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MVAL Computer Visor - Standard

  • Visor fits monitors 15.3" to 27" in width
  • Sturdy Velcro strips secure to edges of monitor
  • Works great with many LCD monitors
  • Suitable for mounting to monitors with flat edges
  • Deep standard bezel depth means maximum privacy
  • Deep standard depth—maximum protection from glare
  • Interior surface has a light absorbing dark matte finish
  • Outperforms anti-glare screen products in most situations
  • Provides patient privacy for HIPAA compliance
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The MVAL1627 fits monitors from 15.3" to 27" in width. The design is geared to assist with compliance with HIPAA patient privacy requirements. The depth of the visor provides maximum protection from glare, while the dark matte finish of its interior surface is designed for light absorption. The standard bezel depth maximizes privacy.  This visor comes with strong Velcro strips which secure the edges of the monitor. It works very well with many LCD monitors and is suitable for mounting to monitors that have flat edges. 

Ergomart monitor visors are manufactured from ABS plastic and designed for years of use in demanding environments. Where glare screens come up short, Ergomart monitor visors excel. Monitor hoods can effectively eliminate symptoms associated with Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) for many intensive data entry workers. MVAL monitor hoods are designed with extra-deep bezels to insure maximum glare reduction. MVAL Anti-Glare Computer Monitor visors are an absolute necessity for work where computer operators must maintain intense visual focus on the monitor for extended periods of time. CAD/CAM professionals, developers, web designers and other intensive computer users agree the MVAL monitor visor solution is a superior product.

The MVAL1627 features a foam gasket to prevent back-light from slipping between the visor shroud and the top of the monitor cabinet. Under normal office conditions, this ABS plastic product is virtually indestructible and will last decades.

Shipping Weight 4 pounds
Shipping Dimensions 16" x 16" x 14"
Warranty 5 Year limited


MVAL1627 monitor hood isometric specification drawing

Perspective view of the Monitor Visor MVAL1627.



MVAL1627 monitor hood specification drawing side view with measurements

The MVAL1627 image shows that the monitor extends forward 11 inches and has a side height of 11.5.  It would create 10 inches of shade on a 1 inch deep monitor. See illustration below regarding effective depth.



MVAL1627 monitor hood specification drawing front view showing minimum monitor width measurement

At its narrowest setting the MVAL can fit a monitor as small as 15.3 inches wide.



MVAL1627 monitor hood specification drawing front view showing maximum monitor width measurement

At its widest setting the MVAL creates a shade for monitors 27 inches in width.



Drawing showing cardboard placed over the top of a monitor to test depth at which glare is removed

A Monitor Hood or Monitor Visor must be deep enough to shade the offending glare. This simple test illustrates how to check depth for monitor hoods and monitor visors before purchase. This test requires a large piece of cardboard (about 18" x 30"). Fold it around your monitor. Using easily removable tape, experiment with different shroud depths to see what is the shortest depth that effectively removes the glare spots. Large areas of light colored walls or large windows directly behind the monitor create diffuse reflections or "veiling" glare problems that are not addressed by visors / hoods.



MVAL1627 monitor hood specification drawing showing visor depth past monitor

Monitor visors are typically described in terms of the overall front to back dimension of the unit, depicted by the blue arrow. Most visors lose one to two inches of depth when attached to the monitor. If you only require a minimal shroud depth, most any inexpensive visor will work. If you require a product that combats serious glare problems, please email or call us: 888 420 3200.


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  • Can these monitor visors be made in custom sizes?

    It is possible but minimum quantity runs are required. Contact Ergomart for details.

  • Can I use this outdoors?

    You can, however, the Velcro adhesive my loose its "stickiness" under direct sunlight.

  • How do these attach?

    They attach with Velcro strips.

  • Do you offer any smaller sizes?

    Custom sizes of monitor visors can be done in quantities of 25 and larger. Please contact customer service for a custom quote.

  • Can this be taken on and off easily?

    It is reasonably easy to remove the visor by peeling the sides of the visor from the bottom edge and then upward. Of course if it were too easy then the visor would not stay on the monitor. The product is most appropriate as a semi permanent solution and if frequent removal and reattachment are required consider an alternative.

  • Will these work on flat screen monitors?

    Your monitor does need to have a flat side edge to attach with the Velcro strips.

  • Do you offer any larger sizes?

    Custom sizes of monitor visors can be done in quantities of 25 and larger. Please contact customer service for a custom quote.

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