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    Workstation front view demonstrating monitor swivel capabilities Dorian Single The monitor can swivel left and right, allowing for the monitor to be oriented towards the user as desired.
    Side view illustrating vertical movement of the work surface and monitor Dorian Single The vertical adjustability range is 17.1", ensuring a true sit-stand experience for users up to 6'3" tall.
    Side view showing the attached monitor tilting up and down on the Dorian Single The monitor can be adjusted up to 90° in the upward direction and 45° downward with respect to the vertical orientation, allowing the user to select to most comfortable viewing angle.
    Animated image depicting the attached monitor rotating from portrait to landscape on the Dorian Single The monitor's orientation can be changed from portrait to landscape with an instant adjustment.
    Workstation rear view demonstrating the monitors attached to the horizontal beam at various locations Dorian Single The monitor mount can be placed anywhere along the horizontal beam.
HEIGHT ADJUSTMENTClose-up view of hand pressing the button used to lift and lower the Dorian Single To adjust the Dorian's worksurface up and down, simply press the button located on the bottom right side of the work surface and move the workstation to the desired height.
CONVENIENT STORAGE TRAYClose-up image of the mini tray holding several small items Dorian Single This convenient mini tray is positioned at the back of the work surface where it attaches to the Dorian's column. It is the perfect spot for placing small items such as a pen, a mobile device, or keys.
HORIZONTAL BEAMWorkstation rear view in metallic gray illustrating the horizontal beam placement Dorian Single The horizontal beam can be positioned anywhere along the Dorian's column with a simple one-time adjustment that optimizes the relative height of the monitor and keyboard for each user.
VESA ASSEMBLYClose-up side view of the tilter head mechanism used to attach the monitor Dorian Single The monitor is mounted on a VESA compatible tilter mechanism that can be positioned anywhere along the horizontal beam. The lateral positioning, horizontal swing, vertical tilt, and portrait landscape orientation of the monitor can be adjusted using this mechanism.
CABLE GUIDEClose-up rear view of the workstation showing cables routed through the cable management clips Dorian Single The cable management clips situated along both sides of the Dorian's column act as inconspicuous guides for wires and cables, keeping them organized and out of the way. The clips open to allow cables to be inserted and securely snap into place to contain them.

The Dorian Offers 17 inches of vertical adjustability for a true sit-stand experience.
MAXIMUM HEIGHTSpecification image illustrating the lowest and highest positions with monitor mounted at highest point on the Dorian Single When the beam is mounted to the highest position along the column, the center of the monitor VESA mount can adjust from 28" to 45" above the desk.
4.5" ABOVE WORK SURFACESpec image showing the lowest and highest positions with monitor mounted at lowest point on the Dorian SingleWith the monitor beam mounted at its lowest practical position, 4.5", the monitors sit 6" to 23" above the desk surface.
WORK SURFACE AREASpecification drawing illustrating the 30 inches x 24 inches work surface area on the Dorian Single The Dorian's work surface is 30" wide. It offers a substantial amount of space for a keyboard, mouse, notepad and other essential items.
10" MONITOR BEAMSpec drawing showing the measurement of the horizontal beam on the Dorian Single The Dorian Single workstation has a single beam attached to the height adjustable column. The beam is 10" wide.

Dorian Instructions
Product documentation and instructions can be viewed or downloaded here:

Dorian Installation Instructions

Optional iPad holder mount add-on Optional barcode scanner mount add-on Optional thin client mount add-on