List of VESA Compatible and Compliant products

Below please select the brand on the drop down menus to determine if the specific LCD monitor, Plasma TV or Panel PC is compatible with Ergomart VESA compliant LCD Monitor Arms with height adjustability and LCD wall mounts.
Manufacturers (P)
Model No.
VESA Compatibility
Planar 0A60994100 x 100mm 
Planar0A60995100 x 100mm 
Planar0A60996100 x 100mm 
Planar45J583975 x 75mm 
Planar45J5843100 x 100mm 
Planar810689005053100 x 100mm 
Planar977-2278-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0460-01100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0461-01100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0462-01100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0463-01100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0464-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0465-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0466-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0467-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0468-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0469-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0470-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0471-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0472-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0473-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0474-01100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0475-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0475-02100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0476-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0476-02100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0479-0075 x 75mm 
Planar996-0482-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0483-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0484-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0497-0075 x 75mm 
Planar996-0498-0075 x 75mm 
Planar996-0498-0275 x 75mm 
Planar996-0503-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0504-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0519-0075 x 75mm 
Planar996-0520-0075 x 75mm 
Planar996-0521-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0522-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0523-0075 x 75mm 
Planar996-0524-0075 x 75mm 
Planar996-0525-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0526-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0531-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0532-0075 x 75mm 
Planar996-0545-0075 x 75mm 
Planar996-0547-0075 x 75mm 
Planar996-0548-0075 x 75mm 
Planar996-0556-0075 x 75mm 
Planar996-0557-0075 x 75mm 
Planar996-0558-0075 x 75mm 
Planar996-0559-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0576-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0577-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0580-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-0581-00100 x 100mm 
Planar996-2167-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2165-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2171-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2206-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2208-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2210-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2279-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2280-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2281-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2282-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2283-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2284-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2286-0075 x 75mmm 
Planar997-2287-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2288-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2289-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2290-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2291-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2293-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2294-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2295-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2296-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2297-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2418-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2419-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2437-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2438-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2439-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2440-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2441-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2442-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2443-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2444-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2446-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2447-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2448-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2449-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