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Neutral Posture XSM5300 Petite Office Chair



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Smaller Ergonomic Office Chair with Air Inflation Lower Back Support

  • Small seat back with small seat pan is a proven foundation for comfort for petite individuals
  • Seat Height cylinder options allows most users 56" tall to correctly place and rest feet on the floor
  • Smaller chair back enhances petite office workers experience with appropriate scale and proportion
  • Intuitive lift and lock height adjustment chair back mechanism makes back height adjustment a snap
  • The seat pan design is based on scientifically proven technology to reduce pressure on the “sit-bones”
  • Inflatable back support and back height control creates a custom fit feel for every user

Persons of smaller stature appreciate the narrow 17" wide seat pan that allows armrests to position as close as 13.5". Petite individuals can easily position their elbows in snugly against the sides of their torso while resting forearms on the angled padded forearm supports. This can improve the typing angle of the wrist and ensure the user is not forced into unnatural or awkward postures. Arms easily adjust vertically and pivot 360° to enhance correct forearm support. Rock the seat pan gently back and forth for subtle movement or lock the seat angle anywhere between 4° forward or 11° back. Of course the seat can be raised and lowered but it also unlocks and slides to the correct distance from seat back to allow the appropriate length of thigh support. Independent back angle and an adjustable seat rocking tension adjustment round out a most impressive set of standard comfort inducing features.

Neutral Posture chairs come with many features and options. Please consult the resources below to make decisions:

Seat Pan


Seat Height Range*

15.75 - 20.75

Seat Width


Back Width


Back Height Range

18 – 22

Armrest Height Range

7 – 11

Armrest Width Range

13.5 - 18.25

Back Angle (Multi­function)

105° – 121°

Seat Angle (Multi­function)

F 4° – R 11°

Seat Depth Range

15.5 - 18

Chair Weight

52 lbs.


Dozens to choose from




Fring, "Footring" or Nextep®

Arm Rests

5 to choose from


3", 5", 7", 10"


7 options (carpet/hard floor, brake, chrome)

Back Surface

Black Or Upholstered


26"/28" black, 26" polished or 27" brushed aluminum

Other options

Thoracic support, memory foam seat, TheraGel Foam

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