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C-Stand Monitor Adapter

For Use with 5/8th Diameter Mounting Studs Commonly Used in Film and Video Production

This handsome mechanism is designed to handle LED and LCD monitors as well as iMacs® and Cinema Displays® and various monitors used in film and video production. Both versions (A22 and A23) allow for quick hand adjustment of tilt and left/right swivel (panning).  The durable cast aluminum and steel mechanism also delivers easy and instantaneous rotation from landscape to portrait.  Useful for studio and location work.  The robust tilter mechanism allows the user to tilt the monitor down as much as 45 degrees (or until the screen is stopped by the pole).  The tilter can be adjusted up from vertical over 90 degrees to a position parallel to the ceiling!


Image depicts adjustment function of C stand mount from landscape to portrait or horizontal to vertical screen rotation, 360 degree panning capability, and available screen tilt of more than 135 degrees

C-Stand Monitor Adapter Features

  • Regular-duty A22 handles payloads to 20 pounds
    • Our heavy-duty A23 version handles 15 to 50 pounds
    • Perfect for mounting iMacs®, Cinema Displays® and all-in-one PCs
    • Select from VESA hole patterns: 75x75 / 100x100 / 100x200
    • Also available with 200x200 and 200x400 and the adjustable MSU4X6
    • MSU4X6 mounts 100x300 up to 400x600 hole patterns
    • Call Ergomart (888 420 3200) for custom solutions
Shipping Weight A000022 C-Stand Adapter: 4 pounds
A000023 C-Stand Adapter: 5 pounds
Shipping Dimensions 9 x 5 x 5 inches
Warranty 3 Year limited / 2 Years in Commercial Rental Applications
C Stand Monitor Adapter specification image showing various measurements.

Side view

Back view

Top view

Internal view

Photo depicts 360 degree panning capability of VESA C stand mount Available screen tilt of more than 135 degrees with C-stand monitor mount Image depicts adjustment function of C stand mount from landscape to portrait or horizontal to vertical screen rotation

Swivel the C-Stand left or right and tighten the knob to maintain the position.  The monitor can easily be rotated on the 5/8ths pole the full 360 degrees for optimal placement.

Tilt the monitor down as far as 45 degrees, or until the monitor, PC, iMac or other device is inhibited by the pole.  Tilt upwards from vertical to over 90 degrees.

Easily and quickly position the monitor in landscape or portrait.  Factory set tension resistance is preset.  Custom adjustable rotation hardware is available as a special option. Please call for more information or to order this equipment.

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