2512-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2514-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2516-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2534-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2554-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2556-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2558-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2560-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2574-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2669-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2671-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2675-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2679-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2680-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2683-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2684-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2687-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2688-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2707-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2709-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2723-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2761-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2762-0075 x 75mm 
Planar997-2795-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2796-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2797-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2819-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2820-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2850-00100 x 100mm 
Planar997-2277-00100 x 100mm 
PlanarAdara Q2100 x 100mm 
PlanarAdara Q3100 x 100mm 
PlanarCleanScreen C3012T100 x 100mm 
PlanarCleanScreen C3013T75 x 75mm 
PlanarCleanScreen ll C321575 x 75mm 
PlanarCM17.4SXAD75 x 75mm 
PlanarCT1744NU100 x 100mm 
PlanarCT1744NUT100 x 100mm 
PlanarCT1744Z100 x 100mm 
PlanarCT181100 x 100mm 
PlanarCT1904N100 x 100mm 
PlanarCT1904Z100 x 100mm 
PlanarCT1905S100 x 100mm 
PlanarD5011D75 x 75mm 
PlanarD5014T75 x 75mm 
PlanarD6015TM PLNR100 x 100mm 
PlanarD6015TM TR PLNR100 x 100mm 
PlanarD6015TM TR PLNR DSTD100 x 100mm 
PlanarD6015TM TS PLNR100 x 100mm 
PlanarD6015TM TS PLNR DSTD100 x 100mm 
PlanarFPT121275 x 75mm 
PlanarFWT1503Z75 x 75mm 
PlanarFWT1744NU75 x 75mm 
PlanarINVITIIUM TW4100 x 100mm 
PlanarINVITIIUM TK7100 x 100mm 
PlanarINVITIUM TN4100 x 100mm 
PlanarPE15075 x 75mm 
PlanarPE150-BK75 x 75mm 
PlanarPE150-WH75 x 75mm 
PlanarPE150M75 x 75mm 
PlanarPE170100 x 100mm 
PlanarPE170-BK100 x 100mm 
PlanarPE170-WH100 x 100mm 
PlanarPE171100 x 100mm 
PlanarPE171-BK100 x 100mm 
PlanarPE190100 x 100mm 
PlanarPE190-BK100 x 100mm 
PlanarPE190-WH100 x 100mm 
PlanarPE191M100 x 100mm 
PlanarPL120100 x 100mm 
PlanarPL120-BK100 x 100mm 
PlanarPL120-WH100 x 100mm 
PlanarPL15075 x 75mm 
PlanarPL150-BK75 x 75mm 
PlanarPL150-WH75 x 75mm 
PlanarPL150M75 x 75mm 
PlanarPL150M-BK75 x 75mm 
PlanarPL150M-SI75 x 75mm 
PlanarPL150M-WH75 x 75mm 
PlanarPL160M75 x 75mm 
PlanarPL160M-BK75 x 75mm 
PlanarPL160M-WH75 x 75mm 
PlanarPL17075 x 75mm 
PlanarPL170-BK75 x 75mm 
PlanarPL170-WH75 x 75mm 
PlanarPL170075 x 75mm 
PlanarPL1700M100 x 100mm 
PlanarPL170M75 x 75mm 
PlanarPL170M-BK75 x 75mm 
PlanarPL170M-SI75 x 75mm 
PlanarPL170M-WH75 x 75mm 
PlanarPL171M75 x 75mm 
PlanarPL171M-BK75 x 75mm 
PlanarPL171M-SI75 x 75mm 
PlanarPL171M-WH75 x 75mm 
PlanarPL180M75 x 75mm 
PlanarPL180M-BK75 x 75mm 
PlanarPL190M100 x 100mm 
PlanarPL190M-BK100 x 100mm 
PlanarPL1910M100 x 100mm 
PlanarPL191M100 x 100mm 
PlanarPL191M-BK100 x 100mm 
PlanarPL191M-WH100 x 100mm 
PlanarPL201M100 x 100mm 
PlanarPL201M-BK100 x 100mm 
PlanarPL201M-WH100 x 100mm 
PlanarPlanarVision 42N100 x 100mm 
PlanarPQ15075 x 75mm 
PlanarPQ150-BK75 x 75mm 
PlanarPQ170100 x 100mm 
PlanarPQ170-BK100 x 100mm 
PlanarPQ191100 x 100mm 
PlanarPQ191-BK100 x 100mm 
PlanarPS191-SI100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT-1503MT100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT-1503N100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT-1503Z100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT-1803N100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT120100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT120-BK100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT120-WH100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT1503MT75 x 75mm 
PlanarPT1503NT100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT150MU75 x 75mm 
PlanarPT150MU-BK75 x 75mm 
PlanarPT150MU-WH75 x 75mm 
PlanarPT1510MX75 x 75mm 
PlanarPT1545R100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT1703N100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT1704N100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT170M100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT170M-BK100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT170M-WH100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT170MU100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT170MU-BK100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT170MU-WH100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT1710MX100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT1745R100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT1804NUV100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT1814NUV100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT191MU100 x 100mm 
