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STS125 Sit and Stand Desk
STS125 Sit and Stand Desk

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STS125 Sit and Stand Desk

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  • Quickly adjusts from 26 to 46 inches with fingertip ease
  • ADA compliant when utilizing deeper tabletop options
  • Effortless electronic operation with two safety buttons
  • Built-in mobility—simply unplug, tilt backwards, and roll away
  • Sit to Stand Work: changing positions regularly may prevent back problems
  • Works with standard 110/120 AC.
  • Safety feature: two buttons on front must be pushed simultaneously to activate table
  • Rolling table: Tilt desk backwards and roll around on casters, then lock the two wheels for safety
  • With available corner tops as big as 41" x 41", the STS125 can fit into existing cubicle workstations
  • If you plan to attach a keyboard tray (AKP), please understand that the braces that the work surface attaches to take up room on the bottom of the surface. Your track length is dependant on the work surface depth.

Ergomart's Sit to Stand Electric Desk STS125 allows over 20 inches of adjustable range of height—easily operated electronically—to suit different workers doing different tasks during the day. Taller individuals will welcome being able to adjust the height of the desk to work in comfort without crowding their legs or bumping their knees.

This single pedestal desk is attractive enough for the office and handles up to 75 pounds of weight so it is also suited to the workshop or light manufacturing environment. Lightweight, yet durable, you can move the entire table easily thanks to the two casters on the back of the single sturdy column. Impromptu meetings are a snap—just tilt and roll.

STS125 electric drive desks come with an added safety feature: two buttons must be pressed simultaneously to avoid accidental operation. When you view the STS125, think versatile: this desk is easy to roll from place to place, it accommodates different heights for different tasks, and has a small footprint. Use with your existing surface or with one of our optional tabletops. Base colors are SILVER and BLACK. Some assembly required.

Shipping details: Units arrive to most destinations in the lower 48 states within 1 to 6 business days after shipment. In a hurry? Call us at 888-420-3200 to check on shipping times. We can also ship this desk completely pre-assembled and crated for an additional charge. Please note that there is a 4 to 5 day lead time for this service. Please call for this option.

Shipping Weight Varies from 77 to 135 pounds
Shipping Dimensions Varies depending on tabletop size
Warranty 1 year limited


STS125 Specification drawing of single electric lift column table from a perspective view

This image illustrates the STS125 without the desk top illustrates the 9" width of the upper column.  



STS125 Specification drawing of single electric lift column table from side view illustrating dimensions and travel

Back wheels measure 1.5 inches and fit neatly in the 2 inch wheel slot. Optional desk top (shown as gray outline) measures 23 inches. At the lowest setting, the STS125 Sit to Stand Desk supports a worksurface at 25.5 inches. At the highest setting, the table support brackets raise to 45.5 inches.



STS125 Specification drawing of single electric lift column table top view showing cantilever brace positioning and base dimensions

The STS125 Power Lift Desk accommodates different sizes of tabletops for further adjustability. See the pull-down menu in the buy box for options.  The overall footprint of the base is 36.5 inches wide and 24 inches deep.


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