Roller Track System Sliding Rail Mount

R-Track Delivers Complete Positioning Control, Modularity, Scalability and Effortless Mobility

The Ergomart Roller Track (R-Track) System is a heavy duty horizontal track/rail that allows equipment to slide or roll laterally with ease. The R-Track System provides a unique and powerful set of answers to meet many mounting challenges encountered across a broad range of applications and environments. This specialty mounting solution is ideal for technical, manufacturing and industrial workstations, broadcast and monitoring environments and medical facilities where sliding monitor mounts are needed. A variety of Ergomart lifting arms and mounts work in conjunction with mobile trolleys or repositionable brackets to deliver vertical travel of up to 28".

Unlike most slat-wall systems, the R-Track can manage substantial loads between 24" support locations. The Rail component can handle 90 pound loads with four feet of space between anchoring points while still providing instant lateral mobility. The R-Track system is ideally suited for pairing with dynamic work environments like ball transfer tables and conveyor based manufacturing environments where a monitor and other equipment can be continuously repositioned for optimal usability.

The R-Track system serves as a scalable wall mounting infrastructure accommodating countless possibilities for reconfiguration and expansion while maintaining organization and visual harmony as equipment needs evolve. Dynamically height-adjustable systems result by mounting compatible monitor, keyboard, or other equipment arms to the available RT Mount Kits. Examples of many compatible products are listed below in the Compatibility tab. These products can be ordered from their respective product pages or you may contact Ergomart for a configuration quoted to your exact requirements.

When fixed height positioning is needed, a combination of Straight Arms, Poles, Pole Mounts, Monitor Tilter Heads and VESA adapters can be used to achieve the desired result. A simple system consists of monitors mounted close to the track using a short horizontal arm, and the appropriate tilter head and VESA plate combination. A longer horizontal arm can provide additional separation from the wall. A pole attached to the RT Mount or to the receiver at the end of the arm can provide vertical reach. Pole mounts allow equipment to be positioned along the shaft of the pole and come in single or dual mount varieties.

The R-Track is for:
  • Equipment moved frequently (e.g., audio visual studios, manufacturing or packing workstations)

  • Monitors or other devices mounted overhead and moved laterally and pulled down for user interface and then pushed back out of the way after use (e.g., medical/patient care)

  • Equipment that must be added or replaced relatively frequently without overhauling the mounting solution and supporting walls (e.g., showrooms, stores, gyms, restaurants and sports bars, growing businesses)

  • Disparate sized monitors that need to be arranged on a wall in logical and useful configurations to create order and organization (e.g., security monitoring stations, showrooms)

For assistance putting together a customized R-Track solution call 1-888-420-3200 (international 214-742-6066)

Roller Track System Features

  • Trolley allows movement of monitors and peripherals along the length of the track
  • Glide monitors, workstations and various equipment with finger-tip ease
  • Standard tracks are available in 39, 78 and 156 inch lengths
  • Trolley mounted solutions handle payloads up to 125 pounds
  • Fixed mounting options are available where instant lateral motion is not required
  • Use with horizontal extensions and pole mounted assemblies to add versatility
  • Add one or more of Ergomart’s monitor arms for vertical reach and mobility
  • High capacity cable management trough handles cables and even surge suppressors
  • Optional cable management systems protect, control and conceal wires and cables
Shipping Weight Varies depending on order.  Call for non-UPS ground shipping arrangements
Shipping Dimensions Varies depending on order.  Call for non-UPS ground shipping arrangements
Warranty 5 Year Limited
    RT Rail is aluminum manufactured with 70% -100% post industrial and post consumer content and is fully recyclable.
    Optional Wire Management Trough is fully recyclable
Made in USA

The US made aluminum anodized RT Rail is the foundation of the Roller Track system. It can be mounted on the wall, vertical struts, or poles and accepts movable or stationary mounts that support the desired equipment. Each rail includes 2 end caps and 2 stops. The rail is not pre-drilled for fasteners and is designed to be drilled to accommodate on-site installation. It is available in three standard lengths of 39", 78", and 156" and comes in anodized metallic gray as a standard color with anodized black available as an option. It can be cut down after purchase to shorter lengths during installation. Since the ends are drilled and tapped, an end that is shortened on-site will require re-tapping or modification to ensure the end stop functions properly.

RT Clamp Blocks are small clamping components that press against the top and bottom flange edges of the RT Rail and are fastened to the vertical surface. Clamp blocks are specifically used to attach the R-Track to vertical standards (also known as Unistrut or "vertical strut channels") commonly seen in manufacturing, assembly and packaging to provide additional bracing so the rail/track does not pull away along the top edge under heavier loads.

RT Mount Kit M is 6" wide and fixed. It is designed to be secured to the RT rail with four set screws for stationary positioning of equipment. This is an appropriate solution when occasional reconfiguration of the wall-mounted equipment is required, since the mounting infrastructure (e.g. the rails, clamps, and wire management) is installed once and the same mounts can be reused, saving the labor, time, and cost of having to rework supporting wall.

