Constructed from heavy duty materials, industrial seating from Ergomart is durable, affordable and easy to maintain. Our ergonomic industrial supports offer versatile comfort in varied positions to improve workers' comfort and efficiency. Use of ergonomically constructed seating can help reduce back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain by reducing pressure in knees, ankles, and the lumbar region.

Prop Sit Stand
Prop Sit Stand

Prop Sit Stand

  • Upholstered foam, fabric, and sprayed-on polyurethane seat
  • Ideal for service or counter personnel for sit-stand work
  • Easily adjusts 22 inches from the floor up to 31 inches
  • Prop Sit Stand provides lower back & thigh support
  • Non-slip front and back feet with built-in handle
  • Perch stool tilts 10° to 30°

Spider Sit Stand Chair
Spider Sit Stand Chair

Spider Sit Stand Chair

  • Select rolling casters or glides
  • Locking seat pan tilts infinitely
  • SFP coating provides durable protection
  • Relieves the stress of standing for long periods
  • Easily adjustable, durable, and comfortable chair
  • Seat adjusts 11 inches from 22.5" to 33.5" on gliders
  • Seat adjusts 11 inches from 21" to 36.25" with casters

Stag 4: Industrial Seating Option in Three Positions with Ergonomic Support: Height and Angle Adjustments
Stag 4

Stag 4 Industrial Seating

  • Versatile comfort in varied positions: sitting, kneeling, kneeling & bending
  • Helps reduce pressure in the knees, ankles and lumbar region
  • Heavy duty materials for long lasting support
  • Improved worker comfort and efficiency

Flex Chair: Industrial ergonomic support over prolonged periods of sitting; it rolls, tilts and rotates

Flex Industrial Seating

  • Helps reduce pressure in the knees, ankles, lumbar region, wrists and buttocks
  • Thick padding for improved worker comfort & efficiency
  • Heavy-duty materials for long lasting support
  • Versatile comfort in varied positions

Neutral Posture Ergonomics (NPE) manufactures a family of superior ergonomic chairs that are unexcelled in terms of adjustability and comfort.

NPE chairs deliver maximum adjustability so they adapt to you. Research proves that NPE chairs out perform overrated mesh chairs Choose from four chair styles and five seat pan options. Learn about exceptional NPE (Neutral Posture Ergonomics) adjustability, including details on arm adjustment for height and swivel, lumbar support and more. Get help selecting the appropriate seat pan and cylinder for your chair with our detailed specifications. Independent studies show what NPE products can do for you or your organization: click links below to see documents at the NPE site. Washington Study (PDF) State of Washington standardized on the Neutral Posture chairs and realized an amazing decrease in workers comp costs. (Begins on page 5.) IRS Study Summary (Word document) IRS Cincinnati Service Center: decrease in medical expenses, reduction in lost workdays and reduction in training costs.

Cloud 9 and 7th Heaven (both grade 3) are standard fabrics on all of Ergomart's Neutral Posture Ergonomic Chairs. We offer over 20 beautiful colors to choose from. Since Cloud 9 is knitted, it stretches and conforms much better than woven fabric or gimmicky mesh. Cloud 9 is the most conforming fabric we know of and it's still rated at 200,000 double rubs*. Our standard 360° armrest adjustment encourages correct posture during intensive data entry The backrest adjusts 4" in height. There are no knobs; just lift the back until it's at the right place. Instead of a heavy, clunky seat slider mechanism, NPE seating has an ingenious back depth adjustment. Our arms adjust over 3.5" in height. Too many other "ergonomic" chair manufacturers offer only 3" or less. Our arms adjust up to 3" in width, other "ergonomic" chair manufacturers often offer only 2", 1.5" or none. Of course, our ergonomic chairs have separate seat angle and back angle controls, and a pneumatic lift. The headrest on the 9000 is amazing, it is adjustable both backwards and forwards, as well as up and down. Neutral Posture Ergonomics is one of several ISO 9001 manufacturers with whom we are proud to work with. The NPE warranty weight limit is 275 pounds with an 8 hour work shift. If you plan to use your NPE chair products in multi-shift operations, please contact us so that we can assist you obtaining an upgraded warranty. Warranty: three year limited. Ergomart also offers seating for persons over 275 pounds, please contact us to obtain assistance regarding an appropriate solution. Ergomart offers the knee tilt mechanism as an alternative to the standard multifunction mechanism. It has its advantages and its disadvantages. The knee tilt is available with 600, 700 and 800 seat pans.
*What is double rub? A double rub is a measuring unit for the Wyzenbeek method used to test wear capacity in fabrics. It consists of rubbing a piece of #10 cotton duck fabric or wire mesh back and forth over a fabric; one back and forth motion equals one double rub. According to the ACT (Association for Contract Textiles) Guidelines, fabrics that rate above 30,000 double rubs are considered heavy duty and suitable for commercial tasks.