This long-reach LCD monitor arm is a cost-effective solution for light- and medium-weight LCD monitors. The SAA4228 arm has over 28" of vertical travel for all sit to stand requirements. We have yet to see an instantly adjustable LCD arm that manages wiring and cables better. This LCD monitor arm is ideal for almost any application in virtually every environment. If you need to float your LCD monitor around an office workstation, above a mixing board, or around industrial or medical equipment, this is the answer. The SAA4228 LCD monitor arm is ideal for use in hospitals, dental offices, studios, and control rooms.

SAA4228 Long Reach Monitor Arm Features

  • Cables cleanly managed to just above the base mount
  • LCD monitor arm extends 43" and folds into 3.75"
  • 28 inch vertical range when arm is Wall Mounted
  • Effortlessly float monitors from 1 to 22 pounds
  • Instant LCD rotation from landscape to portrait
  • Tilt the display up past 90° or down over 40°!
  • Sit or stand & comfortably view your LCD
  • Superior cable management system
  • Clamps to surfaces up to 3.125" thick
  • Optional 2, 5, 6, 8, 12 inch extensions available
  • Have a heavier LCD? Try our HD SAA4229
  • Currently available colors are Black & Metallic Gray
  • Comes standard with 75mm & 100mm VESA interfaces
  • Large selection of optional mounts including Wall Mount
  • Flexible Mount Kit C configures to Clamp, Thru-Desk, Grommet
  • Limited quantities: Beige, Light Gray with extended lead times
  • Next day shipping on in-stock Black; call for expedited shipping on other available colors
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Shipping Weight 25 Pounds
Shipping Dimensions 28" x 17" x 9"
Warranty 5 Year limited


Professional installation is always recommended for all wall-mounted Ergomart products. Improper installation may result in injury or damage. Consult Ergomart technical support regarding any mounting concerns or questions.


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SAA4228 starting at: $489.46 (with Mount Kit G)
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  • The vertical range of motion of 28" and over 130° tilt delivers unrivaled utility and performance for the cost
  • Wall mounting allows the full vertical range of motion, ensuring all users have sit to stand accessibility
  • Numerous mounting options available; also interfaces with our 192 Series Floor Flange
  • When mounting to a desk top or edge, get extended sit/stand function by using a vertical extension
  • If you have troubles with your bifocals and the position of your flat screen, the SAA4228 is a great solution*
  • Neck and shoulder discomfort can be eliminated when you place your monitor exactly where you want it
  • Have a moving glare problem because of windows and the sun? This arm can often address glare issues
  • The SAA4228 LCD monitor arm is like having an extension cord for your flat screen monitor or panel PC!
  • When mounted to the table, this LCD monitor arm can be lowered until most LCDs touch the tabletop


*Bifocal and trifocal users can benefit substantially when given the opportunity to either position the monitor into a low angle, desk hugging, close-in position or to completely relaxed postures that involve leaning back in the chair and moving the monitor further away.



VESA plate moves from about 3.5" out to over 43"

The SAA4228 series flat panel radial arm retracts to about 3.75" from wall and extends out to almost 44". When you need to clear out space to work, this flat panel display arm will fold neatly out of your way.

Over 28" of height adjustment

The counter-balancing gas spring cylinder allows the user to instantly and effortlessly raise and lower the arm.  When mounted on a vertical surface like a wall, your SAA4228 display arm has a vertical range over 28". Click here to understand height adjustability issues.

Over 140° of screen tilt!

We love how flexible this product becomes when you factor in the over 90° upward and 44° downward tilt. This single feature has tremendous utility; it allows for fine tuning for glare reduction and is bi-focal friendly and head, neck and shoulder posture friendly.

Screen swivel pivots 360°

Screen mount allows you to swivel the screen 360° at the articulation point directly behind the LCD; just another aspect of this incredibly flexible flat panel monitor arm.  The above image shows the monitor in the forward position and the rotated left by 90°.