RT Mount Kit N is a 12" wide heavy-duty mount with a roller track trolley. It is designed to move freely along the length of the rail so that equipment mounted on the R-Track is repositioned effortlessly. Whenever a pole is mounted on an RT Mount Kit, a Shaft Collar must also be used to hold the pole, allowing for placement of peripherals above and below the mount.

192 D Bracket Clamps attach the RT Rail to 1.5" schedule 80/160* poles. This component allows the installer to use poles mounted to a ceiling, wall or floor to securely deploy a Roller Track system. Ergomart recommends consulting a mechanical engineer to determine the limitations for the specific project based on thestructural characteristics and limitations of the mounting locations.

Inline image 1The RT Wire Management Trough is a simple but effective wire management conduit that can be mounted below the RT Rail to contain and conceal wires attached to the equipment. The trough does not come pre-drilled and is designed so that holes for fasteners and outlet access can be custom-drilled on location during installation. It is available in black and can be ordered in 39" and 78" lengths. Other colors may be available for large orders - Please call for details.

RT Clamp Extrusions are long aluminum extrusions that rest atop the flange edges of the RT Rail to increase and expand the attachment footprint and to address aesthetic concerns by presenting a fascia with the fewest possible visible fastener heads. Contact your Ergomart representative for further information and details regarding deployment of this accessory.

The R-Track Shaft Collar is used for suspending a variety of poles to the M and N mounts.  Whenever attaching a LS413, LS413D, LS9137S, LS9137D, LS1512D, or LS1512Q select 2 shaft collars per unit to affix the pole at the desired vertical position.
Straight Arms, Poles, Pole Mounts, Tilter Heads and VESA adaptors can be used to create customized fixed-height mounting solutions that complement our sizable offering of off-the-shelf solutions. All types and sizes of monitors can be mounted tight to the track or using horizontal arms of differing lengths. Various monitor tilter heads can accommodate monitors weighing up to 75 lbs. Pole mounts allow equipment to be positioned along the shaft of the pole above and/or below the mount and come in single or dual mount varieties. Please call for help in creating a solution that suits your specific needs.

Q: Why does the rail/track come in a silver color and not black like many of the other components?
A: The extrusion facility is only setup to anodize clear metallic gray. We will black anodize your tracks for orders with greater than 500 feet of track. Call for information. (Cost is an additional $3.00 per foot)

Q: Can I attach this to a sheetrock wall with steel studs without further reinforcement?
A: Not if you plan to have any components that extend more than 6 inches from the wall. Consult a mechanical engineer and/or use a competent equipment installation professional to determine the reinforcement requirements for your installation.
Q: Can I attach this to a sheetrock wall with wood studs without further reinforcement?
A: Is never a bad idea to consult a mechanical engineer and/or use an equipment installation professional to determine the reinforcement requirements for your installation.

Q: Why do I need the RT Clamp blocks?
A: RT Clamp blocks are typically used as a means of attachment on certain vertical standards (unistrut) and tracks on technical and manufacturing desks and tables. They can be used to enhance security by prohibiting the track from pulling away from the structure to which it is attached. If you fasten through the flanges, the clips will not likely be necessary.

Q: Why don't you include fasteners for attaching to the wall?
A: Ergomart can warrant the mechanical capacities and limits of the products it designs and sells but can't know the properties and reliability of the media to which our products will be attached. Methods of attachment to various surfaces and structures can only be deemed appropriate by trained personnel on site. Consult with a mechanical engineer or work with an equipment installation professional to determine the correct fastening system in the actual application.

Q: Is this made in the USA?
A: Yes, this system and a majority of our compatible mounting components are manufactured in the USA. Ergomart strives to manufacture and source as much product from the USA as is competitively possible.

Q: What is UNISTRUT or Strut Channel and how does that work?
A: Information on Unistrut or Strut Channel can be found here:

Besides being used widely in the construction industry for supporting lightweight loads of ceilings, it is used by many OEM workbench manufacturers. The front open side allows for the attachment of various bench components and accessories as well as add-ons such as the R-Track.

Q: Can I attach CPUs or other devices on the track behind my monitors?
A: Yes – determine your requirements and contact us. Options that include a thin client holder are readily available. We are happy to work with our customers to build affordable custom solutions for short production runs. Virtually any accessory requirement you desire can be accommodated.

Q: Will I have to drill holes in the track to attach the track to my wall (or unistrut)?
A: Yes, custom installation is the norm for this product and it is not designed as a "slap-it-together-in-ten-minute-DIY-project" where the installer is not familiar with attaching heavy loads to varying materials and locations. In special circumstances, Ergomart can custom-drill RT Rails however lead times will be extended.

