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About Ergomart

We provide the equipment and expertise to help companies of all sizes create easily adaptable workspaces that promote usability, comfort, and productivity.


Ergomart specializes in improving safety, comfort, and productivity in the workplace through a variety of products and solutions, with emphasis on custom and off-the-shelf mounting and positioning systems for computers and other technical equipment. We work with architectural firms, OEMs, value-added resellers, IT and infrastructure equipment professionals, healthcare providers, government organizations, designers and international clients. We have experience with a wide range of applications and a track record of designing and deploying innovative products.


We deliver superior ergonomic equipment for office, medical, technical, point of sale and manufacturing work environments. We improve your ability to make informed product decisions with concise information, relevant specifications, insightful illustrations, and expert sales support and service. Ergomart works with clients requiring specialized and custom ergonomic solutions.


Our product portfolio is designed to be highly configurable and modular, addressing a wide variety of applications. When a specific requirement is not readily addressed by products in our catalog, we have the capability to engineer new components and create customized system solutions. Contact our expert staff for assistance when addressing such challenges. Email or call us at 888-420-3200  with your questions. We're here to help!