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CornerShaper Corner Desk Surface Extender


  • Turns a sharp-angled desk corner into a usable surface
  • Comes in five sizes and fits desks from 1" to 2.5" thick
  • Low-profile design ensures plenty of clearance
  • Allows mounting an underdesk track for a keyboard tray
  • Please note: does not come with keyboard tray or arm


Corner desks are excellent for optimizing available worksurface area in smaller spaces. However, the sharp angle of the corner section often makes it difficult to utilize and results in wasted space. With the CornerShaper, you can turn almost any previously unusable desk corner section into a functional surface. The CornerShaper extends the work area, allowing not only more use of the desktop, but also provides the ability to mount a keyboard arm beneath it. An aesthetically pleasing, smart design and low profile makes the CornerShaper suited for most applications.

Shipping Weight 13 pounds
Shipping Dimensions 23" x 17" x 6"
Warranty 5 year limited
Not a Quick Ship item: please allow 10 days for shipment


CORNERSHAPER desk corner keyboard tray specification drawing isometric view with table indicating each size option's dimensions

The CornerShaper can be anywhere from 12 to 26 inches wide and 7 to 13.75 inches deep.


MODEL 28214 28119 25703 26356 26885


12 X 7 12 X 7 19.5 X 11 19.5 X 11 26 X 13.75


1 to 1.5 1.5 to 2.5 1 to 1.5 1.5 to 2.5 1 to 1.5
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  • I just received my corner shaper. Where is the keyboard tray that comes with it?

    The CornerShaper does not include a keyboard tray. Those pictures are to show that a keyboard tray can be used with the CornerShaper.

  • Do I have to drill into my desk to attach this, or is it more of a clamp?

    You will need to mechanically attach it from the bottom of the surface.1/8" pilot holes need to be drilled on the underside of the desk so that is can be attached with the provided screws.

  • Does this come on and off easily, or is it semi-permanent?

    The CornerShaper is a semi-permanent fixture that would require the removal of screws to be taken off.

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