NPE Ergonomic Chair 6600

Neutral posture ergonomic seating and office chairs – ergonomic seating with superior comfort and adjustability. Seating that adapts to the user with user controlled adjustability; arm rests, headrests, lumbar support and more

Stag 4 Industrial Seating reduces pressure in knees, ankels and lumbar region

Constructed from heavy duty materials, industrial seating from Ergomart is durable, affordable and easy to maintain. Our ergonomic industrial supports offer versatile comfort in varied positions to improve workers' comfort and efficiency. Use of ergonomically constructed industrial seating
can help reduce back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain by reducing pressure in knees, ankles, and the lumbar region

Ergonomic Tables

These sit-to-stand adjustable tables convert from sitting-height to standing-height and back again to accommodate workers of different statures. Taller users will be able to sit and work without the need to slump or slouch. Wheelchair users will appreciate the height range and ease-of-use of our electric tables that can be modified with the push of a button. Manual height adjustable tables and workstations provide the benefit of an ergonomic multi-height work surface at a great value.

Ergomart Antifatigue Mat in Gray Smooth
Smooth Gray - Info

Ergomart Antifatigue Mat in Black Smooth
Smooth Black - Info
Ergomart Antifatigue Mat in Gray Standard
Standard Gray - Info

Ergomart Antifatigue Mat in Black Standard
Standard Black - Info

Ergomart’s anti-fatigue matting provides comfort and safety for those standing in the workplace. These anti-fatigue mats are light-weight, easy to clean and durable, making them perfect for any number of environments, including medical facilities. The mats have an added antimicrobial agent that never wears off. They are impervious to most acids, chemicals and petroleum products and will not absorb liquids.

Footrest FR315:foot rest has quick and easy height and angle adjustment; ergonomic foot rest allows easy movement

Ergomart offers a selection of footrests to suit users’ needs and environments. These durable, free-standing, footrests have height and angle adjustability to accommodate almost any foot and leg position. Designed to attach to the base of an office chair or stool with a variety of height options, they offer foot and leg comfort regardless of where the chair travels.

Body Safety & Body Protection

Increase productivity and reduce discomfort in the workplace with Ergomart’s comfort and safety clothing. Our selection includes a wide selection of equipment designed to protect against heat, vibration, impact, puncture and slash hazards, mechanical stress, and repetitive strain.



Ergomart’s arm rests and arm supports not only reduce discomfort in the arms and wrists, but also lessen muscle strain and tension in the neck, shoulders and lower back. Float arms effortlessly above the workstation or protect arms and wrists from sharp desk edges.