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Being an Ergomart Reseller is an opportunity to sell a unique and adaptable set of work-environment solutions that will lead to higher close rates for existing and new clients. Discerning customers who have been underserved with limiting cookie-cutter commodities are quick to see the value of application specific, high-value solutions built from a truly modular lineup of products. Couple our commercial-grade equipment with components designed for your project and you have a formula for 100% customer satisfaction.

We support our resellers and dealers with concept images, cut sheets and CAD files that respond to specific hot button issues your customer wants addressed. When solutions are clearly visualized, worries are eliminated and prospects are converted into customers.


Ergomart provides a pricing advantage for resellers who develop and originate their own projects as they act as VARs who truly do add value. Register your project and leverage our support team to help you win contracts.

Although unlikely, an Ergomart distribution channel could interfere with our ability to promote your efforts as the originating dealer. Entities that bulk buy and inventory Ergomart products receive distribution channel pricing. The best protection for your large and important projects is often realized by incorporating a unique component that addresses a critical design requirement and that is not readily available elsewhere. Such components are often designed by Ergomart in collaboration with you based on your end user's exact needs.

Additionally, we have a secondary catalogue of unadvertised components and sub-assemblies used in highly application specific OEM customer designs. We make many of these same unpublicized components available to resellers if a design or installation can be improved with their inclusion.


Please fill out and send in the below form to [email protected] to establish a partnership with our company. This form is the first step toward obtaining preferential discounting, payment terms and support from our engineering department for potential projects that may involve custom solutions.