Rear mount swivels 360°

The entire arm swings 360° on its base to move your flat screen display, meaning you can sit at either end of a 6' long work surface and easily view your monitor!  Above image shows about 60° of the total 360°.

Arm rotation swivels 360°

The arm swings 360° on its second joint (or elbow) for fine tuning and to help you adjust for intermediate distances.  Above illustration shows the arm rotated 90° of the total potential 360°.

And for publishers, artists, CAD specialists...
Rotate your screen from landscape to portrait and back again!

You can rotate your screen for publishing and graphics applications. It is just another standard feature of the Ergomart SAA4228 flat panel display monitor arm.

SAA4228 LCD Monitor Arm extension, top view When you factor in the depth of the the typical LCD, the actual viewing plane of the display can to be moved from about 6 inches when the arm is folded back out to about 45 inches when fully extended. This drawing is looking down on the arm to show the arm at its tightest setting and most extended reach.


SAA4228 HD LCD Arm Side Views
  SAA4228 LCD Arm has a maximum of 28 inches of vertical travel

Ergomart's SAA4228 LCD Arm has a maximum 28 inches of vertical travel. When the arm is wall mounted or mounted in such manner that the lower part of the arm does not run into obstructions, full vertical range is possible.

Below, the SAA4228 arm is shown with the optional Wall Mount.


SAA4228 LCD Arm side view of horizontal reach  
SAA4228 LCD Monitor Arm shown with maximum vertical extension in low position
SAA4228 HD LCD Arm Extensions
   Illustration depicting the 18 inch vertical travel of a 4228 LCD monitor arm from 10 to 28 inches when attached to a table top

Use the SAA4228 without an extension for virtually all seated display viewing applications.

The desk edge and through edge mounting allow up to 18 inches of vertical travel.  The standard SAA4228 HD Arm provides plenty of height adjustability for virtually any requirement for seated desk height use.

SAA4228 users over 6' 6" tall who desire sit/stand flexibility, may require the 6 inch extension if the SAA4228 arm is attached to a desktop. Unobstructed wall mounting or mounting to vertical surfaces will allow for full vertical travel of about 29 inches and does not require the 6 inch extension. Height extensions options are 6 inch, 8 inch, and 12 inch. With or without vertical extensions, this LCD Arm allows the monitor to be positioned easily at any point between hightest and lowest positions.

   Illustration depicting the 28 inches of vertical travel of a 4228 LCD Monitor Arm from 10 to 34 inches when using a 6 inch extension when table mounted

Desk edge mount or through edge mounting with 6 inches extension provides up to 24 inches vertical travel.

This SAA4228 5 inch extension helps to provide more of the vertical travel that is available when the base is elevated. This kind of vertical travel ensures that even tallest people will be comfortable either sitting or standing while viewing the LCD monitor.

Wall mounted options allow for the full 24 inches of vertical travel of the Ergomart SAA4228 Heavy Duty LCD Flat Panel Monitor Arm.

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   Illustration depicting the inches of vertical travel of a 4228 LCD Monitor Arm from 5.4 to 31.5 inches using a 8 inch extension when table mounted

Desk edge mount or through edge mounting with 8 inches extension provides over 26 inches vertical travel. This kind of vertical travel allows for sit stand work.

   Illustration depicting the inches of vertical travel of a 4228 LCD Monitor Arm from 5.4 to 31.5 inches using a 12 inch extension when table mounted

Desk edge mount or through edge mounting with 12 inches extension provides over 27 inches vertical travel. This kind of vertical travel allows for sit stand work. The setting represents the maxi um vertical travel of the SAA4228 LCD Arm and is suitable for users of virtually every height.

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Monitor Arm SAA4228
Product documentation and instructions can be viewed or downloaded here:

monitor arm SAA2718 Instructions
Monitor Arm SAA4228

Installation Instructions

monitor arm SAA2718 Instructions
Flex Mount Kit Instructions
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