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F885 Full Spectrum and UV Fluorescent Light Filters

  • Absorbs virtually all UVA and UVB up to 380 nm
  • Absorbs 80-99% of UVA between 380-390nm
  • Absorbs 50-80% of UVA between  390-400nm
  • Exact dimensions of light filters are 22.5"x46.5"
  • Creates color-balanced light from fluorescent light
  • Eases visual strain via light color balance & reduced glare
  • Over 6% increase in CRI over high-end 5000K lamps
  • Over 40% increase in CRI vs most cool fluorescent lamps
  • Decreases light output, but increases visual acuity
  • Not self supporting: lays atop diffuser or egg crate grid
  • Minimizes fading on textiles, art, and paper products
  • Slows spoilage of foods caused by fluorescent light
  • Quantity Discounts: save up to 35% per unit.
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Our Flat Sheet Fluorescent Light Filters Create a More Balanced and Natural Light

  • Absorbs virtually all UVA and UVB up to 380 nanometers
  • Absorbs 80-99% of UVA up to 390nm and 50-80% up to 400nm
  • Exact dimensions of light filters are 22.5 inches x 46.5 inches
  • Creates color-balanced light from unbalanced fluorescent light
  • Eases visual strain by reducing glare & through light color balancing
  • More than 6% increase in CRI on some of the best 5000K lamps
  • More than 40% increase in CRI with many brands of cool fluorescent lamps
  • Decreases light output, but increases visual acuity
  • NOT SELF SUPPORTING—must lay atop diffuser or egg crate grid
  • Minimizes fading on textiles, art, and paper products
  • Slows spoilage of foods caused by fluorescent light
  • Free shipping with UPS Ground

Our premium 2' x 4' 885 flat sheet filters and 685 tube filters are placed over standard fluorescent lights to produce the same full spectrum effect (a balance of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet found in sunlight). This will not only improve color rendering but also reduce glare. In addition, these filters cut 100% of UV radiation below 380 nanometers.

For those who already understand the benefits of full spectrum lighting, our 885 light filters bring many advantages over expensive full spectrum bulbs. Bulbs, which typically only remain full spectrum for 5,000 hours (or approximately a year), are costly to replace and don't offer any UV protection. In fact, most of these bulbs have increased UV when compared to a standard cool white lamp.

Although the filters decrease the overall light output, visual acuity is improved. The filter creates scotopically enhanced light by lowering certain wavelengths so that the critical blue-green component is more prominent. Despite less light, with the enhanced blue-green spectrum, the pupil is made smaller, allowing the eye to work more effectively with less light and therefore reducing the overall area of that light rays strike the back of the retinal surface. This causes the depth of field to increase and visual acuity is improved. This is especially useful for environments such as libraries, museums, the food industry and textile industry, where UV and visible light rays may be damaging, but visual acuity is still critical.

Numerous studies have proven the benefits of full-spectrum and natural day lighting. It can help those suffering from CVS - computer vision syndrome, SAD - seasonal affective disorder, and lupus erythematosus. Full-spectrum lighting improves performance in academic settings and students had more positive moods, developed fewer dental cavities, had better attendance, and better growth and development. They also suffered from less hyperactivity. While our light filtering system can’t convert fluorescent lighting into pure sunlight, it can vastly improve its quality and enhance your work, academic or institutional environment.

We would love for you to experience it for yourself. Please contact us for a trial run in a small section of your office, factory, or classroom. We suggest using the sleeves for fixtures with three or less 4' lamps and flat sheets for 4 lamp 2' x 4' fixtures. For a detailed explanation of the benefits of this filter and our other offerings, view the Fluorescent Light Filter Information Page.

Professional installation is always recommended for all Ergomart products. Improper installation may result in injury or damage. Consult Ergomart technical support regarding any mounting concerns or questions.

Filter Size

2" x 4"
Call for custom sizes

UV Absorption: Substantially eliminates UVA


Substantially eliminates UVB


Improves colour balance of light


Reduces glare


Slows fading on paper/wood products


Slows fading on cloth products


Decreases light output

25% - 75% per spectral output

Increases visual acuity


Eases visual strain


Slows food spoilage of some foods


  • Are these filters self supporting?

    The F885 are not self-supporting so they need to lay atop a diffuser or egg crate grid in the light fixture.

  • On the F885 light filter sheets, does it matter which side is facing down?

    The filter may rest with either dull or shiny side facing up or down. It functions the same in both cases.

  • I was wondering whether there are any clips or anything to attach to the diffuser or louver that would keep the sheets from falling out on someone’s head if/when the diffuser is lifted out to replace bulbs. I’m not sure it would be evident to the future person replacing light bulbs that there might be a sheet inside. Are the sheets rigid or flexible?

    There are currently no clips to hold the sheet on to the diffuser for this item, it just lays on top of diffuser. When replaced the installer will notice that they are very light and flexible and naturally suited for resting atop diffusers and grating.

  • Can these sheets be cut to custom sizes by either myself or Ergomart?

    The material is easily cut with good scissors. Custom sizes are dependent on size and quantity. Please contact customer service for further assistance.

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