WR-PA Premium Adjustable Under Desk Keyboard Tray System

Sit-to-Stand Keyboard Tray Solution Provides a Multitude of Options

The WR-PA Sit-Stand Keyboard Tray features a low profile arm design that maximizes knee clearance and storage while protecting the keyboard. The keyboard tray platform can be adjusted as low as 7.5 inches below and 6.5 inches above the surface. With 14 inches of vertical adjustability, the tray allows for sit-to-stand use for most people between 56" and 72" tall at a 30" tall workspace. The premium progressive ball-bearing track provides extremely smooth and consistent operation. The optional budget nylon slide track is also available at a lower cost. The WR-PA comes with three tray choices with optional palm rests and adjustable mouse platforms.

WR-PA Sit-Stand Keyboard Tray System Features

  • Sit-to-stand for most users from 56" to 72" tall at 30" tall table
  • Rock solid stability and a height range of 14 inches
  • Effortless, instant and intuitive height adjustment
  • Choose ball bearing or nylon glides on depth optional track
  • Available with 17, 22 & 28 inch ball bearing track lengths
  • Choose 17 or 22 inch nylon glide track as a lower cost alternative
  • Up to 20 degrees negative tilt and 10 degrees positive tilt
  • 360° swivel for easy positioning and storage
  • Please call us for questions & quantity quotes: 888-420-3200
Shipping Weight 21 Pounds
Shipping Dimensions 23" x 14" x 7"
Warranty 5 Year limited
WR-PA Sit-Stand Keyboard Tray starting at: $284.89 (17" Nylon Slide Track + MS Natural Banana Board)
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Shipping notes
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Microsoft® Natural Banana Board - ($284.89 with 17" track)
  • Fits Microsoft® Natural™, Natural Elite™, and Natural Pro™ keyboards
  • 1/4" thin phenolic allows complete knee clearance
  • 15.75" deep, 19.75" wide at the back (excluding mouse), and 10 lbs
  • Fits to work surfaces and diagonal corners 12" or wider
  • Cord manager slot located at the back of the tray

Natural keyboard tray and mouse tray IS-LS 28146
Banana Board - Right/Left Handed Mousing - ($306.43 with 17" track)
  • Keyboard tray design positions the mousing area closer to the user
  • Mouse tray can be mounted to the left or right or tucked under keyboard
  • Optional palm rests available in three types of material
  • Control wires with cord management slot at the back of the tray

Natural keyboard tray and mouse tray IS-LS 28146
WR-PA Keyboard Tray 1

Combined with the 28" track, the arm is 42.75" in length and only 5.75" in width for both the track and the arm itself.

WR-PA Keyboard Tray 2

The arm can swivel 360 degrees at the point where it is mounted on the track.

WR-PA Keyboard Tray 2

The arm without a track has a total length of 19.75" and measures 5.75" in width at its widest point.

WR-PA Keyboard Tray 3

With the 28" track option, the arm and tray can be retracted completely beneath the work surface when not in use. When pulled forward to the front edge of the track, the arm and tray extend approximately 17" from the edge.

WR-PA Keyboard Tray 5

The WR-PA is capable of a large 14.5" range of vertical adjustment. At a typical 30" tall work surface, this allows of sit-to-stand capabilities for a majority of people between 4'8" to 6'0" tall.

WR-PA Keyboard Tray 6

The WR-PA offers 25 degrees of adjustable tilt - 15 degrees negative and 10 degrees positive.

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