List of VESA Compatible and Compliant products

Below please select the brand on the drop down menus to determine if the specific LCD monitor, Plasma TV or Panel PC is compatible with Ergomart VESA compliant LCD Monitor Arms with height adjustability and LCD wall mounts.
Manufacturers (L)
Model No.
VESA Compatibility
LaCie 324 Unknown  
LaCie 324i Unknown  
LaCie 526 100 x 100mm  
LaCie photon18blue 100 x 100mm  
Lavenus K 75 x 75mm  
Lavenus P 75 x 75mm  
Lenovo 2448HB6 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo 2572HB6 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo 2572HD6 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo 2578HB6 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo 2580AB1 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo 4014HB6 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo 4015HB1 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo 4431HE1 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo 4434HE1 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo 4449HB1 75 x 75mm  
Lenovo 5047HB2 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo 5453HB1 75 x 75mm  
Lenovo D186 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo L2021 75 x 75mm  
Lenovo L2230x 75 x 75mm  
Lenovo Thinkvision L1711p 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo ThinkVision L171p-TFT Performance 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo ThinkVision L190-TFT Essential 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo ThinkVision L1900p 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo ThinkVision L192p-TFT Performance 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo ThinkVision L1951P 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo ThinkVision L197w 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo ThinkVision L201p-TFT Performance 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo ThinkVision L2250P 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo ThinkVision L2251P 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo ThinkVision L2251X 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo ThinkVision L2321x 100 x 100mm  
Lenovo ThinkVision L2461X 100 x 100mm  
LG 22LV2500 100 x 100mm  
LG 26LD250 Unknown  
LG 26LD350 Unknown  
LG 26LV2500 100 x 100mm  
LG 285LT 75 x 75mm  
LG 295LM 75 x 75mm  
LG 32LD400 200 x 200mm  
LG 32LD452C 200 x 100mm  
LG 32LK330 200 x 100mm  
LG 32LK450 200 x 100mm  
LG 32LV2500 200 x 100mm  
LG 37LK450 200 x 200mm  
LG 37LV3500 200 x 200mm  
LG 42LD400 200 x 200mm  
LG 42LE5300 200 x 200mm  
LG 42LK450 200 x 200mm  
LG 42LK520 200 x 200mm  
LG 42LV3500 400 x 400mm  
LG 42LV3700 400 x 400mm  
LG 42LV5400 400 x 400mm  
LG 42LV5500 400 x 400mm  
LG 42PT350 400 x 400mm  
LG 42PW350 400 x 400mm  
LG 47LD500 400 x 200mm  
LG 47LD650 200 x 200mm  
LG 47LE5350 200 x 200mm  
LG 47LK520 200 x 200mm  
LG 47LV3700 400 x 400mm  
LG 47LV5400 400 x 400mm  
LG 47LV5500 400 x 400mm  
LG 47LW5600 400 x 400mm  
LG 47LW5700 400 x 400mm  
LG 47LW6500 400 x 400mm  
LG 50PK250 400 x 400mm  
LG 50PK540 400 x 400mm  
