Our high-performance VESA-compliant LCD Arm handles your LCD monitors and touch screen monitors with ease. It is finely engineered and constructed from die cast and finely machined powder coated aluminum components. Assemble it in mere minutes and then never twist a knob or push a lever; this LCD Monitor Arm simply floats your LCD monitor from one position to another without effort. Move the flat screen virtually anywhere in an area 16" high x 20" deep x 38."
Customers planning to use this arm in conjunction with lateral extensions should select the "No Mount Kit" option on this page and purchase the Flexible Mounting Kit C separately.
This USA made product has the look and feel of quality.
BUY 10—5% discount each!

SAA7000 Monitor Arm Features

  • Monitor arm reaches out 23" and folds up into 3.2"
  • Includes LCD monitor rotation from landscape to portrait
  • Effortlessly Float LCD/LED monitors weighing 4 to 28 pounds
  • Floats your LCD with over 15.5 inches of vertical travel
  • Attaches easily to tables & desks up to 2.5 inches thick
  • LCD Arm even configures to 3/8" bolt hole attachment
  • Kit A is adaptable and clamps to desk or mounts to wall
  • Compatible with our 192 Pole Floor Mount Systems
  • Effortlessly tilt the display back past 90° or down 45°
  • Compatible with 20" and 23" Apple Cinema Monitors*
  • Black is a SAA7000 quick-ship color
  • Limited quantities, extended lead times: Beige, Light Gray
  • VESA 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100mm compliant
  • Optional VESA 100 x 200mm available
  • Cable management controls cords


We have heavily discounted our remaining inventory of the SAA7000 in a recently discontinued light gray color. This monitor arm pre-configured for payloads between 8 and 23 lbs. is suitable for displays in industrial, medical, and office applications. Select the color "Light Gray" using the menu on the left to access these savings.

For compatibility with Apple iMac and Apple Cinema and Apple Thunderbolt Display products, please look here.


The purchasing options on this page provide a great deal of flexibility in configuring your product. Please be aware that Mount Kit A and the 2" and 6" Vertical Extensions are not compatible with all components. You may consult the table below to determine the compatibility of various components.
Category Mount Kits Vertical
Heavy Duty
Category Does product below
Fit into product
To the right?
Kit A
Kit C
All Other
4.5", 9.5"
and 15.5"
Monitor Arm SAA7000 Y Y Y Y Y Y
2" and 6" Y Y Y Y Y Y
5", 8", and 12" - Y Y - Y Y
Heavy Duty
4.5", 9.5", and 15.5" - Y Y - Y Y
Shipping Weight 12 Pounds
Shipping Dimensions 23" x 14" x 4"
Warranty 5 Year limited

Standard delivery time on the SAA7000 LCD Arm is 3 to 7 business days. Please order before 12 noon CST for next day delivery. Black is a guaranteed Quick Ship color. Quick Ship guaranteed in black with 9.5 to 21 pounds LCD weight rating.

If your LCD or panel PC weighs more than 20 pounds OR you want more vertical travel or longer reach, check out our Heavy-Duty LCD Arms.

*Apple Cinema Displays can be used with this arm with the purchase of the Cinema Display VESA Mount Adaptor Kit from Apple. Select the 9.5 - 21 pound range for 20" & 23" Apple Cinema Displays.

Made in USA
black    metallic gray    white
SAA7000 starting at: $166.85 (with Mount Kit G & Standard Tilter Head)
Some options might change depending on previous selection info info info info info info info
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*AK HI and PR Note: To determine shipping options, please contact us at 214 742 6066 or sales@ergomart.com or you may select "I will use my shipping account"
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  • Designed for touch screen monitors: resistance to movement can be set for frequent and rigorous touch activation
  • With a vertical range of motion of 15.9" and 200° tilt, the SAA7000 LCD Arm allows many users to sit or stand
  • Taller than 5' 6" & want to make sure you can work either sitting or standing? See Ergomart's 2718, 4228, & 4229
  • Wall mounting delivers the full vertical range of motion, which ensures sit to stand access for most users
  • Several mounting options are available; also read about pole mount options with 192 Series Pole Mounts
  • When mounting to a desk top or edge you may need to use 2 or 6 inch extensions; see Specifications for details
  • If you have troubles with your glasses or bifocals and the position of LCD monitor, try the SAA7000 Arm
  • Neck and shoulder discomfort can be eliminated when you place your LCD exactly where you want it
  • Have a moving glare problem because of sunlight? This arm can address challenging light issues
  • Running out of room on your desk or work surface? The SAA7000 LCD Monitor Arm opens up space
  • When mounted to the table, this LCD Arm can be lowered until the monitor touches the tabletop
  • Is available in matte white, metallic gray & black; limited quantities in light gray & light beige
  • Call to order the Cube Wall Mount: 888 420 3200 or 214 742 6066
  • Some assembly required; see Instructions
  • Please call us if you need clarification or help deciding if you need an extension at 888-420-3200

Generally speaking, people who do not exceed 5' 6" can often use this arm in the seated and standing positions. Because this LCD Arm may be moved up and down about 13 inches, the LCD can often be comfortably viewed in the standing posture when wall mounted or when desk mounted if the optional 6 inch vertical extension arm is used.

