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VESA is an acronym for the Video Electronics Standards Association. The association consists of over 300 member companies who work together to set the technical specification standards for the video electronics market. These standards keep the industry stable and shape the future of video electronics and components.

Among the technical specifications defined by VESA are the VESA MIS, FDMI and VESA Mounting Interface Standard. The Mounting Interface Standard is a system that determines the international standards of how flatscreen monitors and other electronic devices are mounted. The MIS is dependent upon a hole pattern that is built into the monitors design. This hole pattern is typically located on the back of a monitor. These hole patterns can be square or rectangular. The patterns are defined by the lateral and vertical measurements, in millimeters, between the hole centers. For example the 75 x 75mm hole pattern measures 75mm between the hole centers of the pattern when measured across or up and down, not diagonally. "Out of the box" most monitors have an included stand or mount attached that is concealing the VESA standardized hole pattern.

VESA 75mm or about 3 inches VESA 100mm or about 4 inches

VESA 200mm or about 8 inches

VESA MIS labels are defined by the size of the screen and weight of a monitor. The VESA MIS standard is comprised of 6 ranges. The most common monitor sizes found in the home or workplace fall within three VESA MIS sizes. Additional VESA MIS sizes are set to define devices smaller than any currently carried by Ergomart. Ergomart offers mounting solutions for the following:

VESA MIS D - for monitors with a diagonal screen size between 12 and 22.9 inches with a weight of up to 30.8 pounds. VESA MIS D monitors often either have 75x75 or 100 x 100mm hole patterns.

VESA MIS E - for monitors with a screen size between 23 and 30.9 inches and a weight of up to 50 pounds. VESA MIS E compliant monitors should have a 100 x 200mm hole pattern.

VESA MIS F is the standard for monitors with a diagonal screen size from 31 up to 90 inches and a weight of up to 250 pounds. Because VESA MIS F covers such a wide range of large monitor sizes the VESA hole patterns associated with this group range in size as well. Generally 200 x 200, 200 x 400 and 400 x 600mm hole patterns are among the more common from this group.

Across the Ergomart website you will find the VESA MIS hole patterns being referred to simply as VESA hole patterns.

Please call 888 420 3200 or 214 742 6066 for assistance with larger or uncommon VESA adapter needs.

MSU4x6: Large Format VESA Adapter

Ergomart offers the MSU4x6, a large format adapter that handles monitors weighing up to 70 pounds. It interfaces with most flat panel devices from 37 to 46 inches and can fit any VESA hole pattern between 100mm (height) x 300mm (width) and 400mm (height) x 600mm (width). From its largest position (top), the vertical bars can be reversed and slid inward to fit smaller LCD or plasma screens.

Please see individual product pages for VESA availability and pricing. Options and costs vary by product. Please call us if you have questions: 888 420 3200 or 214 742 6066. See a listing of all of Ergomart's Monitor Arm Mount products. Return to the Ergomart home page.

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