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Neutral Posture 8500 Ultimate Chair: Fully Adjustable



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Ergonomic Office Chair with Superior Comfort Seat, Air Lumbar and Optional Articulating Headrest

  • Realize luxurious seated comfort with standard knitted fabric options that reduce pressure point
  • Review the science behind the industry leading pressure mapped seat pan design
  • Cylinder options and back height adjustment of 4” align the chair to users between 66” and 76”
  • Air Lumbar support allows user to create a support profile most suited to personal comfort
  • 13 Active Ergonomic Controls help users dial into numerous comfortable work postures
  • Articulating and Pivoting Headrest adjusts in height and easily angles for a perfect fit every time
  • Optional OES arm pads deliver unrivaled comfort for users who require soft and compliant forearm support

The NPS8500 may be the finest office chair in the marketplace. The critical differentiator is the conforming seat foam coupled with the grade 3 stretch fabrics. Pressure mapping shows just how much better an 8500 seat pan is when compared to various competitors. Moreover, highly touted mesh seat chairs may look cool but perform poorly in terms of buttock and thigh comfort and typically have hard framed front edges that can press sharply against the back of the knee or the back of the lower thigh. Mesh may give you air circulation but associated hard frames can inhibit blood flow. The optional pivoting headrest completes the package for those who may wish to recline in executive comfort. Headrest features height and pivot adjustments and can be tightened to hold into a fixed position.

Cloud 9™ or Revive™ knitted stretch fabric is our baseline fabric for day long seated comfort. Chair arms adjust 5 ways and allow complete rotational, vertical, and lateral positioning of the forearm supports. Seat pan features a 3° forward and 11° back angle with a seat depth adjustment mechanism delivering 2.5” of back and forth travel. Numerous standard ergonomic features round out the highly adaptable NPS8500.

Neutral Posture chairs come with many features and options. Please consult the resources below to make decisions:

Seat Pan


Seat Height Range*

17.5 - 22.5

Seat Width


Back Width


Back Height Range

21.5 - 25.5

Armrest Height Range

7 – 11

Armrest Width Range

15.75 - 22.25

Back Angle (Multi­function)

100° – 119°

Seat Angle (Multi­function)

F 3° – R 11°

Seat Depth Range

15.5 - 18

Chair Weight

59.5 lbs.


Dozens to choose from


Dual Pivot (optional)


Fring, "Footring" or Nextep®

Arm Rests

8 to choose from


3", 5", 7", 10"


7 options (carpet/hard floor, brake, chrome)

Back Surface

Black or upholstered


26"/28" black, 26" polished or 27" brushed aluminum

Other options

Thoracic support, memory foam seat, TheraGel Foam

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