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GR380 UV Gradient Fluorescent Light Filters

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GR380 4-foot T8 Gradient UV Light Filter
  • Buy 2 for $20.95 each and save 47%
  • Buy 10 for $17.64 each and save 56%
GR380 4-foot T8 Gradient UV Light Filter - Case of 24
GR380 4-foot T12 Gradient UV Light Filter
  • Buy 2 for $20.95 each and save 47%
  • Buy 10 for $17.64 each and save 56%
GR380 4-foot T12 Gradient UV Light Filter - Case of 24

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Gradient Sleeves Reduce Light Output and Filter UV Light

  • Controls lighting levels & intensity
  • Direct light by simply turning the sleeve
  • Eliminates all UV below 380 nanometers
  • Not recommended for HO lamps
  • Choose T8 or T12 Sleeves in four-foot lengths
  • May reduce or eliminate migraines in some users
  • Free shipping with UPS Ground

Ergomart Gradient Light Filters allow the user to control fluorescent lamps that are too bright in two ways. The sleeve dot matrix pattern graduates from transparent to opaque; the sleeve may be rotated to reduce the light output of fluorescent tube lights. The second major benefit is the user can actually direct light down, left or right. The opaque (black) side can be pointed downward to knock out about 75 percent of the light. We provide two performance levels of this product: STANDARD—simple UV filtering; PREMIUM—Full Spectrum / UV light filtering / glare reducing.

For those who suffer from migraines, these products can reduce the frequency of or even eliminate migraine headaches for some. Both the standard and premium gradient filters reduce the amount of light emitted from a fluorescent lamp and therefore reduce the relative flickering effect in environments where there are secondary non-flickering light sources. The GRX380 has the added benefit of improving the quality of light.

For a detailed explanation of the benefits of this filter and our other offerings, view the Fluorescent Light Filter Information Page.

Filter Size

4' T8
4' T12
Call for custom sizes

UV Absorption: Substantially eliminates UVA


Substantially eliminates UVB


Reduces glare


Slows fading on paper/wood products


Slows fading on cloth products


Decreases light output

20% - 75% per spectral output

Eases visual strain


Slows food spoilage of some foods


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