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With offerings of free-standing desktop stands, desk-mounted poles and stands, and floor standing pole mounts, there is a multi-monitor pole mount for almost any situation. Many options offer flexibility in the number of mounted monitors and some, such as the CONNECT, can be modified for different numbers of monitors without the need for purchasing an entirely new mounting solution.

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  1. Connect Multi-Monitor Stand USA ASSEMBLED
    Connect Multi-Monitor Stand

    From $285.12

    Versatile, highly modular multi monitor system
    • Available options starting at 2 computer monitors
    • Configures to 8 monitors 30 lbs monitors
    • Superior adjustability - clean cable management
  2. LS1512D Dual Monitor Stand MOUNTS! USA ASSEMBLED
    LS1512D Dual Monitor Stand

    From $221.82

    Versatile dual computer monitor stand
    • Supports two 35-lb monitors side by side
    • Easily adjust monitor swivel, tilt, depth, rotation
    • Select pole length - VESA 75 100 200 compliance
  3. Dorian Three Monitor Workstation USA ASSEMBLED
    Dorian Three Monitor Workstation

    From $644.16

    Triple Monitor Sit Stand for 24" plus monitors
    • Allows independent adjustment of all displays
    • Extra large top allows users to keep lots of extra desktop items always within reach
  4. Dual Monitor Electrically Adjustable Workstation USA ASSEMBLED
    Dual Monitor Electrically Adjustable Workstation
    Electronic dual monitor adjustable workstation
    • Program Hi and Lo positions - adjust instantly
    • Retrofit your desk to sit-stand workstation
    • Adjust monitor focal depth/tilt independently
  5. LS1512Q Quad Monitor Stand MOUNTS! USA ASSEMBLED
    LS1512Q Quad Monitor Stand

    From $394.89

    versatile and sturdy 4 computer monitor stand
    • Supports 35 lbs per monitor in quad screen set up
    • Easily adjust swivel, tilt and depth for each screen
    • Array of pole lengths - VESA 75/100 compliant
  6. MCART-03 Heavy-Duty Mobile Triple Monitor Cart USA ASSEMBLED
    MCART-03 Heavy-Duty Mobile Triple Monitor Cart
    Mobile triple monitor stand rolls and locks
    • Display a larger monitor above two smaller screens
    • Individually tilt, swivel and rotate each monitor
    • Easily maneuver display on 4 heavy-duty casters
    • Triple monitor rolling cart manages heavy loads
    • Call to order and discuss product options
  7. PM42 Back-to-Back Dual LCD Monitor Pole Mount USA ASSEMBLED
    PM42 Back-to-Back Dual LCD Monitor Pole Mount

    From $286.84

    Back to back articulating monitor pole mount
    • 1.5”, 1.75” and 2” poles - up to 55 lb displays
    • Optional extensions increase reach, movement
    • Tilter mechanisms rotate 360° and tilt +90°/-45°
  8. SA4A Quad Monitor Stand MOUNTS! USA ASSEMBLED
    SA4A Quad Monitor Stand

    From $709.63

    Quad computer monitor arm mounting system
    • 16" of vertical travel - 23" of lateral adjustment
    • Effortlessly position four monitors up to 23 lbs.
    • vertical/horizontal, swivel, tilt on included 28' pole
  9. SA2A Dual Arm Monitor Mount MOUNTS! USA ASSEMBLED
    SA2A Dual Arm Monitor Mount

    From $354.82

    Two computer monitor articulating arm system
    • Arms provide 16" of vertical travel - 23" of reach
    • Handles computer monitors from 5 to 28 lb
    • Landscape/portrait, swivel, tilt, cable managers

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