LS9137 Adjustable Monitor Stand

Comes with the 4-in-1 Flex Mount and is Ready for Single or Double Monitor Applications

The LS9137D Dual LCD stand comes standard with a 28 inch pole and will handle two LCD monitors weighing up to 38 pounds. Most monitors as large as 30" are well matched for use with the LS9137D stand.

The LS9137S single monitor stand positions a flat screen monitor or VESA compliant device weighing as much as 38 pounds. It has several optional pole lengths as listed in the drop down menu to the lower left. Height can be easily reset for different users by removing the monitor and adjusting the arm assembly to the desired height.

Optional mounts are also available. If you do not see your desired mounting kit in the drop down menu to the left please call us at 888 420 3200 to order an optional mount. Recessed VESA mounting patterns may require an optional Spacer Kit; see bottom of page 2 of instructions.

LS9137 Monitor Stand features

  • Works perfectly with touch screen monitors by holding its position under finger-tip pressure
  • The user instantly and intuitively rotates from landscape to portrait
  • Effortlessly tilt and swivel your monitor to the most comfortable angle
  • Designed for VESA 75, 100, 100 x 200 and 200 x 200 VESA hole configurations
  • Triple articulating arms reaches out from mounting point up to 13.5 inches
  • Easy to adjust yet holds position firmly once repositioned
  • Compatible with many Ergomart accessories and our 192 Pole Floor Mount Systems
  • Compact: LCD arms fold to a depth of less than 4 inches
  • Adaptable: Over 90° backward tilt & more than 44° forward tilt
  • Both LS9137 Single and Dual monitor stands are made in the USA


Shipping Weight LS9137 (Single)
Shipping Weight LS9137 (Dual)
8 Pounds
17 Pounds
Shipping Dimensions LS9137 (Single)
Shipping Dimensions LS9137 (Dual)
17x14x5 for 14” pole or smaller
If pole is larger than 14” the pole will go in a separate box 3# 28x4x4
17x14x10 for 14” pole or smaller
If pole is larger than 14” the pole will go in a separate box 3# 28x4x4
Warranty 5 Year limited

Professional installation is always recommended for all wall-mounted Ergomart products. Improper installation may result in injury or damage. Consult Ergomart technical support regarding any mounting concerns or questions.
black    metallic grey
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Regular Tilter head
Standard Tilter Head
Spring Tilter head
Spring Tilter Head
Heavy Duty Spring Tilter head
HD Spring Tilter Head

The thicker the monitor, the greater the lever force delivered by the monitor. If you plan to adjust the tilt frequently, and are using a heavier monitor, opt for the stronger spring tilter head — either a spring or HD spring tilter.

For instance, a flat screen monitor that weighs 25 pounds and that is fairly slim can typically be accommodated by the standard tilter head. If you plan to tilt it frequently, you would probably choose the spring tilter option to enhance ease of use. If the monitor is 30 pounds and subject to frequent tilting, you would select the HD spring tilter.

For questions or more assistance in deciding which titer head is best suited for your application, call 888 420 3200 and press option one after the announcement.

Top View of Monitor Extension Arm for single mount LCD stand
Far left specification drawing shows arm fully outstretched. Middle image shows rotation at tilter head. Right image shows rotation at elbow joint.
LS9137D Dual and LCD LS9137S Single Stands


Drawing of the LS9137D Dual LCD Stand shows arms set at the highest and lowest possible positions.


The LS9137S flat screen monitor stand shares many of the same dimensions as the 9137D. The drawing above depicts the stand with the standard 14 inch high pole. Optional 20, 24 and 28 inch poles respectively increase the 16.75" tallest height measurement to 22.75, 26.75 and 30.75 inches.

One or two LCD monitors can be moved up and down on the monitor pole stand Raise or lower the monitor along the pole stand by loosening the thumbscrew on the collar
LCD monitors may be positioned against pole or moved apart as far as 13.5" pole center when LCD is completely outstretched. LCD monitors are raised and lowered by loosening the thumbscrew on the collar. Entire assembly may then be moved up and down the 10" shaft.
Dual LCD monitor stand allows one or two monitors to tilt upward and downward to reduce glare and allow perfect positioning Dual LCD monitor stand
LCD tilter head mechanism allows monitor to tilt upward over 90 degrees downward to negative 44 degrees.  Resistance to movement is adjustable to suit various monitor weights.  The tilter mechanism swivels 360 degrees at the point of articulation just behind the LCD monitor.  Friction adjustment allows greater and lesser degrees of resistance to rotation.
LS9137S LCD Monitor Stand has a middle point of articulation at the elbow joint: adjustable monitor stand LS9137S Computer Monitor Stand swivel capabilities: the monitor arm rotates at the pole 360 degrees
The middle point of articulation is at the elbow joint.  This joint rotates 360 degrees at the point of articulation.  Friction adjustment allows greater and lesser degrees of resistance to rotation. The arm rotates at the pole a full 360 degrees.  Image shows the arm rotated 90 degrees.  The included friction adjustment allows greater and lesser degrees of resistance to rotation.

9137SD LD Monitor Stand in motion: animation of stand's adjustability

LS9137 (single) | LS9137 (dual) Monitor Stand Instructions
Product documentation and instructions can be viewed or downloaded here:

monitor arm LS9137 Instructions
LS9137 (single/dual) Monitor Stand
Installation Instructions

monitor arm SAA4229 Instructions
Flex Mount Kit Instructions
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