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About Ergomart

We provide the equipment and expertise to help companies of all sizes create easily adaptable workspaces that promote usability, comfort, and productivity.


We put solutions at your fingertips.

Our broad catalog of modular components makes it easy to solve complex mounting issues and improve work environments. If you have a project that requires extra attention, give us a call: we are standing by to help you identify and incorporate the right parts for an off-the-shelf solution that fits like a glove.  And if we cannot find an answer using our existing toolkit, we will work with you to design and manufacture the missing essential piece that will make your solution a complete success.

A quick review of our website will give you an appreciation for the breadth of our offering. The site is structured with information, device specifications and insightful photos to help you find compatible modular components that can be combined to create the workspace you need.


  • A vast catalog of interchangeable and compatible components

  • A support team with in-depth knowledge of our equipment capabilities, interoperability and function

  • We have dozens of existing unadvertised and proprietary parts we can share if needed

  • When called on to help, our design and engineering team gets things done quickly and cost effectively


While our product portfolio is highly configurable and modular, occasionally a specific requirement demands a solution that comes from outside our catalogue and “outside the box.” Reach out to our expert staff for assistance when addressing such challenges. Email [email protected] or call us at 888-420-3200 with your questions. We're here to help!