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    Universal Scanner Bracket Each of the four monitors can independently swivel left and right.
    Universal Scanner Bracket Lift or lower the Dorian over 17.1" of vertical travel, providing sit-to-stand capability for most users.
    Universal Scanner Bracket Each individual monitor can be tilted 90° or 45° from its vertical position, providing the user with the optimal viewing angle.
    Universal Scanner Bracket Every monitor can independently be rotated from landscape to portrait.
    Universal Scanner Bracket Each monitor can be attached where desired along the horizontal beam. This flexibility allows for accommodation of a wide range of screen sizes.
HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT The vertical position of the Dorian can be adjusted with a button press. While pressing the button located on the bottom right of the work surface, simply lift or lower the device and release the button when the desired height is reached.
CONVENIENT STORAGE TRAY A small tray is located at the base of the vertical column beneath this monitors. It provides a place to store small items such as keys, pens and phones in an easy-to-reach location.
HORIZONTAL BEAM During assembly, the horizontal beam can be positioned anywhere along the vertical column. This allows the user to optimize the distance between the monitors and the worksurface.
VESA ASSEMBLY Each of the four monitors is attached to the horizontal beams by a VESA compatible tilter mechanism. The tilter heads can be secured at any position along the horizontal beam. The tilters can swivel, tilt and rotate the monitors individually.
CABLE GUIDE Cables and wires can be routed along each side of the vertical column by the cable managment clips.
END CAP Each end of the horizontal beam has an end cap for a cleaner, finished appearance. They also house the tools required for installation and adjustment of the Dorian system.
TOOLS The end cap holds a 1/8" and 7/32" Allen Wrench. These are kept safe and convenient for adjustments required after assembly.
CLIPS In addition to cable clips, cable guides are situated on the back surface of the horizontal beam. Wires can be organized by routing them through these guides into the clips.

The Dorian features 17" of height adjustment, suitable for sit-to-stand capabilities for most users up to 6' 5".
MAXIMUM HEIGHT With the monitor beam mounted to its highest position on the vertical column, the monitors sit 28" to 45" above the desk surface.
4.5" ABOVE WORK SURFACE When the monitor mounting beam is attached to the main column at is lowest practical position, 4.5", the monitors can adjust from 6" to 23" above the desk surface.
WORK SURFACE AREA The Dorian's 30" large work surface area ensures that all essential equipment stays within reach when transitioning from sit to stand.
30" Central Beam with 2 20" Extension Beams The Dorian Quad features a 30" central beam and two 20" extension beams, one on each side. The extensions are attached to the central beam via two articulating hinges that allow the monitors to be placed either flat or in an arc-like orientation if desired.

Specification image showing the Dorian Quad’s  maximum monitor width of 24.67 inches when monitors are flat

A four monitor setup is often used in security and scientific settings where a curved configuration can be logistically undesirable. In this case the Dorian Quad’s monitors can be displayed flat with a maximum width of approximately 24.67 inches each.

Specification image showing the Dorian Quad’s  maximum monitor width of 22 inches when the beam arms are curved 20 degrees inwards with 2 inch deep monitors

Many users like to curve their monitors inwards. When the outer beams of the Dorian Quad are moved inwards 20 degrees, the maximum allowable width for the monitors is approximately 22 inches.

Dorian Instructions
Product documentation and instructions can be viewed or downloaded here:

Dorian Installation Instructions