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PM90 Pole Top Monitor Mount



  • Mounts monitors to the very top of 192-Series poles
  • Select the tilter mechanism based on the monitor weight
  • The Standard Tilter handles payloads up to 35 pounds
  • Heavy Duty Tilter balances monitors from 15 to 55 lbs
  • For use with P192 series Flange, Floor and Offset Stands
  • Compatible with most schedule 40/80 steel 1.5 pipestock
  • Shaft is 1.5 inches in diameter and 3.12 inches long
  • Vertical slot allows clearance for most interior pipe welds
  • Up/down tilt, 360° swivel, portrait/landscape adjustment
  • Supports 75x75 & 100x100 mm VESA monitors
  • Find larger VESA adapters under "Accessories" below
  • Black is the standard, in-stock color option
  • Contact us for other colors for large quantity orders


  • Handles monitors and combinations of equipment payloads up 55 pounds with the Heavy Duty Tilter option
  • Compatible with our P192 Pole Floor Mount Systems - Ideal for use with Center and Flange P192 products
  • The PM90 accomodates the welded seam inherant with schedule 80 1.5" pipe that is the basis for P192 stands
  • Tilt the monitor 100° upward or down to 44° - tensioning screw allows variable rotational resistance
  • Full 360° monitor swivel from left to right with wiring and cables creating your only limitation to infinite rotation
  • Standard tilter head is for monitors to 35 pounds that typically require 75x75 or 100x100 mm VESA brackets
  • For larger VESA hole patterns, select the appropriate adapter from the ‘Accessories’ below.
  • Our in stock color is black but we are happy to quote small quantity runs in alternate powder coat colors
  • Questions? Custom Requirements? Need special handling? Please call us at 888 420 3200

The PM90 Pole Top VESA Monitor Mount turns the top of our Series 192 poles into a versatile mounting location for VESA compatible monitors and touch screen and surface devices. Simply remove the finishing cap that normally sits on top of the pole and replace it with the PM90 pole top mount and the tilter head and VESA adaptor of your choice. The PM90 accommodates our standard or HD spring tilters and VESA Adaptors ranging from 75x75 mm to 400x600 mm. OEM and project specific requests for specialty brackets and fixtures are always welcome.  Simply email or call us to discuss your questions and requirements.

Optional VESA Sizes to Handle Larger or Heavier Monitors: The Adjustable MSU4X6 can fit any VESA hole pattern between 100mm (height) x 300mm (width) and 400mm (height) x 600mm (width). See our VESA reference page for information on the MSU4x6 and the compatible VESA Sizes.

Shipping Weight 4 pounds
13 pounds (MSU4x6 VESA option)
Shipping Dimensions 9" x 6" x 5"
27" x 16" x 9" (MSU4x6 VESA option)
Warranty 3 year limited

    Animation showing PM90 monitor rotation

    The screen can rotate 360° on the tilter head allowing the user to switch from portrait to landscape with ease.


    Animation showing PM90 tilterhead rotation

    The direction of the monitor can be changed by rotating the tilter horizontally a full 360°, allowing viewing from different angles.


    Animation showing PM90 tilterhead adjustment

    The monitor can be adjusted more than 90° upward and almost 45° downward with respect to vertical orientation, allowing the user to select the most comfortable viewing angle.

Mount Type

Pole Top Mount for Series 192 Pole

Number of Monitors



Top of Ergomart 192 Series Poles

Weight Range

Up to 55 lb

Monitor Horizontal Reach


Vertical Adjustment

Static on top of 4', 5', 6', 7', 8' or custom pole

VESA Options

75 x 75
100 x 100
100 x 200

Portrait to Landscape


Max Swivel (at Monitor)


Monitor Tilt Range

+90° up, -45° down

Pole Top VESA Mount
Perspective - front - top - side views

PM90 pole top monitor mount specification drawing showing front, top and side views with measurements

Pole Top VESA Mount: isometric, front, top, and side views.  Side view shows the shoulder of the pole insert sits .75 inches above the pole top.  The top and bottom view depict various measurements.  This assembly specifically designed to fit into series 192 poles that come in standard lengths between 4 and 8 feet.



Pole Top VESA Mount
with Standard Tilter Head

PM90 pole top monitor mount with standard tilter head attached specification drawing showing front, top and side views with measurements

A 96 Pole Top VESA Mount with Standard Tilter Head: perspective, front, top, side views.



Pole Top VESA Mount
with Heavy-Duty Tilter Head

PM90 pole top monitor mount with HD tilter head attached specification drawing showing front, top and side views with measurements

A 96 Pole Top VESA Mount with HD Tilter Head: isometric, front, top, side views.



200x200mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware
200x200mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware

This large VESA bracket is intended for mounting a monitor or TV with a 200x200 mm, 100x200 mm, or 120x180 mm hole pattern. The central hole patterns are 50x50 mm, 75x75 mm, and 100x100 mm, enabling this bracket to attach to the mounting location (e.g. an Ergomart Tilter Head) using a VESA 75/100 adaptor.

200x400mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware
200x400mm Flat VESA Plate with Hardware

The large 200x400 mm VESA adaptor plate supports 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm and 200 mm square patterns, as well as 100x200 mm, 120x180 mm, 200x300 mm and 200x400 mm rectangular patterns. In some cases an additional 75 or 100 mm VESA adaptor is needed to interface the 200 x 400 mm VESA plate to the mounting location.

VESA 1/4-inch Spacer Kit
VESA 1/4-inch Spacer Kit

This VESA 1/4-Inch Spacer Kit allows monitors with VESA hole locations that are recessed by 1/4" or less to be attached to an Ergomart VESA plate.

VESA 1/2-inch Spacer Kit
VESA 1/2-inch Spacer Kit

This VESA 1/2-Inch Spacer Kit allows monitors with VESA hole locations that are recessed by 1/2" or less to be attached to an Ergomart VESA plate.

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  • Does the pole and base come with the product?

    This is only the mount for the pole. The pole and base are sold separately in different lengths and as well as three options for the base.

  • I am not sure the down facing angle my monitor will be enough, could an extension be safely added to this so that I can do that?

    Yes, both a 3.5" (HE35) and 7" (HE70) extension can be attached to this mount, providing clearance for a monitor to tilt downward at more of an angle. Please note that the payload maximum is determined by the component with the lower weight capacity - including the tilter head. A single HE35 maximum payload is 40 pounds while a HE70 is 30 pounds.

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