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Desk Forearm Support for Production, Office, Factory


  • Forearm support attaches to edge of worksurface
  • Helps relieve shoulder/neck strain and tension
  • Eliminates sharp corners with 1.25" of cushion
  • Ideal for industrial assembly tasks
  • Available in two sizes: select 24" or 36" width

Desk Edge Protector Transforms Uncomfortable Desk Edges into Ergonomic Arm Rests

  • Select 24 or 36 inches wide; 1.25 inches of cushion from surface
  • Helps relieve muscle strain and tension in neck and shoulder area
  • Works great for factory assembly and industry assembly tasks
  • Eliminates sharp corner hazards cited by ergonomists
  • See specifications tab for detailed measurements
  • Pads upholstered in durable vinyl on thick foam padding
  • Custom widths are available in quantity—just give us a call!

Shifting some of the upper torso body weight to the forearms can reduce static muscle loading in lower back. Desk edge and corner workstation padding is used in many industries, including electronics assembly and other small product assembly line environments. Ergomart's ergonomic forearm support pads are upholstered in durable vinyl on thick foam padding for day-long coverage. Select the 24 inch or 36 inch forearm support.


EDGEPROTECT desk edge protector specification drawing front view

The width of the AS-24 Forearm Support is 24 inches. Double-sided Velcro strips (the three grey dashed rectangles) are on the underside of the AS-24 to firmly attach it to the desk surface.  Custom widths are available with bulk orders. 



EDGEPROTECT desk edge protector specification drawing side view

This arm support provides 1.25 inches of cushion from the top of the mounting surface with 1.5 inches of cushion out from the desk or mounting edge.


  • Does it have a sticky surface to attach to the desk?

    Actually it uses Velcro® strips to attach to the desk.

  • How does this attach to the desk?

    Four double-sided Velcro® strips create the attachment point. The Velcro® strips are 1-1/2" long and 1/2" wide.

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