PlanarPT1945R100 x 100mm 
PlanarPV150100 x 100mm 
PlanarPV174100 x 100mm 
PlanarPX171M100 x 100mm 
PlanarPX171M-BK100 x 100mm 
PlanarPX171M-SI100 x 100mm 
PlanarPX171M-WH100 x 100mm 
PlanarPX191100 x 100mm 
PlanarPX191-BK100 x 100mm 
PlanarPX191SI100 x 100mm 
PlanarPX212M100 x 100mm 
PlanarPX212M-BK100 x 100mm 
PlanarPX212M-SI100 x 100mm 
PlanarVitalScreen CSR 15100 x 100mm 
PlanarVitalScreen CSR 17.4100 x 100mm 
PlanarVitalScreen S 15100 x 100mm 
PlanarVitalScreen S15100 x 100mm 
PlanarVitalScreen S17100 x 100mm 
PlanarVitalScreen VS15XAD100 x 100mm 
PlanarVitslScreen CSR17100 x 100mm 
PlanarVS15S-UMT100 x 100mm 
PlanarVS15XAD TR-DSK100 x 100mm 
PlanarVS15XAD TR-MP100 x 100mm 
PlanarVS15XAD-DSK100 x 100mm 
PlanarVS15XAD-MP100 x 100mm 
PlanarVS17.4SXAD75 x 75mm 
PlanarVS17.4SXAD TR-DSK75 x 75mm 
PlanarVS17.4SXAD TR-VP75 x 75mm 
PlanarVS17.4SXAD-DSK75 x 75mm 
PlanarVS17.4SXAD-VP75 x 75mm 
PlanarWS231100 x 100mm 
PlanarXP15SSA-01100 x 100mm 
PlanarXP17WSA-01100 x 100mm 
PlanarXP20SSA-01100 x 100mm 
Poseidon120100 x 100mm 
Poseidon140100 x 100mm 
Poseidon150100 x 100mm 
Preh ElectronicsMC12T75 x 75mm 
Preh ElectronicsTouch Commander75 x 75mm 
PremioApollo 15UNKNOWN 
Princeton Graphics14AP1504A5F75 x 75mm 
Princeton Graphics14AP1506A0075 x 75mm 
Princeton Graphics14AP1507A0675 x 75mm 
Princeton Graphics14AP1708A50100 x 100mm 
Princeton Graphics14AP1709A06100 x 100mm 
Princeton Graphics14AP1712A5075 x 75mm 
Princeton Graphics14AP1803A06100 x 100mm 
Princeton Graphics14AP1804A06100 x 100mm 
Princeton Graphics14PD3201A00UNKNOWN 
Princeton Graphics14PD4601A00UNKNOWN 
Princeton Graphics63555007827100 x 100mm 
Princeton Graphics663555004352100 x 100mm 
Princeton Graphics66355500596075 x 75mm 
Princeton Graphics663555005977100 x 100mm 
Princeton Graphics663555006004100 x 100mm 
Princeton Graphics663555006127100 x 100mm 
Princeton Graphics66355006172UNKNOWN 
Princeton Graphics66355500786575 x 75mm 
Princeton Graphics66355500787275 x 75mm 
Princeton Graphics663555007896100 x 100mm 
Princeton Graphics66355500795775 x 75mm 
Princeton Graphics66355500797175 x 75mm 
Princeton Graphics66355500798875 x 75mm 
Princeton Graphics66355500799575 x 75mm 
Princeton Graphics663555008008100 x 100mm 
Princeton Graphics663555008015100 x 100mm 
Princeton Graphics66355500803975 x 75mm 
Princeton Graphics663555008046100 x 100mm 
Princeton Graphics66355500806075 x 75mm 
Princeton Graphics663555008091100 x 100mm 
Princeton GraphicsAPP52075 x 75mm 
Princeton GraphicsAPP520B100 x 100mm 
Princeton GraphicsAPP53075 x 75mm 
Princeton GraphicsAPP55075 x 75mm 
Princeton GraphicsAPP56075 x 75mm 
Princeton GraphicsAPP800100 x 100mm 
Princeton GraphicsAPP800B100 x 100mm 
Princeton GraphicsAR3.2PDPUNKNOWN 
Princeton GraphicsAR406PDPUNKNOWN 
Princeton GraphicsARCADIA 3.2PDPUNKNOWN 
Princeton GraphicsARCADIA 4.6PDPUNKNOWN 
Princeton GraphicsDPP50075 x 75mm 
Princeton GraphicsDPP55075 x 75mm 
Princeton GraphicsDPP56075 x 75mm 
Princeton GraphicsDPP800100 x 100mm 
Princeton GraphicsLCD1575 x 75mm 
Princeton GraphicsLCD15-BK75 x 75mm 
Princeton GraphicsLCD15M75 x 75mm 
Princeton GraphicsLCD17100 x 100mm 
Princeton GraphicsLCD171100 x 100mm 
Princeton GraphicsLCD17M100 x 100mm 
Princeton GraphicsLCD17M-BK100 x 100mm 
Princeton GraphicsLD15075 x 75mm 
Princeton GraphicsLD50UNKNOWN 
Princeton GraphicsLD50AUNKNOWN 
Princeton GraphicsSENERGY 2081100 x 100mm 
Princeton GraphicsSENERGY 56075 x 75mm 
Princeton GraphicsSENERGY 56175 x 75mm 
Princeton GraphicsSENERGY 750100 x 100mm 
Princeton GraphicsSENERGY 751100 x 100mm 
Princeton GraphicsSENERGY 850100 x 100mm 
Princeton GraphicsSENERGY 914100 x 100mm 
Princeton GraphicsSENERGY 981100 x 100mm 
Princeton GraphicsSL7075 x 75mm 
Princeton GraphicsSL9075 x 75mm 
Princeton GraphicsVL151275 x 75mm 
Princeton GraphicsVL151475 x 75mm 
Princeton GraphicsVL15275 x 75mm 
Princeton GraphicsVL15875 x 75mm 
Princeton GraphicsVL1712100 x 100mm 
Princeton GraphicsVL1715100 x 100mm 
Princeton GraphicsVL173100 x 100mm 
Princeton GraphicsVL180100 x 100mm 
Princeton GraphicsVL1812100 x 100mm 
Princeton GraphicsVL19375 x 75mm 
Proview74634536466675 x 75mm 
Proview74634536566375 x 75mm 
Proview74634536766775 x 75mm 
Proview74634536866475 x 75mm 
Proviewcy76575 x 75mm 
ProviewPL45875 x 75mm 
ProviewPL466S75 x 75mm 
ProviewPL54175 x 75mm 
ProviewPL56075 x 75mm 
ProviewPL564B75 x 75mm 
ProviewPL56575 x 75mm 
ProviewPL56675 x 75mm 
ProviewPL566S75 x 75mm 
ProviewPL76675 x 75mm 
ProviewPL766B75 x 75mm 
ProviewPL766S75 x 75mm 
ProviewPL766TVB75 x 75mm 
ProviewPL866B75 x 75mm 
ProviewPL866S75 x 75mm 
ProviewPL866TVB75 x 75mm 
ProviewPRO55875 x 75mm 
ProviewPRO57675 x 75mm 
ProviewPRO75875 x 75mm 
ProviewVM54175 x 75mm