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iLander iLX2-7X5 Flexible Tablet Holder
iLander iLX2-7X5 Flexible Tablet Holder

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iLander iLX2-7X5 Flexible Tablet Holder

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  • More than 15.5" vertical range depending on mount location
  • Instantly secure or remove your iPad in the blink of an eye
  • Once inserted the iPad is captive, and will not fall or pop loose
  • Effortlessly and intuitively move the iPad from position to position
  • iLX2-7X5 extends out to as much as 24'' yet folds into 4"
  • Easily tilt iPad up parallel to ceiling or down 45 degrees
  • Optional 2" and 6" desk mount vertical extensions available

The iLander iLX2 7X5 is the ergonomic tool for picture perfect positioning at your desk, home office or technical bench. Snap the iPad instantly into the bracket and move it intuitively to the exact angle and height you desire. Once snapped into place, the clamping latches insure your iPad won’t accidentally fall. Now, float it right to the side of your monitor, or below your monitor, or down low and at the front edge of your desk. The iLander is equipped with cushiony foam landing pads and nylon plastic corners and latches that are designed to minimize wear and abrasion.

Solidly constructed from steel and aluminum components, the iLander bracket and arm always keep their position, with or without the iPad mounted in place. This simply means the user can instantly disengage the iPad while the iLander stays in the same position until re-inserting the iPad.

The included hyper-adaptable Mount Kit P can be configured as a clamp, a single bolt “through-desk” mount, or even several configurations of wall mount. The iLX2 7X5 will float and hold its position for iPad 2, 3 and 4 and any tablet of the correct dimensions that weighs between 0 and 4 pounds.

Shipping Weight 17 pounds
Shipping Dimensions 17" x 14" x 9"
Warranty 5 year limited
Note: Currently not a Quick Ship item.

Professional installation is always recommended for all wall-mounted Ergomart products. Improper installation may result in injury or damage. Consult Ergomart technical support regarding any mounting concerns or questions.

Tablets Supported

iPad (gen 2,3,4) or same size

Smallest Tablet

9.375" x 7.25" x 0.3"

Largest Tablet

9.5" x 7.5" x 0.75"

Home Button Access



No - Instant snap in and out

Tablet Weight

Suitable for most tablets

Tablet Horizontal Reach


Tablet Height Adjustment

15.5" instant

Tablet VESA Options

100 x 100

Tablet Portrait to Landscape


Swivel (at Base)


Swivel (at Elbow)


Swivel (at Tablet)

Up to 360° based on tablet size/tilt

Tablet Tilt Range

+90° up, -45° down


ILX2-7X5KIT Specification drawing of articulating tablet arm from side view on desk in horizontal orientation

The iLANDER iLX2-7X5 provides adequate reach for desks that are 24” deep.



ILX2-7X5KIT Specification drawing of articulating tablet arm from side view depicting vertical travel

The lowest arm position allows the iPad to rest slightly above the work surface. Should you require that the iPad rest in a leaning back position on the table top, we recommend you consider a iLA-2718R style arm. Call for information at 888 420 3200.



ILX2-7X5KIT Specification drawing of articulating tablet arm from top view depicting extended and collapsed orientations

The iLander bracket folds into less than 5” of space when fully collapsed.


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  • Since this arm has a gas spring cylinder, will it stay in place once I remove the iPad… or does it float up?

    The kit remains in place whether the iPad is attached or removed. The arm and bracket have a combined weight of more than 25 pounds and are resistance to unintended movement. Under normal operating conditions, the arm and bracket move only when the user intentionally wishes to change positions.

  • Will this device accept other tablets?

    In most cases no, the iLander iLX2 bracket component is not adjustable and was specifically designed to hold iPad 2, 3 and 4 models without skins (some very thin skins will work however). It will fit other devices if the dimensions are no smaller than 9.375 x 7.250 x .300 inches and no greater than 9.5 x 7.5 x .750 inches.

  • The skin on my iPad is very thin, are you sure it won’t fit in the iLX2?

    Please carefully measure your ipad and skin and if it is less than 9.5 x 7.5, it will fit. If not you will want to use the adjustable iLA1.

  • I like the sleek and simple look of this iLX2 and prefer it over the adjustable iLA1… but I have a Dell XPS 10.1 tablet. What are my options?

    You can contact Ergomart to see if we are currently considering adding a production model that is compatible with your specific device. Also we are able to do short production runs as small as 48 units in some cases if you can meet such a minimum requirement. It is best to simply contact an Ergomart representative for assistance.

  • I need an iLander for my iPad and it has a thick skin, do you offer any other solutions that allow me to instantly insert or remove my iPad?

    Please choose one of the iLA1 models that are designed to hold a wide variety of tablets made by numerous manufacturers. While the highly adjustable bracket is more expensive than the fixed iLX2, it will fits almost all 8.9 to 12 inch tablet products. Tablets with dimensions no less than 8.875 x 6.5 x .325 inches and no greater than 13.125 x 10 x .75 inches will easily fit the iLA1.

  • I have a 2” thick tablet and I see your offerings max out at about .75” thick. Can I use your product and make it work somehow?

    We can provide custom extensions that will fit tablets as thick as 4” and still provide the same instant snap-in and snap-out functionality.

  • Does this product allow me to lock my iPad in place so it is not easily stolen?

    No – the iLX2 is designed for instant snap in and instant snap out utility and should only be used in environments where there is no concern of theft. See our tablet and iPad reference guide to select a theft resistant solution.

  • Why is the iLander so heavy, I guess I thought it would be lighter weight?

    The iLX2 and iLA1 are purposefully designed with heavy steel back plates. The weight (mass) enables the pads to A: resist casual and unintended movements when the user is actively touching the screen and B: provides a payload compatible with the low end weight range of most of our monitor arms.

  • What is the weight range of this arm if I remove the iLander Bracket and use it to hold a regular VESA compliant monitor?

    This arm will hold monitors weighing between 4 pounds to 9 pounds.

  • I want to position my iPad so I can comfortably read in bed, what do you have that can accomplish this using the iLX2-7x5?

    If you have a wall running parallel along the side of your bed and within about 32” of the bed edge, we can recommend a 15.5 lateral extension attached to a wall mount Kit D that must be securely fastened to a wood wall stud.

  • Can I just order the iLander Bracket by itself – will it attach to other monitor arms?

    Yes you may order the iLX2 for $54.50 plus shipping by calling in your order at 888 420 3200 -- and yes the iLander will attach to all 100 x 100 VESA hole pattern capable arms. If you plan to attach to an arm with a gas spring or mechanism that counter balances the weight of the payload, be sure to make sure your arm will balance 4.5 pounds. If the arm is not adjustable down to 4.5 pounds, you will be unable to lower the iLander and iPad for a fully functioning solution.

  • What are the exact dimensions that will fit in this tablet holder?

    Tablets that are between 9.5" and 9.56" wide and 7.31" and 7.47" tall will fit. Additionally the tablet should be between .37" and .5" thick.

  • Will this product work with my iPad still in its case?

    This tablet holder is not designed to work with a case; however some very thin or low profile cases may work. Contact customer support with the model of your case and we will help you determine if it will work with this solution.

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