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Neutral Posture 6700 Tractor Seat Office Chair



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  • Features a wide, high back with minimal contouring for both upper back and shoulder support
  • Inflatable air lumbar supports the lower back to the user’s unique needs
  • Up to 16 active adjustments allow users to fully customize the chair to suit them
  • Stretchy woven fabrics ease pressure points for daylong comfort
  • Heavily contoured seat designed to disperse pressure more evenly

Although the 6700 ergonomic chair shares the same tall, broad chair back as the other 6000 series, its primary feature is the deeply contoured 700 seat pan. The seat is designed for comfort, including features to support forward tilt, which creates a neutral posture, and maximizes surface contact to disperse seated pressure.

However, some can find the contouring does not align well with their body shape. If you have not tried it before, Ergomart recommends finding the 700 seat pan at a local dealer or retail outlet and testing the chair. We think there is a great chance you will love it. If you do try it and decide to purchase it, please buy the chair from the organization and person who provides you the evaluation chair and their time.

Neutral Posture chairs come with many features and options. Please consult the resources below to make decisions:

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