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    Universal Scanner Bracket The CMT2415 can travel 14.5" vertically when wall-mounted. Desk-mounting can restrict some of this movement but it can be reclaimed with an optional vertical extension.
    Universal Scanner Bracket At its maximum reach, the arm extends out 21.5". When the monitors are not in use, the arm can be pushed back to take up a mere 8" of space.
    Universal Scanner Bracket The arm can be rotated 360° at its base providing there are no obstructions to its movement.
    Universal Scanner Bracket The beams holding the three monitors rotates 360° at the point where it is attached to the arm, provided the arm is not below its horizontal position.
    Universal Scanner Bracket The two outside beams are attached by hinges and can be manipulated to create an arc shape or pushed back completely flat.
Side view: wall mounted
Side view of the CMT2415 when wall-mounted. The total vertical range of the arm is approximately 14.5”, providing it is free from any obstructions.
Side view: minimum desk-mounted height
If the arm is desk-mounted, the desktop will prevent the arm from moving to its lowest position as the “elbow” of the arm rests on the desk surface. An optional vertical extension can be attached to restore the vertical travel of the arm.
Side view: maximum desk-mounted height
Side-view of the CMT2415 when desk-mounted. The figure illustrates the benefit of vertical extensions. The 12" extension (with Mount Kit C) allows the center of the VESA pattern at the back of the monitors to reach a maximum height of 31.5".
Table: vertical range of motion
This table summarizes the vertical range of motion of the CMT2415 for each of the available vertical extension options when mounted on a work surface. 
Please refer to the drawings above for a visual representation of Minimum and Maximum Height on Desk. 
Note that the adjustability ranges may show some minor deviations of up to 0.25” from these specifications depending on the weight and dimensions of the payload and other practical considerations.
Front view: tilter head placement
Top view of the CMT2415 demonstrating its maximum and minimum horizontal reach. Fully outstretched, the arm measures 21.5". When retracted completely, the arm takes only 8" of space.
Top view: horizontal reach
The three monitor setup places the tilter mechanism for the center monitor on a 30” horizontal beam and the tilters for the two side monitors on two articulating 10” beams. In this configuration, the CMT2415 can accommodate three identical monitors that measure up to 27" in width each in landscape orientation. Configurations with monitors of differing sizes are also supported.

CMT2415 Instructions
Product documentation and instructions can be viewed or downloaded here:

CMT2415 Installation Instructions