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Mounting Kit Y: Pole Top Mount for Monitor Arms



  • Mount SERIES-118 devices to tops of SERIES-192 poles
  • Available in black; for other colors please call to order
  • Combine easily with other SERIES-118 components
  • Also usable with MCART rolling cart pole stands
  • See description below for compatible Ergomart arms
  • NOTE: Do not use MKIT-Y with long reach arms carrying heavy payloads unless the stand is bolted to the floor.


The MKIT-Y is a modular component designed to connect our SERIES-192 poles to all SERIES-118 devices, which includes many of Ergomart's articulating monitor arms. The MKIT-Y slots in to the top of a SERIES-192 pole, allowing the user to attach any compatible SERIES-118 component. With the flexibility and modularity of Ergomart's SERIES-118 mounts, the MKIT-Y can be utilized in many situations to create an ergonomic pole-mounted solution. Combine with an MCART rolling cart pole stand for an easily transportable device, allowing you to place the stand exactly where you need it, when you need it. 

The MKIT-Y is available as standard in black. Please contact us for other colors.

NOTE: Do not use the MKIT-Y in configurations where a substantial payload is extended at a considerable distance from the pole unless the stand has been bolted to the floor as the stand may tip.

Ergomart can help you figure out how to best combine our modular products for your needs and discuss any safety concerns: email us at or call us at 888 420 3200 for any questions.

Attaches to: SERIES-192 Flange Pole Mount, SERIES-192 Offset Pole Mount, SERIES-192 Center Pole Mount, MCART Rolling Monitor Cart and Mounting Pole
Compatible arm/stand models: SAA Monitor Arms, SA Straight Arms, LS Stands, TRS Monitor & Keyboard Arms and CMD & CMT Dual and Triple Monitor Arms

Shipping Weight 1.3 lb
Shipping Dimensions 8" x 6" x 4"
Warranty 5 Year Limited


MKIT-Y pole top mount specification drawings of sides, top and bottom views with measurements

The MKIT-Y pole top adapter is shown in a perspective view from the front and back in the first two images starting fro the left. The cutout at the bottom of the pin is aligned with the wire management opening of the SERIES_192 pole. It allows access to the set screw that is used to secure the MKIT-Y to the inside surface of the pole. The second image is a side view, illustrating the length of the adapter that slots into the pole mount and the cutout at the bottom of the pin. The following top view illustrates the diameters of the mount kit as a whole and the inner portion, which are 2" and 1.44" respectively. The bottom view illustrates the nominal diameter of the pin that is designed to fit exclusively into Ergomart SERIES-192 pole stands. 
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  • Will your mount kits work with 3rd party arms?

    Typically, no, our mounts are designed specifically for Ergomart products. Contact Ergomart to determine if you would like assistance.

  • Is there a way that I remove my arm and just put the tilter head in to the mount kit?

    No and Yes. Since the tilter head pin is a smaller size than the arm pin, you would not be able to do that without installing an adapter bushing into the mount. Contact Ergomart if you wish to purchase the adapter.

  • Can I put tilter heads and HE35/HE75's directly into this?

    An adapter bushing is required to convert most MKITS from 1.18" receiver openings down to .75" openings suitable for devices with 3/4" diameter pins like the HE35 and the standard tilter head.

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