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Ergomart offers a wide variety of monitor arm mounting solutions capable of addressing virtually any environment and any demand. Our heavy duty mounting offerings range small to big: from the beefy yet subcompact SAA179 for heavy monitors in the most cramped of quarters to monitor mounting kits that can rigidly suspend 30 pound monitors more than 5 feet from a wall. We offer an infinite variety of custom and OEM combinations suitable for the trickiest applications. Call us today for assistance with your next project.

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  1. SAA2415 Heavy-Duty Monitor Arm

    SAA2415 Heavy-Duty Monitor Arm

    From $331.48

    Tough, ultra-flexible, US made heavy-duty arm
    • Vertical travel: 14.5" - Horizontal reach: 22"
    • Floats large, heavy monitors, TVs up to 55 lb
    • Superior and smooth tilting of heavy monitors
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  2. SAA179 Ergonomic Monitor Arm

    SAA179 Ergonomic Monitor Arm

    From $164.57

    Ultra-compact height adjustable arm - popular
    • Compact yet has 15" reach, 10" vertical travel
    • Handles 30" monitors, folds to 3.75" depth 
    • Landscape/portrait,+90°/-45° tilt
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  3. SAA2718 Premium Monitor Arm

    SAA2718 Premium Monitor Arm

    From $200.06

    Extended reach arm for big computer monitors
    • Up to 17.5" vertical travel. Reaches out 27"
    • High capacity arm for monitors up to 38 lbs. 
    • Landscape/portrait,wire manager,+90°/-45° tilt
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  4. CMD2415 Dual Monitor Mount

    CMD2415 Dual Monitor Mount

    From $596.22

    Highly adjustable arm for dual screens
    • Easily position two monitors 10-35 lbs each
    • Place monitors up to 28.5" wide along beam
    • Base, beam and tilter heads all rotate 360°
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  5. CMT2415 Triple Monitor Arm

    CMT2415 Triple Monitor Arm

    From $701.00

    Sturdy beam mounted triple monitor arm
    • For 3 computer monitors: flat or arc formation
    • Works for monitors up to 25 lbs and 27" wide
    • Instant 14.5" vertical travel with 21" reach
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  6. CMD2018 Dual Monitor Arm

    CMD2018 Dual Monitor Arm

    From $491.07

    Heavy-duty, floating height dual monitor arm
    • Quick adjustment, affordable dual monitor arm
    • Monitors independently tilt, swivel, rotate
    • For monitors to 28.5" and up to 12 pounds
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  7. SAA4229 Extra Long Monitor Arm

    SAA4229 Extra Long Monitor Arm

    From $717.75

    Long reach and vertical travel for heavy LCDs
    • 28" vertical range and big 44" lateral reach
    • Designed to handle computer monitors to 35 lbs
    • Screen rotation, wire managers, articulating
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  8. SAA7000 (Light Gray) Monitor Arm closeout sale SALE

    SAA7000 (Light Gray) Monitor Arm closeout sale

    Special Price $83.88 was $183.67
    Economical arm for older 20" Apple Display
    • Clearance priced starting at just $99.86
    • Up to 16" vertical, 22" horizontal reach up 23 lbs.
    • Light gray color complements aluminum finish
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  9. SAA2415 (Light Gray) Monitor Arm closeout sale SALE

    SAA2415 (Light Gray) Monitor Arm closeout sale

    Special Price $163.72 was $370.47
    Arms for aluminum and gray monitors on sale
    • 14.5" vertical, 22" horizontal reach - to 35 lbs.
    • Special light gray powdercoat compliments the aluminum finishes used on Apple products.
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