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Neutral Posture 8600 Premium Ergonomic Office Chair



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  • Molded seat pan and stretchy fabric gently displaces sitting pressure to create day long comfort
  • scientific study of the similar but slightly flatter 8500 seat pan describes effects of well-designed seating
  • A hand activated air pump on the chair back provides users the ability to “dial in” an exact lumbar profile
  • Standard Adjustments include: seat tilt, seat lock, back angle, arm height, arm pad rotation, seat height…
  • Forward seat tilt lock out, seat pan travel of 2.5”, back height and air lumbar are also included

The NPS8600 is ideally suited for users between approximately 66” and 76” and under 250 lbs. The curved and molded seat gently supports the thighs and buttocks with the addition stretchy Cloud 9™ and Revive™ fabrics. The unsurpassed adjustability of the inflatable lumbar back support means many users find relief for lower back pain that develops from incorrect posture or the use of substandard seating.

Chair arms adjust in height and laterally to ensure forearm support adapted to the users body. Seat pan tilts forward and back to allow changes in seating postures consistently recommended by Ergonomists.

Neutral Posture chairs come with many features and options. Please consult the resources below to make decisions:

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