LG 50PT350 400 x 400mm  
LG 50PV450 400 x 400mm  
LG 50PW350 400 x 400mm  
LG 50PZ550 400 x 400mm  
LG 50PZ750 400 x 400mm  
LG 50PZ950 400 x 400mm  
LG 52LD550 600 x 400mm  
LG 55LD650 400 x 400mm  
LG 55LK520 400 x 400mm  
LG 55LV3700 400 x 400mm  
LG 55LV5400 400 x 400mm  
LG 55LV5500 400 x 400mm  
LG 55LW5600 400 x 400mm  
LG 55LW5700 400 x 400mm  
LG 55LW6500 400 x 400mm  
LG 560LS 75 x 75mm  
LG 563LE 75 x 75mm  
LG 566LE 75 x 75mm  
LG 566LM 75 x 75mm  
LG 568LM 75 x 75mm  
LG 60LD550 600 x 400mm  
LG 60PK250 600 x 400mm  
LG 60PK540 600 x 400mm  
LG 60PV450 600 x 400mm  
LG 60PZ550 600 x 400mm  
LG 60PZ750 600 x 400mm  
LG 60PZ950 600 x 400mm  
LG 680CE 75 x 75mm  
LG 690LE 75 x 75mm  
LG 719192163966 100 x 100mm  
LG 719192164109 75 x 75mm  
LG 719192164581 75 x 75mm  
LG 719192164697 100 x 100mm  
LG 719192164703 75 x 75mm  
LG 719192164710 Unknown  
LG 719192164727 Unknown  
LG 719192164826 75 x 75mm  
LG 719192164949 75 x 75mm  
LG 719192164956 100 x 100mm  
LG 719192164963 75 x 75mm  
LG 719192164987 Unknown  
LG 719192165038 75 x 75mm  
LG 719192165090 Unknown  
LG 719192165113 100 x 100mm  
LG 719192165168 75 x 75mm  
LG 719192165236 100 x 100mm  
LG 719192165304 100 x 100mm  
LG 719192165311 75 x 75mm  
LG 719192165359 75 x 75mm  
LG 719192165366 Unknown  
LG 719192165380 Unknown  
LG 719192165397 75 x 75mm  
LG 719192165434 75 x 75mm  
LG 719192165472 Unknown  
LG 719192165519 Unknown  
LG 719192165656 100 x 100mm  
LG 719192165670 75 x 75mm  
LG 719192165847 100 x 100mm  
LG 719192165885 75 x 75mm  
LG 719192165892 100 x 100mm  
LG 719192166370 100 x 100mm  
LG 719192166653 75 x 75mm  
LG 786LS 75 x 75mm  
LG 882LE 75 x 75mm  
LG E2040T-PN Unknown  
LG E2041T-BN 75 x 75mm  
LG E2050T-SN Unknown  
LG E2240V-PN Unknown  
LG E2241V-BN 100 x 100mm  
LG E2250V-SN Unknown  
LG E2260V-PN Unknown  
LG E2281VR-BN Unknown  
LG E2290V-SN Unknown  
LG E2340V-PN Unknown  
LG E2341V-BN 100 x 100mm  
LG E2350V-SN Unknown  
LG E2350VR-SN Unknown  
LG E2360V-PN Unknown  
LG E2370V-BF Unknown  
LG E2381VR-BN Unknown  
LG E2441V-BN 200 x 200mm  
LG E2750VR-SN Unknown  
LG E2770V-BF Unknown  
LG Flatron 1750S 100 x 100mm  
LG Flatron 575LE 75 x 75mm  
LG Flatron 575LM 75 x 75mm  
LG Flatron 575MM 75 x 75mm  
LG Flatron 575MS 75 x 75mm  
LG Flatron 577CM 75 x 75mm  
LG Flatron 577LH 75 x 75mm  
LG Flatron 577LM 75 x 75mm  
LG Flatron 782LE 75 x 75mm  
LG Flatron 882LE 100 x 100mm  
LG Flatron 885LE 75 x 75mm  
LG Flatron L1800P 100 x 100mm  
LG Flatron L22WTQ-BF 100 x 100mm  
LG Flatron L3000A 100 x 100mm  
LG FM295LM 100 x 100mm  
LG INFINIA 50PK950 400 x 400mm  
LG INFINIA 60PK950 600 x 400mm  
LG IPS226V-PN 75 x 75mm  
LG IPS231P-BN 75 x 75mm  
LG IPS236V-PN 75 x 75mm  
LG L1510M 75 x 75mm  
LG L1510P 75 x 75mm  
LG L1510S 75 x 75mm  
LG L1510SK 100 x 100mm  
LG L1510T 75 x 75mm  
LG L1511S 75 x 75mm  
LG L1511SK 75 x 75mm  
LG L1515S 75 x 75mm  
LG L1520B 75 x 75mm  
LG L1710B 100 x 100mm  
LG L1710BK 100 x 100mm  
LG L1710M 100 x 100mm  
LG L1710S 100 x 100mm  
LG L1710SK 100 x 100mm  
LG L1715S 100 x 100mm  
LG L1715SK 100 x 100mm  
