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Neutral Posture 6000 High, Wide Back Ergonomic Chairs

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  • NPS 6000 Series Ergonomic Task Chairs: Seating options for everyone
  • The Neutral Posture 6000 series ergonomic chairs offer a taller, broader chair back
  • Back has less lateral curve to provide more upper back (thoracic region) support
  • Delivers superb lumbar (lower back) support to those with larger midsections
  • All 6000 chairs are available with optional adjustable headrests and footrests
  • If you are considering the 6700 with deep contour seat, please read the notes below

Large 800 and Regular 500 seat pans are all modestly contoured. For most people from about 5' 2" to 6' 2" tall we find the 500 seatpan or the moderately contoured 600 seatpan are highly appropriate. If you are under 5' tall, we usually suggest that the 400 seatpan works best with a 3" cylinder. If you are greater than 45" in the waist area and you are over 6' 3" tall, you may wish to consider our 800 seat pan.

Learn about exceptional NPS (Neutral Posture Seating) adjustability including details on arm adjustment for height and swivel, lumbar support and more.

Get help selecting the appropriate seat pan and cylinder for your chair with our detailed specifications.

NPS Seat Pan Options—want a little contour or a lot? Pick the right seat for your ergonomic comfort.


500 regular seat

Regular Seat
20" W x 18.5" D


600 medium contour seat

Seat Medium Contour
21" W x 19" D


700 full contour seat

Seat Full Contour
22" W x 19" D


800 large seat

Large Seat
22" W x 21" D

Important 700 Seat Pan Information

Unless you have used or tried the 700 seat pan, we do not recommend purchasing it without testing it first. The contours of this seat pan are full and will fit some people perfectly, while others may not align properly with the deep contours. If you think the 5700, 6700, or 8700 ergonomic chair is for you, find a local dealer or retail outlet and test the chair. Chances are you will fall in love with this line of comfortable, attractive and durable office chairs. If you try it and like it, please buy the computer chair from the person and organization who provides you the evaluation chair and their time. It is certainly fair to pay considerably more than our online prices when you get in-person service in a showroom.

Seat Pan

Regular, Medium Contour, Full Contour, Large

Dimensions (H x W x D)

41.5 x 26 x 26

Seat Height Range*

17.5 - 23.5 (varies by 6000 chair model)

Seat Width

21-23 (varies by 6000 chair model)

Back Width


Back Height Range

21.5-26 (varies by 6000 chair model)

Armrest Height Range

6.5 – 11 (varies by 6000 chair model)

Armrest Width Range

15.75 – 22.25 (varies by 6000 chair model)

Back Angle (Multi­function)

97° – 114° (varies by 6000 chair model)

Seat Angle (Multi­function)

F 10° – R 12° (varies by 6000 chair model)

Seat Depth Range

15 - 20.5 (varies by 6000 chair model)

Chair Weight

63-67.5 lbs. (varies by 6000 chair model)


Dozens to choose from


Dual Pivot



Arm Rests

8 to choose from


3", 5"


7 options (carpet/hard floor, brake, chrome)

Back Surface

Black or upholstered


26"/28" black, 26" polished or 27" brushed aluminum

Other options

Thoracic support, no lumbar, memory foam seat, TheraGel Foam

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