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Whether you are upgrading an existing work environment or designing an entirely new one, you need a partner with the know-how and capability to create an optimal solution combining safety, aesthetics, and usability. Our sales team, in-house engineers and technical experts solve even the most challenging requirements and create efficient, innovative solutions. We set ourselves apart from the competition with our ability and willingness to take your ideas to the drawing board and then make them a reality.


We specialize in helping you create perfectly integrated, customized mounting solutions meant to fulfill the specific requirements of your workspace. We cover virtually any application, including point of sale, desk-, pole-, wall-, track and OEM equipment-mounted systems.

In most cases, all you need is the right combination of equipment readily available within our powerful, versatile modular catalog of off-the-shelf mounting components, which are designed to interface with each other and the full range of application-specific mounting infrastructures (tracks, poles, OEM equipment) and other surfaces,

We can not only mount most of our arms or stands to just about anything, but we can also add horizontal or vertical reach, provide lateral or vertical mobility, support a wide range of payload sizes and weights, augment with a variety of keyboard trays and accommodate all manner of barcode readers, scanners, printers, payment terminals and all types of production related equipment.


Chances are that you will be able to identify several alternative designs that meet your requirements within our existing online catalog. If not, we encourage you to contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff and they will be happy to help you get oriented. Helping clients configure and optimize systems is what they do, so why not benefit from their experience?


While our catalog often contains the majority of the answers, certain applications present truly unique challenges. We can help there as well. When the application warrants, our R&D team can design custom components, ranging from a simple bracket to more complex assemblies. We have a long track record in this field and have created countless such customizations over the years. While it is true that some R&D efforts for a new product family can stretch over months and even years, in most cases, a custom solution may be well within reach within a matter of weeks or even days. When in doubt, please contact us. It is also likely that we have solved a similar problem before and might be able to use or adapt something that was previously created, saving you both time and money.


Our product line is particularly well suited to the needs of larger organizations, where enterprise-wide technologies necessitate mounting solutions that are uniform in look and function and yet have the versatility to address location-specific variations and challenges. Many of our products are so versatile that they work across the board for entire chains and large corporations, allowing the same essential set-up to be optimally configured for each location based on space limitations, design needs, application-specific or user-specific requirements.


The majority of our mounting components are interchangeable, allowing you to upgrade your environment as time goes by without buying an entirely new unit. We also create new features when needed; and our engineering team works tirelessly to keep our ever-evolving line of products updated and relevant to your growing business needs. Many clients find that they can simply re-optimize their existing configuration by integrating and introducing new components for a smooth and cost-effective transition. Parts can also be retrofitted or modified to suit a variety of expansions or adaptations. Whether you’re adding new monitors, upgrading to heavier equipment or need to change the way your system is mounted, we can help you create your ideal set-up quickly and easily.


A large number of our products and components are designed here in-house and manufactured in America. We are based in Dallas, Texas and our engineers and sales team work hand-in-hand to provide you with a level of personal, customized care, service and attention that you just won't find with bigger corporations. Just like our products, we work together to find the best solution for you to help improve your comfort and productivity.

No matter your needs, from the smallest set-up to the largest custom installations, Ergomart will be there every step of the way to guide you in creating the perfect working environment that will benefit you and your business for years to come.