomart Gradient Light Filters allow the user to control fluorescent lamps that are too bright in two ways. The sleeve dot matrix pattern graduates from transparent to opaque; the sleeve may be rotated to reduce the light output of fluorescent tube lights. The second major benefit is the user can actually direct light down, left or right. The opaque (black) side can be pointed downward to knock out about 75 percent of the light. We provide two performance levels of this product: STANDARD—simple UV filtering; PREMIUM—Full Spectrum / UV light filtering / glare reducing.

For those who suffer from migraines, these products can reduce the frequency of or even eliminate migraine headaches for some. Both the standard and premium gradient filters reduce the amount of light emitted from a fluorescent lamp and therefore reduce the relative flickering effect in environments where there are secondary non-flickering light sources. The GRX380 has the added benefit of improving the quality of light.


GRX380 T8, and T12 Sleeves
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GRX380 UV and Full Spectrum Gradient Fluorescent Light Filters

Gradient Filters Reduce and Balance Light Output, Filter UV Light and Reduce Glare


  • Reduces veiling and specular glare
  • Has slight tint that is nearly imperceptible
  • Not recommended for HO lamps
  • Greatly improves Color Rendition Index (CRI)*
  • Greatly improved probability of Visual Comfort**
  • May reduce or eliminate migraines in some users
  • Free UPS shipping in the lower 48 United States
  • 4' T8   UNIT COSTS: 1 $40 / 2–9 $22 / 10–23 $18
  • T8 is just $15.85 each when purchased in a case of 24 sleeves
  • 4' T12 UNIT COSTS: 1 $40 / 2–9 $22 / 10–23 $19
  • T12 is just $16.75 each when purchased in a case of 24 sleeves



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*The Color Rendition Index (CRI) is a way scientists determine the light quality in terms of color accuracy based on the color temperature of the light source. Generally speaking the higher the rating, the better the light.

** The Visual Comfort Probability is a scale devised to predict discomfort from glare.

Since the Premium Gradient Filter improves the color temperature of a typical (cheap) cool white lamp from about 4200 Kelvin to about 6200 Kelvin, the CRI quotient moves from about 61 (poor) to about 92 (very good). The filter allows certain critical wavelengths to pass through the filter that enhance the users ability to actually see better with less light. This scotopic effect means that the physiology of the human eye discerns with less effort when working with certain parts of the spectrum under lower light conditions. Specifically, lower overall light levels with spectral energies relatively higher in the region just above 500 nanometers means that the eyes work more efficiently and the overall result can mean lower energy costs. The Filter utilizes end caps that create space between the lamp and the sleeve. The polycarbonate sleeve is designed to stand up to heat generated by the fluorescent lamp for years of trouble free use. Sleeves are designed to be reused when lamps are switched out. The GRX380 Filter conditions spectral light output much closer to the color balance found in natural sunlight creating light that has vastly improved accuracy in color rendering. In short this is one fantastic and inexpensive way to improve the quality of cheap cool white lamps while reducing the overall light levels in a work area.

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Professional installation is recommended.

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