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Roller Track System





Roller Track Rail Clamp Blocks attached to rail component Fixed Mount Kit M attached to rail component Sliding Mount Kit N attached to rail component
The US made aluminum anodized RT Rail is the foundation of the Roller Track system. It can be mounted on the wall, vertical struts or poles and accepts movable or stationary mounts that support the desired equipment. Each rail includes 2 end caps and 2 stops. The rail is not pre-drilled for fasteners and is designed to be field-drilled to accommodate construction site installation. It is available in three standard lengths of 39", 78", and 156" and comes in clear anodized metallic gray as a standard color with anodized black available as an option. It can be cut down after purchase to shorter lengths during installation. Since the ends are drilled and tapped, an end that is shortened in the field will require re-tapping or modification to ensure the end stop functions properly. RT Clamp Blocks are small clamping components that press against the top and bottom flange edges of the RT Rail and are fastened to the vertical surface. Clamp blocks are specifically used to attach the R-Track to vertical standards (also known as Unistrut or "vertical strut channels") commonly seen in manufacturing, assembly and packaging to provide additional bracing so the rail/track does not pull away along the top edge under heavier loads. RT Mount Kit M is 6" wide and fixed. It is designed to be secured to the RT rail with four set screws for stationary positioning of equipment. This is an appropriate solution when occasional reconfiguration of the wall-mounted equipment is required, since the mounting infrastructure (e.g. the rails, clamps, and wire management) is installed once and the same mounts can be reused, saving the labor, time, and cost of having to rework the supporting wall. RT Mount Kit N is a 12" wide heavy-duty mount with a roller track trolley. It is designed to move freely along the length of the rail so that equipment mounted on the R-Track is repositioned effortlessly. Whenever a pole is mounted on an RT Mount Kit, a Shaft Collar must also be used to hold the pole, allowing for placement of peripherals above and below the mount.





Front and rear view of 192 D Bracket Clamps attached to a pole Wire management trough positioned beneath rail track component Clamp extrusions positioned above and below rail track component Shaft collar attached to rail track component
192 D Bracket Clamps attach the RT Rail to 1.5" schedule 80/160* poles. This component allows the installer to use poles mounted to a ceiling, wall or floor to securely deploy a Roller Track system. Ergomart recommends consulting a mechanical engineer to determine the limitations for the specific project based on the structural characteristics and limitations of the mounting locations. The RT Wire Management Trough is a simple but effective wire management conduit that can be mounted below the RT Rail to contain and conceal wires attached to the equipment. The trough does not come pre-drilled and is designed so that holes for fasteners and outlet access can be custom-drilled in the field during installation. It is available in black and can be ordered in 39" and 78" lengths. Other colors may be available for large orders. Please call for details. RT Clamp Extrusions are long aluminum extrusions that rest atop the flange edges of the RT Rail to increase and expand the attachment footprint and to address aesthetic concerns by presenting a fascia with the fewest possible visible fastener heads. Contact your Ergomart representative for further information and details regarding deployment of this accessory. The R-Track Shaft Collar is used for suspending a variety of poles to the M and N mounts. Whenever attaching a LS413, LS413D, LS9137S, LS9137D, LS1512D, or LS1512Q select 1 shaft collar per unit to affix the pole at the desired vertical position.

Straight ArmsPolesPole MountsTilter Heads and VESA adaptors can be used to create customized fixed height mounting solutions that complement our sizable offering of off-the-shelf solutions. All types and sizes of monitors mounted tight to the track or using horizontal arms of differing lengths. Various monitor tilter heads accommodate monitors weighing up to 75 pounds. Pole mounts allow equipment to be positioned along the shaft of the pole above and/or below the mount and come in single or dual mount varieties. Please call for help in creating a solution that suits your needs.