SAA4229R Long Reach Articulating Tablet Mount

The Digital Artist's New Best Friend Keeps You Working Comfortably

This version of the SAA4229 provides unmatched reach and flexibility for your Cintiq and most larger touchscreen devices. No other arm rivals the performance of the SAA4229R when it comes to massive vertical travel and workspace-spanning lateral reach. Dip the front desk edge right over the surface edge into your lap or lift it high for perfect standing drawing postures.  When you are done with Tablet, fold the arm up and back and spread out into a wide open work surface area.  Never turn a knob or move a lever—simply grasp the tablet with both hands and easily move it to the desired position—let go and the tablet and arm stay precisely where you put them.
Click here to see the SAA4229 SAA4229 monitor arm desk mounted low position extended side view
Click here to see other Tablet &iPad HoldersTablet and iPad arm desk mounted high position extended side view

SAA4229R Long Reach Wacom Tablet Arm Features

  • Effortlessly float devices 14 to 33 pounds
  • As much as 28" vertical range based on mounting options
  • Clamp configuration attaches to surfaces to 3.125" thick
  • Simple and quick tablet rotation from horizontal to portrait
  • Wacom Tablet Arm extends 44'' and folds up into 3.75"
  • Tilt the display back past 90° or down more than 40°
  • Cable management allows you to control cords
  • Optional 5", 8" and 12" desk mount vertical extensions
  • Black color with most styles ready to ship the same day
  • Choose 75mm, 100mm 100x200mm or 200mm VESA plate
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The purchasing options on this page provide a great deal of flexibility in configuring your product. Please be aware that Mount Kit A and the 2" and 6" Vertical Extensions are not compatible with all components. You may consult the table below to determine the compatibility of various components.
Category Mount Kits Vertical
Heavy Duty
Category Does product below
Fit into product
To the right?
Kit A
Kit C
All Other
4.5", 9.5"
and 15.5"
Monitor Arm SAA4229R - Y Y - Y Y
2" and 6" Y Y Y Y Y Y
5", 8", and 12" - Y Y - Y Y
Heavy Duty
4.5", 9.5", and 15.5" - Y Y - Y Y
Shipping Weight 29 Pounds
Shipping Dimensions 28" x 17" x 9"
Warranty 5 Year limited

Professional installation is always recommended for all wall-mounted Ergomart products. Improper installation may result in injury or damage. Consult Ergomart technical support regarding any mounting concerns or questions.

Made in USA
black    Click for metallic gray
SAA4229R starting at: $747.41 (Black arm with Mount Kit G)
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Wacom tablet arm spec drawing side view wall mounted demonstrating vertical travel and horizontal reach SAA4229R Side view of the SAA4229R when wall-mounted. With no obstructions, the arm offers 26" of vertical travel and has a horizontal reach of up to 44.25".
Tablet arm specification drawing side view wall mounted folded at various height positions SAA4229R Side view of the SAA4229R when wall-mounted. In this illustration, the arm is folded so that the monitor is perpendicular to the wall. The distance from the center point of the monitor to the wall depends on the vertical position of the arm. This determines the maximum size of the monitor or tablet that can be viewed at a 90 degree angle from the wall in this folded position.
Tablet arm spec image top views desk mounted fully folded and extended illustrating horizontal reach SAA4229R Top view of SAA4229R when desk mounted. When fully extended, the arm reaches out as far as 44.25". When retracted in the horizontal position, the arm can be folded into as little as 3.5".
Wacom tablet arm spec image side view desk mounted low positions showing optional vertical extension SAA4229R Side-view of the SAA4229R when desk-mounted. The surface of the desk will inhibit the arm from traveling to its lowest possible position. As a result, the total instant vertical adjustability will be limited to 15" compared to 26" with the wall mount option. To reclaim the range of motion, optional vertical extensions can be added. Please note, Mount Kit A is not compatible with the 5, 8 and 12 inch extensions.
Wacom tablet arm specification image side view desk mounted highest positions demonstrating optional vertical extension SAA4229R Side-view of the SAA4229R when desk-mounted. The figure shows the impact of adding vertical extensions on the maximum height the arm can reach. The 12" extension allows the maximum height to reach 29.5".
The impact of the vertical extensions on vertical adjustability in a desk mounted set up are summarized in the tables below.
On Desk   
On Desk   
On Desk   
0" 2.5" 17.75" 15"
2" N/A N/A N/A
5" 2.5" 22.5" 20"
6" N/A N/A N/A
8" 2.5" 25.5" 23"
12" 2.5" 29.5" 27"

SAA4229R Long Reach Wacom Tablet Arm
Product documentation and instructions can be viewed or downloaded here:

PDF file
Long Reach Wacom Tablet Arm
SAA4229R Installation Instructions

PDF file
Flex Mount Kit Instructions
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