Q: I think slatwall will do the job for me, why should I consider the more expensive R-Track instead?
A: In many applications, slatwall is the appropriate solution. But, sometimes R-Track can be competitive with costs associated with slatwall. There are many applications where the R-Track may prove a better fit:

  • Where strength is a concern and the need to span unsupported widths greater than 24" are required
  • Above or behind workstations with individual struts or poles as anchoring points
  • Where aesthetics are important and a slatwall does not communicate a look of robustness or a real sense of style
  • Attached to a freestanding frame where “walk behind" access to cabling and wiring is important
  • Where a voluminous cable and wiring chase below the track is required
Ergomart's Straight Arms allow users to achieve more lateral reach without paying for height adjustability
Straight LCD Mounting ARM Horizontal extension and tilter head for mounting equipment at fixed distance from RT rail. NOTE: payload limitations will vary. Call for details.
Ergomart's Heavy Duty Mount Extensions add reach to LCD Monitor Arms, Wall Track Combos and Pole Mounts: choose from 9.5 or 15.5 inches of horizontal reach
Heavy Duty Mount Extensions Can be attached to RT Mount to position pole/arm-mounted equipment at fixed distance from RT Rail. NOTE: payload limitations will vary. Call for details.
LED Monitor Stand LS413
LS413 Single Monitor Stand Vertically readjustable pole mounted monitor stand.
Monitor Arm: SAA7000 Image 1
SAA700 Monitor Arm Wide range of motion for monitors weighing 2 to 28 lbs.
LED Monitor Stand LS413
LS413 Dual Monitor Stand Vertically readjustable pole mounted dual stacked monitor stand.
Monitor Arm: SAA2045 Image 1
SAA2045 Monitor Arm Compact LCD monitor arm with 15" of vertical reach.
Single Monitor Stand: LS9137
LS9137 Single Monitor Stand Vertically readjustable pole mounted monitor stand with horizontal reach.
Monitor Arm: SAA179 Image 1
SAA179 Monitor Arm Compact vertical motion arm – nimble, rugged, strong.
Dual Monitor Stand: LS9137 Dual
LS9137 Dual Monitor Stand Vertically readjustable pole mounted dual stacked monitor stand with horizontal reach.
Long Reach Monitor Arm SAA4228 Image 1
SAA4228 Long Reach Monitor Arm Wide range of motion for monitors up to 22 pounds.
LED Monitor Stand LS9109XS
LS1512 Dual Monitor Stand Vertically readjustable pole mounted side-by-side dual monitor stand.
Heavy Duty Monitor Arm SAA4229 Image 1
SAA4229 Long Reach Monitor Arm Fingertip movement over a large area for monitors up to 30 pounds.
LED Monitor Stand LS9109XS
LS1512 Quad Monitor Stand Vertically readjustable pole mounted quad monitor stand.
Monitor Arm: SAA2718 Image 1
SAA2718 HD LCD/LED Monitor Arm The monitor arm solution for heavier monitors and smaller VESA compliant LCD and LED TVs.
Dual Monitor Arm AMD2018 Image 1
AMD2018 HD Dual Monitor Arm AMD2018 Dual Monitor Beam vertical motion arm.

Monitor Arm: SAA2415 Image 1
SAA2415 HD LCD/LED Monitor Arm The LCD, LED and plasma monitor arm solution for heavier VESA compliant monitors.
Triple Monitor Arm AMT2018 Image 1
AMT2018 HD Triple Monitor Arm AMD2018 Triple Monitor Beam vertical motion arm.
Heavy Duty Monitor Arm & Keyboard Tray: TRS2415 Image 1 TRS2415 Monitor Arm with 
Wall Mount Kit & Keyboard Tray

Heavy-duty data entry workstation for keyboard, mouse and monitor.
    Monitor Arm & Keyboard Tray: TRS2718 Image 1 Tray TRS2718 Monitor Arm with
Wall Mount Kit & Keyboard Tray

Combo solution for heavier monitors and smaller VESA compliant LED monitors

The R-track is a system that can create substantial mechanical stresses at its points of attachment. Ergomart recommends that a mechanical or structural engineer or a trained installation specialist determine the appropriateness of structures at the points of attachment.
   A) The moment (torque/leverage) at the attachment points increases as the payload is extended farther from the track and wall.
      • Careful planning and consideration is therefore necessary when specifying product packages and structural accommodations.
      • The distance of the load away from the track multiplies the stresses on the mounting components, fasteners and structure.
      • The distance between R-track fastening points to the wall can be critical in distributing stresses and loads.
   B) Ergomart provides the total weight and distance maximums for specific product packages. Customer must provide actual weights for all devices.
       This will enable the onsite engineer to determine necessary blocking and/or structural enhancements.
   C) Ergomart provides onsite engineering consultation in the North Texas region but can only give recommendations outside its installation area.
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