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From compact to sleek to long distance spanning solutions, Ergomart's lineup of monitor arms meet the needs of virtually every requirement in the modern computer workstation environment. Most of our arms offer exceptional monitor tilt and broad weight range adjustability and come with a variety of mounting options. Have a special mounting application? We are interested in hearing from you, give us a call - we can probably help.

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  1. SAA7000 Articulating Monitor Mount MOUNTS! USA ASSEMBLED
    SAA7000 Articulating Monitor Mount

    From $131.21

    Well-rounded balance of features and price
    • 16" vertical travel and 23" lateral float
    • For computer monitors between 5 to 28 pounds
    • Landscape/portrait,wire manager,+90°/-45° tilt
  2. SAA2718 Premium Monitor Arm MOUNTS! USA ASSEMBLED
    SAA2718 Premium Monitor Arm

    From $185.15

    Extended reach arm for big computer monitors
    • Up to 17.5" vertical travel. Reaches out 27"
    • High capacity arm for monitors up to 38 lbs. 
    • Landscape/portrait,wire manager,+90°/-45° tilt
  3. SAA2415 Heavy-Duty Monitor Arm MOUNTS! USA ASSEMBLED
    SAA2415 Heavy-Duty Monitor Arm

    From $300.50

    Tough, ultra-flexible, US made heavy-duty arm
    • Vertical travel: 14.5" - Horizontal reach: 22"
    • Floats large, heavy displays, TVs up to 55 lb
    • HD tilter provides over 120° computer monitor tilt
  4. SAA179 Ergonomic Monitor Arm MOUNTS! USA ASSEMBLED
    SAA179 Ergonomic Monitor Arm

    From $152.33

    Ultra-compact height adjustable arm - popular
    • Compact yet has 15" reach, 10" vertical travel
    • Handles 30" monitors, folds to 3.75" depth 
    • Landscape/portrait,+90°/-45° tilt
  5. SAA2010 Compact Monitor Arm MOUNTS! USA ASSEMBLED
    SAA2010 Compact Monitor Arm

    From $134.38

    Compact, space-saving and flexible
    • Vertical range of 9.5" - extends up to 19.75"
    • For VESA monitors weighing 4 to 34 lbs
    • Landscape/portrait - tilts 90° up and 45° down
  6. CMT2415 Triple Monitor Arm MOUNTS! USA ASSEMBLED
    CMT2415 Triple Monitor Arm

    From $635.83

    Sturdy beam mounted triple monitor arm
    • For 3 computer monitors: flat or arc formation
    • Works for monitors up to 25 lbs and 27" wide
    • Instant 14.5" vertical travel with 21" reach
  7. CMD2415 Dual Monitor Mount MOUNTS! USA ASSEMBLED
    CMD2415 Dual Monitor Mount

    From $540.79

    Highly adjustable arm for dual screens
    • Easily position two monitors 10-35 lbs each
    • Place monitors up to 28.5" wide along beam
    • Base, beam and tilter heads all rotate 360°
  8. CMD2018 Dual Monitor Arm MOUNTS! USA ASSEMBLED
    CMD2018 Dual Monitor Arm

    From $445.42

    Heavy-duty, floating height dual monitor arm
    • Quick adjustment, affordable dual monitor arm
    • Monitors independently tilt, swivel, rotate
    • For monitors to 28.5" and up to 12 pounds
  9. SAA2045 Adjustable Monitor Arm MOUNTS! USA ASSEMBLED
    SAA2045 Adjustable Monitor Arm

    From $150.35

    Big vertical reach from a compact arm
    • 15.5" vertical range and folds to compact 4"
    • Suitable for LED and LCD monitors up to 27"
    • Landscape/portrait,wire manager,+90°/-45° tilt

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