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WR-S2S compact height-adjustable keyboard tray system shown in standing position
Definitive Sit-Stand Keyboard Tray Solution

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Definitive Sit-Stand Keyboard Tray Solution

  • This product currently has extended lead times
  • Unrivalled 22.75 inches of vertical adjustability
  • Pair with an Ergomart monitor arm to create a complete sit-to-stand workstation
  • Adjusts upwards 16.25" and downwards 6.5"
  • Tilt the keyboard tray from -20° to +10°
  • Choose 17" or 22" smooth-glide nylon track
  • Fully stow compact tray under desk on 22" track
  • Compact tray sized for keyboards less than 6" deep
  • Included palm support is left- and right-hand compatible
  • Standard tray has document holder & wire management
  • Quality materials guarantee long-term dependability
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WR-S2S Sit-Stand Keyboard Tray Solution offers exceptional height adjustability

The WR-S2S lifting mechanism and keyboard tray is a unique system that transforms your keyboard into a high performance sit-stand device. It is a significant design improvement over the decades old and vertically restricted articulating arm design. Linear up and down travel is achieved by a scissor lift mechanism that outperforms traditional variants in terms of height adjustment and space efficiency. Combined with an Ergomart monitor arm, users of all heights can quickly move from sitting to standing in seconds. The WR-S2S is designed for use with both normal depth and limited depth straight work surfaces. Some corner desks are also compatible, but require a 22" or wider diagonal corner for the compact keyboard tray and a 24" or wider diagonal corner with the standard keyboard platform.

The WR-S2S features:

  • 22.75" vertical adjustment (16.25" above and 6.5" below the work surface)
  • 30° keyboard tray tilt range (-20° to +10°)
  • Under surface travel along the under-desk nylon glide track (17" or 22")
  • Design geometry delivers linear vertical travel throughout its range
  • Two platform tray options:

Compact Keyboard Platform

Standard Keyboard Tray option

  • Designed for compact keyboards under 6" deep
  • Included removable palm support
  • Left- and right-handed compatible
  • Constructed with durable .25" solid phenolic
  • Fully stows under desk on 22" track
  • Sits 3" past front of 17" track when stowed
  • Available in black

Standard Keyboard Platform

Compact Keyboard Tray option

  • Includes document holder & cable management
  • Comes with removable palm support
  • Constructed with durable .25" solid phenolic
  • Sits .75" past front of 22" track when stowed
  • Sits 5.75" past front of 17" track when stowed
  • Available in black

Vertical adjustment requires no knobs or levers - simply tilt the keyboard tray up, position the tray at the desired height and then release and it locks into place. Rotate the tilt knob to dial in the most comfortable tilt angle. Once lowered below the desk work surface, the keyboard tray and arm can be retracted beneath the desk along the track.

The entire system is built with high-quality materials that are guaranteed to last. The keyboard arm meets ANSI/BIMFA X5.5 standards and the tray is constructed from durable .25" solid phenolic.

Keyboard Tray Height Adjustment

22.75" (16.25" above and 6.5" below bottom of work surface)

Keyboard Tray Tilt Range

30° (-20° to +10°)

Track Lengths


Max Tray Height Above Desk



25" x 9" Phenolic
27" x 11.5" Phenolic

Mouse Palm Rest

Available - Call to order



WR-S2S sit-stand keyboard system side view with vertical travel measurements

The keyboard tray mechanism lifts 16.25" above the top of the track and 6.5" below, giving a total vertical travel of 22.75". The track is available in either 17" or 22" lengths. In the lowest position, the distance from the edge of the worksurface to the front of the keyboard tray mechanism is 12.25".
25" compact tray reaches 14.75" from the desk edge when in the low position.
27" standard tray reaches 17.25" from the desk edge when in the low position.



WR-S2S keyboard tray platform tilt capabilities

The keyboard tray platform has 20° negative and 10° positive tilt.



WR-S2S sit-stand keyboard tray system top view showing track and arm measurements

The track is 5.75" in width. The scissor arms have a maximum width of 21" when placed in the "sitting" position and a minimum width of 9.75" when placed in a "standing" position.




WR-S2S sit-stand system compact keyboard platform measurements

The compact keyboard tray measures 25" x 9". The removable keyboard palm rest is 17" x 2.1", making this platform ideal for smaller keyboards less than 6" in depth.



WR-S2S sit-stand system standard keyboard platform measurements

The standard keyboard tray measures 27" x 11.5". The removable keyboard and mouse palm rest is 26.25" x 2.6". The rear of the platform includes a document holder and cable management.


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