For questions call 888 420 3200 or email us.

Made in USA
Apple Cinema Arms extending
Apple Cinema Arms height adjust

Moves from 3.75" out to 23"

The SAA series flat panel radial arm retracts to about 3" from wall and extends out to almost 24".  When you need to clear out space to work, this flat panel arm will get out of the way.

About 16" of height adjustment

When mounted on a vertical surface like a wall or modular furniture panel, the 7000 flat panel monitor arm has a vertical range of over 15.5".

Apple Cinema Arms tilt adjust Apple Cinema Arms Swing Mount

More than 90° of screen tilt!

We love how accommodating this product becomes when you factor in the over 90° tilt adjustment.  This single feature has tremendous utility; it allows for fine tuning for glare reduction, it is bi-focal friendly, and it's head, neck and shoulder posture friendly. Want to stand and work? No problem!

Screen mount allows you to rotate the screen 180°; just another aspect of how incredibly flexible this flat panel monitor arm is! Sit anywhere at a 6' wide x 30" desk area and you will be able to comfortably view this monitor. 

Apple Cinema Arms Move Arm Apple Cinema Arms Swing Arm
Rear mount swivels 360°

The entire arm swings on its base to move your flat screen display, meaning you can sit at either end of a 6' long work surface and easily view your monitor!

Screen swivel pivots 180°

The arm swings 180° on its second joint (or elbow) for fine tuning and to help you adjust for intermediate distances.

And for publishers, artists, CAD specialists...
Apple Cinema Arms rotate screen Rotate your screen from landscape to portrait and back again!

You can rotate your screen for publishing and graphics applications. It is just another standard feature of the Ergomart SAA7000 series arm.

Work anywhere on your desk and get supreme adjustability!
SAA7000 arm adjustability overhead To the left is an illustration of a 5' wide desk with the 7000 series flat panel arm in various positions. It's easy to see how this product allows extraordinary flexibility. Mount the arm on a desk / work surface, modular furniture panel or wall behind the desk and you can either sit or stand and view the monitor comfortably.

If you plan to attach (clamp or grommet) your 7000 arm to a desk and you wish to work sitting or standing you will probably need to add an extension. If your flat screen display has its mounting screws in the center of the back, you might want to purchase the 6" extension. If your display has its mount toward the bottom of the back, the 2" extension will probably be better for your needs.

Share information with associates, visitors and clients.
SAA7000 Arm Adjustability Overhead

Note how the 7000 monitor arm folds up and can be placed completely out of the way at the end of the work surface. You can display information on the LCD and then turn the screen to your guests. This arm is easily moved and placed into position. It is a great tool that allows people to easily set the distance of the LCD screen instantly and effortlessly.

The 7000 is a great tool for facilitating financial transactions and for use in small groups where collaborative work requires frequent viewing and discussion of images or text.

SAA7000 Arm Specification Side view of the SAA7000 when wall-mounted. With no obstructions, the arm offers 16.75" of vertical travel and has a horizontal reach of up to 24".
SAA7000 Arm Specification Side view of the SAA7000 when wall-mounted. In this illustration, the arm is folded so that the monitor is perpendicular to the wall. The distance from the center point of the monitor to the wall depends on the vertical position of the arm. This determines the maximum size of the monitor or tablet that can be viewed at a 90 degree angle from the wall in this folded position.
SAA7000 Arm Specification Top view of SAA7000 when desk mounted. When fully extended, the arm reaches out as far as 19.5". When retracted in the horizontal position, the arm can be folded into as little as 3.5".
SAA7000 Arm Specification Side-view of the SAA7000 when desk-mounted. The surface of the desk will inhibit the arm from traveling to its lowest possible position. As a result, the total instant vertical adjustability will be limited to 12.5" (11.25" with Mount Kit A) compared to 16.75" with the wall mount option. To reclaim the range of motion, optional vertical extensions can be added. Please note, Mount Kit A is not compatible with the 5, 8 and 12 inch extensions.
SAA7000 Arm Specification Side-view of the SAA7000 when desk-mounted. The figure shows the impact of adding vertical extensions on the maximum height the arm can reach. The 12" extension (with Mount Kit C) allows the maximum height to reach 29.75".
The impact of the vertical extensions on vertical adjustability in a desk mounted set up are summarized in the tables below..
On Desk   
On Desk   
On Desk   
0" 5.25" 16.5" 11.25"
2" 5.25" 18.5" 13.25"
5" N/A N/A N/A
6" 6" 22.5" 16.5"
8" N/A N/A N/A
12" N/A N/A N/A
On Desk   
On Desk   
On Desk   
0" 5.25" 17.75" 12.5"
2" 5.25" 19.75" 14.5"
5" 6.25" 22.75" 16.5"
6" 7.25" 23.75" 16.5"
8" 9.25" 25.75" 16.5"
12" 13.25" 29.75 16.5"

Monitor Arm SAA7000
Product documentation and instructions can be viewed or downloaded here:
SAA7000 monitor arm Instructions
Monitor Arm SAA7000
Installation Instructions
SAA7000 Arm Instructions
Flex Mount Kit Instructions
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