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Triple Monitor Powered Sit-Stand Workstation



  • Now Includes NEW 100 mm VESA QUICK RELEASE TILTER - NGN Tilter Information
  • Raise/lower 3-monitor workstation with a button press
  • Quick Setup with programmable height settings
  • Two work surface options from which to choose
  • Standard: 22" deep x 30" wide
  • Compact: 16" deep x 30" wide

One Touch Height Adjustability for Three Monitors Works with Any Existing Worksurface

  • Electric powered height adjustment with a simple button press
  • Programmable height settings remember sit and stand positions
  • Independent monitor focal depth and tilt for perfect ergonomic positioning
  • Quick setup - only 20 minutes from out of the box
  • Large work surface provides ample space for a keyboard, mouse and more
  • Optional compact work surface is ideal for smaller desks
  • Supports up to 40 pounds and widescreen monitors up to 24"
  • Available in single and dual monitor setups

Stylish, responsive and functional - the Winston-E converts existing desk space into a sit-stand workstation for three monitors. The workstation travels in its 18" vertical range with the press of a button. The user can program a preferred sitting and standing height to easily switch between the two. Whether on the move or in use, the monitor stand is kept stable by a wide base.

In addition to the vertical height adjustment of the unit, the height of the monitors from the keyboard platform can also be adjusted over a 12" range. Each monitor also has independent focal depth and tilt adjustment, allowing the user to fine-tune each monitor's position no matter the height of the device. The workstation can hold up to 40 pounds in weight, including anything that is placed on the work surface, usually around 1-2 pounds. This would mean that each of the three monitors could weigh up to 13 lb. The workstation can accommodate widescreen monitors up to 24" in width.

The Winston-E is available with two work surface options. The standard is an ample-sized 22" deep x 30" wide. It's ideal for a keyboard, mouse and any additional items needed when sitting or standing. A compact 16" x 30" worksurface is also available, ideal for those with limited space. Both platforms feature a storage tray, perfect for keeping small items such as phones, keys and pens safe. Cables are kept tidy and clear of the work area with clips located along the sides of the stand.

The Winston-E sit-stand workstation is also available in Winston-E Single and Winston-E Dual monitor setups. Ergomart's Dorian Single, Dorian Dual, Dorian Triple and Dorian Quad monitor workstations offer similar sit-stand capabilities with user-powered height adjustment at a reduced cost.


Winston-E workstation utility tray isometric view

A storage tray located at the rear of both the standard and compact work surfaces is handy for storing small items when the device is on the move. The buttons controlling the height movement are located at the front of the tray.



Winston-E triple monitor workstation tilterhead isometric view

The Winston-E uses 100 x 100mm quick release VESA compatible monitor tilter heads. The monitor attachments can be moved horizontally to fit a variety of monitor widths. Please note the above image shows the standard tilter heads which do not provide quick release capabilities.



Winston-E triple monitor workstation wire management rear view

Cable clips are fitted along both sides of the stand in order to keep wires and cables clear of moving parts and out of the way.



Winston-E triple monitor workstation standard and compact base comparison top view

A compact platform for smaller work areas and an ample-sized standard platform are both available.


Shipping Weight 93 pounds
Shipping Dimensions 39" x 29" x 11"
Warranty 5 year limited

    Winston-E workstation with standard work surface demonstrating height adjustment side view

    The workstation moves up and down with a simple button press.


    Winston-E Triple monitor workstation demonstrating independent monitor height adjustment front view

    The monitor height can be adjusted separately from the work surface for ideal positioning whether sitting or standing. Each monitor can be independently adjusted allowing for convenient positioning of differently sized monitors.


    Winston-E Triple monitor workstation demonstrating focal plane adjustment and beam swing top view

    The focal point of the monitors can be adjusted by tilting the monitor attachment bar while also utilizing the monitor swivel to keep the monitors horizontal.


    Winston-E Triple monitor workstation demonstrating monitor swivel from left to right top view

    Each VESA compatible monitor tilter head swivels from left to right.


    Winston-E demonstrating monitor tilting up and down side view

    Each monitor can be separately tilted up and down.


    Winston-E Triple monitor workstation demonstrating monitor rotation adjustment front view

    The monitor attachments allow for each monitor to rotate from portrait to landscape independently.

Mount Type

Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation

Number of Monitors




Weight Range

0 to 40 lb total, 0 to 13 lb per monitor with 1 lb total weight on work surface

Vertical Adjustment

17" motorized simultaneous adjustment of monitor and worksurface

Horizontal Extensions

Call for information.

VESA Options

100 x 100 quick release
Call for:
75 x 75
100 x 100

Portrait to Landscape


Max Swivel (at Monitor)


Monitor Tilt Range

+130° up, -30° down

Keyboard Trays

30"x22" or 30"x16" work surface

Keyboard Tray Height Adjustment

17" motorized simultaneous adjustment of monitor and worksurface

Keyboard Horizontal Reach

22" or 16" deep work surface

Monitor Height Relative to Keyboard

Relative height of platform and monitors adjustable along column using set screws.

Please note! These specification images reflect the standard tilter head, which has been replaced by the new NGN Tilter head with a quick release VESA adaptor. The new tilter head places the back of the monitor .6" closer to the mounting point than is shown below.


WINSTON-E3 triple sit-stand workstation with standard worksurface specification drawing side view at highest position with measurements

The workstation combines 18.4 inches of monitor and work surface vertical height adjustment with 12.6 of separate monitor-only height adjustment for a max monitor height of 37.6 inches from the desk surface. The rear stand of the Winston-E3 is 39.8 inches tall.



WINSTON-E3 triple sit-stand workstation with standard worksurface specification drawing top view with measurements

The standard work surface size measures 22 inches deep x 30 inches wide. This gives the entire device a depth measurement of 30 inches. The platform provides 16.50 inches of depth when the monitors are aligned. When the left and right beams are angled to their most-forward position and the monitor mount is position for maximum width, the mounting point is only 8.5 inches from the front of the work surface. The horizontal monitor bar tilts back 45 degrees and forward 20 degrees.



WINSTON-E3 triple sit-stand workstation with compact worksurface specification drawing top view with measurements

With the compact work surface, the platform measurements are 16 inches deep by 30 inches wide. When the monitors are aligned, the distance from the front of the platform to the monitor mounting plane is 10.50 inches. When swiveled forward 20 degrees, this measurement is reduced to 2.5 inches. The monitor bar can also be swiveled back 45 degrees. The entire device measures 24 inches from front to back.



WINSTON-E3 triple sit-stand workstation with standard worksurface specification drawing front view demonstrating monitor size restriction when ina flat configuration

The horizontal beam assembly holding the tilter heads has a total span of 54 inches. If all monitors are of equal size, this measurement allows monitors up to 24 inches in width to fit snugly on the workstation. It is important to note that monitors at the maximum width will not be able to be angled inwards. Both monitor widths and thickness create limitations when angling the monitors.



WINSTON-E3 triple sit-stand workstation with standard worksurface specification drawing front view demonstrating monitor size restriction when curved inwards

When the monitors are angled inwards to create an arc-like configuration, the maximum supported monitor size is reduced due to the width and thickness of the monitors. In this top view, three 22-inch wide and one-inch thick monitors are mounted with the left and right mounting beams angled inwards to their maximum of 20 degrees each.



WINSTON-E3 triple sit-stand workstation freestanding base specification drawing top view with dimensions

The Winston-E3 has a freestanding base measuring 16 inches by 21 inches, allowing the sit-stand workstation to be positioned anywhere on a desk.


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