LG L1715SS 100 x 100mm  
LG L172WT 100 x 100mm  
LG L1800P 100 x 100mm  
LG L1800PK 100 x 100mm  
LG L1810B 100 x 100mm  
LG L1810T 75 x 75mm  
LG L1811S 100 x 100mm  
LG L1910BK 75 x 75mm  
LG L1910S 75 x 75mm  
LG L1910SK 75 x 75mm  
LG L2010P 100 x 100mm  
LG L2320A 100 x 100mm  
LG L2323T 75 x 75mm  
LG L3000H 75 x 75mm  
LG L3020T 75 x 75mm  
LG LB500J Unknown  
LG LB563B 75 x 75mm  
LG LB570D 75 x 75mm  
LG LB570E-EA 75 x 75mm  
LG LB570F-EA 75 x 75mm  
LG LB570LE 75 x 75mm  
LG LB570LS 75 x 75mm  
LG LB575B 75 x 75mm  
LG LB880B 75 x 75mm  
LG LB880LC 75 x 75mm  
LG LE-15A10 75 x 75mm  
LG LE-15A15 75 x 75mm  
LG LE-20A20 Unknown  
LG LJ-15A10 75 x 75mm  
LG LJ-15A15 75 x 75mm  
LG LJ-20A20 Unknown  
LG LL-15A10 75 x 75mm  
LG LL-15A15 75 x 75mm  
LG LL-20A20 Unknown  
LG LM565D 75 x 75mm  
LG LM575B Unknown  
LG LM577B 75 x 75mm  
LG LM577Lh 75 x 75mm  
LG LN 15A12 75 x 75mm  
LG LP-15A10 75 x 75mm  
LG LP-20A20 Unknown  
LG LT-15A10 75 x 75mm  
LG LT-15A15 75 x 75mm  
LG LT-20A20 Unknown  
LG M2080D 75 x 75mm  
LG M2262D-PM Unknown  
LG M2280D-PU 75 x 75mm  
LG M2362D-PM Unknown  
LG M237WD-PM Unknown  
LG M2380D-PU 75 x 75mm  
LG M2380DF 75 x 755mm  
LG M2550D 100 x 100mm  
LG M2762D-PM Unknown  
LG M2780D-PU 100 x 200mm  
LG M2780DF 100 x 200mm  
LG MU-40PA10B Unknown  
LG MU-40PA15B Unknown  
LG MU-42PZ11B Unknown  
LG MU-42PZ15B Unknown  
LG MU-50PZ41B Unknown  
LG MU-60PZ10B/PZ11B Unknown  
LG MU-60PZ12VB Unknown  
LG MW-30LZ10 Unknown  
LG MZ-40PA18 Unknown  
LG MZ-42PZ17 Unknown  
LG MZ-50PZ43 Unknown  
LG MZ-60PZ14 Unknown  
LG RE-15LA30 75 x 75mm  
LG RE-20LA30 75 x 75mm  
LG RJ-15LA30 75 x 75mm  
LG RJ-15LA31 75 x 75mm  
LG RJ-20LA30 75 x 75mm  
LG RL-15LA30 75 x 75mm  
LG RL-20LA30 75 x 75mm  
LG RP-15LA30 75 x 75mm  
LG RP-15LA31 75 x 75mm  
LG RP-20LA30 75 x 75mm  
LG RT-15LA30 75 x 75mm  
LG RT-20LA30 75 x 75mm  
LG RU-20LA30 75 x 75mm  
LG RU-30LZ10 Unknown  
LG RZ15LA31 100 x 100mm  
LG RZ15LA32 100 x 100mm  
LG RZ17LZ10 75 x 75mm  
LG Studioworks 500LC Unknown  
LG Studioworks 563LS 75 x 75mm  
LG Studioworks 570LE 75 x 75mm  
LG Studioworks 570LS 75 x 75mm  
LG Studioworks 880LC 100 x 100mm  
LG SW 880LC 100 x 100mm  
LG W1943TB-PF Unknown  
LG W2053TX Unknown  
LG W2286L Unknown  
LG W2363D-PF 100 x 100mm  
LG W2453V-PF Unknown  
LG W2486L Unknown  
LG W2753V-PF Unknown  
LG W3000H Unknown  
Liberty 12.1 Liberty PanelPC 75 x 75mm  
Liberty 14.1 Liberty PanelPC 75 x 75mm  
Liberty 4166TE-12 75 x 75mm  
Liberty FFP-12MRTFT 75 x 75mm  
Liberty L14K300 75 x 75mm  
Liberty L14P233 75 x 75mm  
Liberty L22K300 75 x 75mm  
Liberty L22P233M 75 x 75mm  
Lite-On L140PTA Unknown  
Lite-On L150ATA Unknown  
Lite-On L150PTA Unknown  
Lite-On L181ATA Unknown  
LUCE LCTV-1212 Unknown  
LUCE LCTV-1512A 75 x 75mm  
LUCE LCTV-1512B Unknown  
LUCE LCTV-1512M Unknown  
LUCE LCTV-1512W Unknown  
LUCE LCTV-1514S 75 x 75mm  
LUCE LCTV-1571S 75 x 75mm  
LUCE LCTV-1701A 75 x 75mm  
LUCE LCTV-1811A 75 x 75mm  
LUCE LCTV-2201A 75 x 75mm  
Luxeon 814964002228 Unknown  
Luxeon LX520 Unknown  
Luxeon LX720 Unknown  
Luxeon LX920 Unknown