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F685 Full Spectrum and UV Fluorescent Light Filters

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F685 4-foot T8 Light Filter
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F685 4-foot T8 Light Filter - Case of 24
F685 4-foot T12 Light Filter
  • Buy 2 for $30.32 each and save 22%
  • Buy 5 for $23.04 each and save 41%
  • Buy 10 for $15.16 each and save 61%
F685 4-foot T12 Light Filter - Case of 24

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  • Absorbs virtually all UVA and UVB up to 380 nanometers
  • Absorbs 80-99% of UVA up to 390nm and 50-80% up to 400nm
  • Creates color-balanced light from unbalanced fluorescent light
  • More than 6% increase in CRI on some of the best 5000K lamps
  • More than 40% increase in CRI on cool fluorescent lamps
  • Minimizes fading on textiles, art, and paper products
  • Slows spoilage of foods caused by fluorescent light
  • Decreases light output, but increases visual acuity
  • Eases visual strain by reducing glare
  • Two endcaps included with each lamp sleeve
  • Not recommended for HO lamps
  • Call for pricing on 8 foot special order sleeves
  • Free shipping with UPS Ground

Our premium 685 tube light filters and 885 flat sheets are placed over standard fluorescent lights to produce the same full spectrum effect (a balance of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet) found in sunlight. This will not only improve color rendering but also reduce glare. In addition, these filters cut virtually all of UVA and UVB radiation below 380 nanometers.

For those who already understand the benefits of full spectrum lighting, our 685 light filters bring many advantages over expensive full spectrum bulbs. Bulbs, which typically only remain full spectrum for 5,000 hours (or approximately a year), are costly to replace and don't offer any UV protection. In fact, most of those full spectrum bulbs have increased UV when compared to a standard cool white lamp.

Although the filters decrease the overall light output, visual acuity is improved. The filter creates scotopically enhanced light by lowering certain wavelengths so that the critical blue-green component is more prominent. Despite less light, with the enhanced blue-green spectrum, the pupil is made smaller, allowing the iris to operate “more efficiently” and therefore allowing less confusing rays into the back of the retinal surface. This causes the depth of field to increase and visual acuity is improved. This is especially useful for environments such as libraries, museums, the food industry and textile industry, where UV and visible light rays may be damaging, but visual acuity is still an absolute requirement.

Numerous studies have proven the benefits of full-spectrum and natural day lighting. It can help those suffering from CVS—computer vision syndrome, SAD—seasonal affective disorder, and lupus erythematosus. Full-spectrum lighting has been shown to improve performance in academic settings and students had more positive moods, developed fewer dental cavities, had better attendance, and better growth and development. They also suffered from less hyperactivity. This light filtering system effectively transitions your fluorescent lit setting towards a more daylight like environment.

We suggest using the sleeves for fixtures with three or less 4' lamps and flat sheets for 4 lamp 2' x 4' fixtures. For a detailed explanation of the benefits of this filter and our other offerings, view the Fluorescent Light Filter Information Page.

Filter Size

4' T8
4' T12
Call for custom sizes

UV Absorption: Substantially eliminates UVA


Substantially eliminates UVB


Improves colour balance of light


Reduces glare


Slows fading on paper/wood products


Slows fading on cloth products


Improves CRI


Decreases light output

25% - 75% per spectral output

Increases visual acuity


Eases visual strain


Slows food spoilage of some foods


  • What kind of temperature from bulbs can they withstand?

    The softening point for polycarbonate is in the 260-280 degrees Fahrenheit range. Ergomart only sells these types of sleeves for use with T8 and T12 bulbs. We do not have a sleeve for the hotter T5 and T5 HO fluorescent tubes but recommend the F885 sheets that do not encapsulate the tube. They work in most cases as they lay atop the existing diffuser sheet and are easy to install.

  • Are there instructions for these?

    UV light filter installation instructions can be found here.

  • How much glare will these filters reduce?

    Because the filters cut out 15 to 20% of the light, the glare is reduced accordingly.

  • What is a nanometer?

    A nanometer is unit of length equal to one billionth of a meter. Nanometers are used in this context to describe the wavelength of UV light. UVB light has a range from ~10 nm to 380 nm and UVA light ranges from 315 nm to 400 nm.

  • What is CRI?

    CRI stands for "Color Rendering Index" and is a measurement that compares a light source’s ability to make colors appear like they do under natural light. The closer the score is to 100, the "better" the light.

  • Why is UVA and UVB radiation bad?

    UV radiation has been linked to wrinkles/skin damage, the formation of cataracts, and a weakening of the immune system. Some illnesses may also leave people more sensitive to UV radiation.

  • What is scotopically enhanced light?

    Scotopically enhanced lighting refers to lighting that utilizes relatively more light from the blue area spectrum but with lower overall light energy, resulting in less luminance. Visual performance and acuity is enhanced under these conditions at lower levels of brightness.

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