Monitor Visor Shroud Depth Test - Comparison Shopping Notes

Visor Depth Test
Visor Depth Test

A Monitor Hood or Monitor Visor must be deep enough to shade the offending glare. This simple test illustrates how to check depth for monitor hoods and monitor visors before purchase.

This test requires a large piece of cardboard (about 18" x 30"). Fold it around your monitor.  Using easily removable tape, experiment with different shroud depths to see what is the shortest depth that effectively removes the glare spots.  Large areas  of light colored walls or large windows directly behind the monitor create diffuse reflections or "veiling" glare problems that are not well addressed by visors / hoods.

When Shopping, Compare Apples to Apples

Monotir Visor Shade depth drawing comparing overal and effective hood depth

Overall depth      Effective depth

Monitor visors are typically described in terms of the overall front to back dimension of the unit, depicted by the blue arrow. Most visors lose one to two inches of depth when attached to the monitor.  If you only require a minimal shroud depth, most any inexpensive visor will work.

If you require a product that combats serious glare problems, our 16" deep MVA1923 series visors handle some of the worst glare problems with as much as 15.5 inches of shade depth.

If you require a custom monitor visor or monitor hood configuration, please email or call us: 888 420 3200.