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Repose Height Adjustable Countertop Keyboard Tray

  • Workers of all heights maintain relaxed postures during customer interactions
  • Instantly reposition tray angle and height
  • Securely affixes tray to high pressure plastic laminate and polished stone tops
  • Taller workers no longer crouch over uncomfortably during customer interaction
  • Comfortable work postures allow for relaxed interactions with clients and customers
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A Simple And Effective Solution For Counter Height Data Entry For Multiple Workers Of Various Heights

Animation illustrating the height adjustment of the Repose countertop keyboard mount.
A low compact profile when folded close to the surface
Two Repose height-adjustable keyboard trays side by side, one in high position with a negative tilt angle, the other in low position with positive tilt.
Unlimited tilt angles invite and enable comfort for even the tallest user
Top view of Repose keyboard mount with measurements showing the compact footprint.
The Repose offers easy functionality in a minimum of counter space
Side views showing two ways to attach Repose countertop keyboard tray to worksurface: with fasteners or with double adhesive tape.
Use standard fasteners or included adhesive tape to firmly affix base to your surface
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